Where Should You Place a Floor Mirror in Your Bedroom

where to place floor mirror in bedroom

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Nowadays, floor mirrors are simply the new trend of the moment, in terms of decoration. Because they are simple and bring a greater look of elegance, they end up being more practical and you can always combine styles, tastes, colors, and even match them with your furniture. There is no bad place to put a mirror, in addition to being full of functionality, its greater lighting and widening of space are indispensable.

Specialists say that the best places to put a floor mirror are in the living room and in the dining room, to bring elegance. You can also place them in the lounge, in the bathroom, and especially in the bedroom – but what would be the ideal position? Where should a mirror be placed? To help you understand more about this issue, today, we bring some style ideas on where you should place your floor mirror.

The Ideal Places

The bedroom is undoubtedly the main environment in which the floor mirror is usually placed, so extra care must be taken when decorating this special room. The main tip when choosing where to place it is to think precisely about the size of the room you have, and this goes for any room.

Remember that in smaller spaces you should never place a very large floor mirror, it must be compact, and it cannot be too close to the passage. If the space of your room is very small, another alternative is to place the floor mirror behind some furniture, such as a sideboard or armchair, or even furniture that is thin and transparent, so that you can still see yourself in the mirror.

Your personality will also count a lot when deciding on the model of the floor mirror and even its location. Always take into account placing it in a strategic place for you, a place that brings you more functionality. 

The most common spot is next to the wardrobe, making it easier to look at the final ensemble, but some other good places could be next to a dresser or behind the nightstand. The ideal goal is for this mirror to enhance your space and help make it visually larger than it really is.

The Disadvantages of This Type of Mirror

The only disadvantage of having a floor mirror in your room is that if it is too big it can compromise your circulation space within the environment. So, you should be careful about where you plan to place it – be sure that will not make you bump into anything and that you still have plenty of space inside your room.

Make Your Choice and if You Don’t Like it, Change it Again!

As our tastes and personalities constantly change, our decor ends up changing along with them, so whenever you feel the urge to change the decor of any environment around you, don’t be afraid and do it! 

Add new furniture, put some plants around you, add brighter or lighter colors, but never forget to add a mirror, it is an indispensable object in any decoration. No matter what you do, just leave it the way you want it!

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