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Best Vanity Tables For Sale

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Classically beautiful, vanity tables deliver the perfect makeup and dressing corner while also giving your room that famous touch of timeless elegance that they’re known for. While there are hundreds of them out there, I’ve tested, reviewed and compared the top choices to find the ones that are, in my opinion, the best vanity tables you can get to make it easy for you to find the perfect one. Any of the choices listed below is made to deliver a high quality experience in both looks and performance, all at an attractive price. Let’s take a look!

Best Vanity Tables

These are my personal choices for the best vanity tables for sale on the market, thoroughly compared for you. Keep in mind that some of these vanity dressing tables, such as the Mirage and Ainsley, have other colors and styles available so keep an eye out for them on their product page.

Vanity Table ACME Furniture Dorothy Vanity Table Coaster Home Furnishings Bling Game Vanity Desk Southern Enterprises Mirage Vanity Table Hives and Honey "Ainsley" Vanity Desk International Concepts Unfinished Vanity Table
Price $$$ $$ $$ $ $
Size (LxWxH) 44" x 18" x 28" 53.25" x 18" x 30" 43" x 15.5" x 30.25" 49" x 33" x 23" 40.2" x 17.1" x 31.5"
Materials Wood Hardwood/Plywood Fir Wood Wood Wood
Storage Compartments 5 7 4 3 3
Warranty 60 Days 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 30 Days
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Vanity Table Reviews

From a simple makeup dressing table to the handy makeup table with mirror included, I’ve got the ones that are, in my opinion, the very best ones reviewed right here. These in-depth analysis will let you know exactly what each one has to offer.

ACME Furniture 30370 Dorothy Vanity Desk with Mirror, Ivory

Fit for a queen. ACME Furniture’s “Dorothy” is a stunningly beautiful white vanity table that features an exquisite design, a gorgeously detailed ivory-colored pine wood body and great storage space that even includes a built-in mirror. It’s very similar to those classic bedroom dressing tables that were super popular among royalty, giving it a powerfully luxurious look. Starting off with the construction, this beauty’s incredibly well made and sturdy – from its sheer hefty weight to the tight fit of the smooth doors and drawers to the excellent finish (including felt line drawers), it screams quality. The design and decoration is next to none, giving you the classic, antique vanity table look coupled with sleek curved lines and beautiful ornamentation all over the table such as flower patterns and jewelry-styled white accents that really make it pop. It measures 44″ x 18″ x 28″ (length x width x height) which gives you a lot of tabletop space and makes the table quite an impactful presence. As mentioned before the doors and drawers all open and close smoothly and also offer plenty of space (2 drawers, 2 shelves and the pop-up top compartment) to store all kinds of makeup items and accessories. If you don’t have a vanity mirror to place on this, you can always use the built-in mirror by just opening up the tabletop which is always a handy feature. This handsomely vintage vanity table comes with 60 days of warranty and assembling it is fairly straightforward so be sure to skip the extra assembly fee. The “Dorothy” is an absolute show stopper and in my honest opinion one of the best vanity tables you can get.

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Coaster Home Furnishings 204187 Bling Game Collection Vanity Desk

This extremely good looking, large vanity table by Coaster Home Furnishings offers you fantastic quality, tons of storage and a metallic platinum finish that makes it positively standout from the competition while also giving it a modern vanity table edge. Its interesting combination of hardwood and plywood makes for a strong, resilient and long-lasting body while the nicely built-in hardware ensures that all the drawers open and close smoothly and safely. The design is wonderful in both looks and function since not only do the full sides give it a distinct, strong appearance but they also make this a vanity table with drawers galore, featuring 7 working drawers in total which gives you a massive amount of storage space. If you’re looking for a dressing table without mirrors then rejoice as this beauty doesn’t come with one built-in, giving you full freedom to use your favorite one. To complement the look, it features some discreet but powerful accents such as the beautifully classy legs, textured drawers and faux-crystal handles, all of which give the table charm and character. With a super easy assembly, 1 year of warranty and a great price to boot, it’s certainly a fantastic choice.

