Can a Vanity Mirror be Wider than its Vanity?

can vanity mirror be wider than vanity

Nowadays, it is very difficult for someone who likes to dress up while looking at their reflection, and especially for those who love makeup, not having a vanity mirror. This desire to have a vanity mirror doesn’t just come from now, its fashion started in the early XX century, and it started taking shape as the movie stars in Hollywood used these dressing tables.

This object ended up becoming a symbol of luxury and glamor around the world, serving as an excellent accessory in the decoration of any environment you wish to place it in, also including the easier organization, as well as being a great addition to help you in your routine. But what are their sizes? Can the mirror be bigger than the vanity? All this and much more, just here!

Reasons Why You Need to Have a Vanity

Having a suitable place to be able to get ready during your day-to-day routine is a perfect way to feel amazing, like how dressing tables help you while you’re doing a skincare routine or putting on your makeup. These little helpers will change your life forever!

Formerly, they were known as “toilet tables”, since they contained a folding lid and even a sink. However, nowadays, they consist more of drawers, jewelry compartments, and beautiful mirrors with frames – or maybe you don’t want to frame it, to give a greater shine to the object.

Its versatility goes a long way, with countless models and sizes available – you can also invest in partitions that are easy to clean, as well as place trays and drawer organizers so that you can see each product or accessory present in your vanity. 

By styling your vanity with your unique style, it makes it even better – add figures, watches to keep time, stamp the inside and outside with beautiful and different designs or prints! You can also use beautiful pots to store all the brushes and sponges. 

Don’t forget to add your favorite perfumes, as well as your jewels – the ones you use the most? Be sure to leave them on top so they’re always in front of you.

You Should Have a Vanity Mirror, But Can it Be Bigger Than Its Vanity?

For the modern woman, having a mirror is extremely essential, especially if it is going to incorporate and improve the usefulness of your vanity. That’s why vanity mirrors were created, to further facilitate the use of these tables that we love to own. Remember to always work with the space you have, you don’t need a giant house or apartment to have a beautiful vanity and the mirror that goes with it.

The vanity mirrors can be the size that best suits your environment and your taste, but how so? According to interior designer Carla Noronha, in her interview for CLAUDIA magazine,

“There are no rules or limits, but common sense is needed to achieve a pleasant aesthetic when the subject is the size of mirrors”. Sometimes you can have a good space, but a small vanity can make the mirror fit better, or maybe just make it bigger so that it has a greater angle where you can see yourself, giving you more practicality.

Not to mention that most vanity mirrors today have LED lights, which will sometimes require that both the vanity and your mirror are made to measure, especially if your space is not that big and you see the need to have one of these objects in your environment. That is, the entire assembly and choice of materials and sizes will depend solely on your taste and needs, and of course, on the cost of it.

If You Can’t Buy One Already, Do It Yourself!

Having a vanity in our lives ends up making some things easier than before, and if you can’t buy one or order it tailor-made, make one yourself! Be creative, add things that you believe are necessary that you may not even have in the original models, and see potential even in the most used, worn out things!


Where Should You Place a Floor Mirror in Your Bedroom

where to place floor mirror in bedroom

Nowadays, floor mirrors are simply the new trend of the moment, in terms of decoration. Because they are simple and bring a greater look of elegance, they end up being more practical and you can always combine styles, tastes, colors, and even match them with your furniture. There is no bad place to put a mirror, in addition to being full of functionality, its greater lighting and widening of space are indispensable.

Specialists say that the best places to put a floor mirror are in the living room and in the dining room, to bring elegance. You can also place them in the lounge, in the bathroom, and especially in the bedroom – but what would be the ideal position? Where should a mirror be placed? To help you understand more about this issue, today, we bring some style ideas on where you should place your floor mirror.

The Ideal Places

The bedroom is undoubtedly the main environment in which the floor mirror is usually placed, so extra care must be taken when decorating this special room. The main tip when choosing where to place it is to think precisely about the size of the room you have, and this goes for any room.

Remember that in smaller spaces you should never place a very large floor mirror, it must be compact, and it cannot be too close to the passage. If the space of your room is very small, another alternative is to place the floor mirror behind some furniture, such as a sideboard or armchair, or even furniture that is thin and transparent, so that you can still see yourself in the mirror.

Your personality will also count a lot when deciding on the model of the floor mirror and even its location. Always take into account placing it in a strategic place for you, a place that brings you more functionality. 

The most common spot is next to the wardrobe, making it easier to look at the final ensemble, but some other good places could be next to a dresser or behind the nightstand. The ideal goal is for this mirror to enhance your space and help make it visually larger than it really is.

The Disadvantages of This Type of Mirror

The only disadvantage of having a floor mirror in your room is that if it is too big it can compromise your circulation space within the environment. So, you should be careful about where you plan to place it – be sure that will not make you bump into anything and that you still have plenty of space inside your room.

Make Your Choice and if You Don’t Like it, Change it Again!

As our tastes and personalities constantly change, our decor ends up changing along with them, so whenever you feel the urge to change the decor of any environment around you, don’t be afraid and do it! 

Add new furniture, put some plants around you, add brighter or lighter colors, but never forget to add a mirror, it is an indispensable object in any decoration. No matter what you do, just leave it the way you want it!


How to Prevent Your Floor Mirror from Sliding

how to prevent floor mirror from sliding

We know that having a mirror as a decoration item in your home is something special and important, and the advantages of having one are numerous – it increases the space of your room, the light quality, and the overall sophistication, and still brings elegance and new trends to your special place. Whether you prefer the new models or the more retro ones, choose the one that will best fit your style.

Now, if you are looking for a hint among several existing models and colors, why not give floor mirrors a chance? They are practical, easy to match, and amazingly beautiful. Today, we bring you tips on how to insert them in your home and how to secure them firmly.

Why Choose This New Trend?

As it is not a decorative object that is difficult to use – after all, you just simply leave it on the floor against the wall and it is ready to be used – it ends up being considered a trend thanks to its ease and for bringing a little more personality to the room.

To make the best choice possible, the correct way is to think first about the place where you want to place it and the style that the decoration will follow. For example, if you are interested in placing the mirror in your room and it pulls for a softer decor, perhaps a floor mirror with a classic frame can bring more life to the place. That is, this object can make even the simplest place look more stylish.

Remember to think about the size of the room! Do not let your desire of having a floor mirror hinder the circulation of your room. One of its main advantages – with or without a frame – is that it fits perfectly in almost any decoration, personality, or room that is inserted in.

What Should You Do, So That the Mirror Does Not Slip?

Many designers do not recommend placing floor mirrors in environments where you have children or animals, as this object can fall more easily than any other type of mirror. However, so that you don’t have to give up on your dream to have a floor mirror, there’s always floor mirrors with support!

They can be found in different ways on the market, some even having a base hidden in the floor! They can even make your design more beautiful, not to mention that you can leave them standing without touching the wall. Today, within these models, there is still one that has support for you to be able to hang bags, coats, blankets, or other items of clothing that you want –  but remember that it is not a hanger, so don’t overdo it.

The frame can also work as a way of preventing the mirror from falling and breaking up all over the floor – the weight that the frame adds to the mirror can help prevent it from slipping, not to mention that it can be an excellent decoration option as well.

Decorate it Well and Make the Environment More Alive!

If you want something more daring, bet on colorful frames, but if you want something different you should look for classic frames or floor mirrors with non traditional formats. 

Decorate around the mirror, make it fit even more in the environment, or just leave it monochrome. Whatever it is, just choose the one that will make your home feel even more yours.


How to Perfectly Place a Floor Mirror in Your Dining Room

floor mirror in dining room

Every room in your home needs to be a pleasant place for everyone who lives in it and for your visitors as well, and one of the rooms that needs to show this feeling the most is the dining room. 

The decoration in this place is one of the most important ones of the house, and here is where mirrors come in – they are decorative objects that help to enlarge the room, bringing satisfaction and sophistication to the place.

The type of mirrors that are most used today are floor mirrors, and if you are thinking about changing the decor of your dining room, these objects are ideal for you! If you’re thinking about it, here are some tips on how to position your floor mirror and which models fit better with that particular room.

The Perfect Places

As we’re talking about a room which you enter and leave many times throughout the day, great care must be taken on where the floor mirror will be placed, so that people’s mobility is not compromised. Therefore, try to leave the floor mirror in a wider place where everyone can go through safely, preventing serious accidents.

For small dining rooms, it is recommended to leave the mirror in front of a very clean wall with few objects – this can help bring a feeling of clarity, spaciousness and even make it more organized. 

Another tip is to place it behind a piece of furniture, like a sideboard, behind the bar – if you have one – in line with the dining table, behind or even beside the buffet.

How Do I Know if The Location I’ve Chosen is Ideal?

Using a straight mirror on the floor modernizes the room, makes it more stripped down and even more relaxed, and because it is widely used today, the answer to this question is quite simple, and has already been mentioned above. 

The best way to know if you have chosen the best placement for your floor mirror is when you put it in a place where you can move around the room perfectly, while perfectly matching with the aesthetics of the room.

Choose the Right Place and Watch the Room Gain Life!

It doesn’t matter what model of mirror you choose, this object only brings advantages – illuminates the place, brings a feeling of a bigger room, contributes to a good Feng Shui, in addition to having excellent functionality. 

Remember that the best choice of placement will always depend on your personality and taste, but always take into consideration the size of your room. Talk to your interior designer and try to get all the best features of this very important object!


Creative Decorative Ideas for Living Room Floor Mirrors

floor mirror in living room ideas

How many times have we changed the decor of our home in search of the perfect balance? Finding the decoration that best suits us and our home is sometimes a path with many mishaps. However, there is no need to fear this process, we are right here to help you creatively decorate your home, with special relevance for the use of floor mirrors in your living room!

Advantages of Using Floor Mirrors

When we approach the topic of floor mirrors, we address immense advantages of use that are often unknown to us! Check here some advantages of using floor mirrors in the decoration of your home:

  • Versatility – This is a type of mirror that matches any room in the house, being a piece that, although bought with a specific design in mind, can compliment another room when the decoration is changed!
  • We often associate decorative pieces with those artistic objects that are far from our budget. However, floor mirrors are quite accessible. How good is it to have our home decorated with quality, at a friendly price?
  • These mirrors expand the space in your room at the same time as they increase the brightness, creating the perception that we have a large room with good lighting – What can we ask for more?
  • Also, they give you a place to check your looks from head to toe!

Creative Use of Floor Mirrors in Living Rooms

We have already mentioned that floor mirrors are mirrors with many advantages of use in terms of decoration, their main positive point being the versatility of use: both for a bedroom or a living room! It is on this last topic that we want to help you, though.

Generally, living rooms are the largest division that a house has, and sometimes they are the most complicated one to decorate, due to their size and the arrangement of the various pieces used. Thus, we give you some recommendations on how to decorate your living room with the help of floor mirrors. You will not regret it!

  • Two is better than one! Have you considered using a pair of floor mirrors? With expansive wall space, usually, in living rooms, you can easily fit two floor mirrors into the room, creating a unique aesthetic.
  • A glamorous look with a casual touch – for those who like glamorous yet casual decor, we recommend that floor mirrors complement the existing glamorous decor. In this way, a mirror can brighten your home design and complete the look.
  • Go big or go home! With an average division in terms of space, nothing better than betting on a large floor mirror. In this way, it does a perfect job at filling in space and making the room appear even larger.
  • Hang your floor mirror horizontally – most floor mirrors are displayed vertically, but what you don’t know is that you can also position them horizontally – this can bring a whole new look to a room! Thus, it provides the effect of widening a room, as well as creating an eye-catching piece of wall decoration over the fireplace.

Make it Creative!!

We hope that, with this small guide, we have helped you to come up with creative ideas to decorate your living room using floor mirrors. What is the best option for you? We hope you enjoyed it!