There’s also a matching stool and vanity mirror if you want to complete the look!

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Southern Enterprises Mirage Mirrored Media Console Table, Matte Silver Finish with Faux Crystal Knobs

One of the most famously beloved choices on the market, the “Mirage” mirrored vanity table combines an absolutely fantastic visual appearance, a versatile classic design and an attractive price, making it, in my view, one of the best vanity tables ever made. It features a sturdily built fir wood body that’s covered with mirrored panels (including the top) and has a matching matte silver finish on the edges – making it much more beautiful than if it was a simple grey vanity table. The mirrored pieces create one of the most beautiful effects I’ve ever seen, giving your room a strikingly beautiful touch of elegance and glam. This unique visual style coupled with the traditional design makes it a perfect fit in any room – no matter the decor – and the little details such as the faux-crystal knobs and beveled mirror top propel this already stunning piece of furniture to even greater heights. All the 4 drawers work wonderfully well and can be used to store all kinds of accessories, jewelry, appliances and everything else you need to have at an arm’s reach. The assembly is a breeze and the table comes backed with 1 year of warranty. Offering stunningly unique looks, great craftsmanship and an attractive price, it’s easy to see why this mirrored silver vanity table is so incredibly popular. I highly recommend it.

It also has a matching stool and other furniture pieces, allowing you to create a fully mirrored dressing table set!

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Hives and Honey Hives & Honey “Ainsley” Vanity Desk, Brown

Moving on to a simpler but equally beautiful choice, this wooden vanity table with mirror by Hives & Honey delivers the essential experience in a straightforward, well crafted and surprisingly modern way. Since its design is thin, it only offers 2 drawers but the pop-up top has plenty of space to compensate and a fantastically handy power/USB outlet that allows you to simply plug-in your hair dryer, phone, stereo and anything else you need. The top also has a built-in mirror, which is always useful, and even though the overall design is simple you can’t help but love its natural wooden look and clean straight lines. Another great bonus is the quality of the metal hardware which gives a boost to both appearance and durability. For a dressing table with mirror and drawers built-in it’s very easy to assemble and it also has 1 year of warranty included. If you want a simpler and more affordable choice that doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality, then this is in my opinion one of the best vanity tables you can get.

It’s also available in a black vanity table version, white and other interesting colors as well such as turquoise so keep an eye out for those if you prefer them.

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International Concepts Unfinished Vanity Table

My favorite of the simpler styled ones, this small vanity table is incredibly well-crafted, smartly designed and naturally gorgeous due to its hardwood body – all while being available at a mind blowing price. Everything from the fit and finish of the pieces to the hardware assembly and interior design is fantastically well thought out and works wonderfully, making this beauty feel super sturdy and of high quality. The subtle but handsome little ornamentation such as the beveled legs, sleekly curved bottom and perfectly rounded handles all make for a fantastic visual appearance that works stunningly well with the unfinished wood look. But it doesn’t stop there – the interior is just as good, with red-felt lined drawers, great compartments and the best built-in mirror case I’ve ever seen, this table is gorgeous inside and out. The assembly is one of the easiest I’ve ever encountered and the table’s backed with a “free from defects warranty” – meaning that they’ll instantly replace the unit for free if it arrives with any defect – plus a 30 day return period. I fell in love with this charmingly unfinished piece and it didn’t disappoint – it offers excellent craftsmanship and looks at a stunningly low price. If you want a more raw and rustic vanity table, this is an excellent choice.

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Even though there are tons of makeup tables for sale, these are the ones that I’ve genuinely found to be the very best makeup tables out of all I’ve used or tested. While some of these have matching pieces to complete the set, you can also mix and match to your liking in order to create a personalized set that perfectly fits your taste.

And there you’ve got it, I hope that this article has made buying a vanity table an easier task for you – I know just how difficult it can be, it was exactly what led me to start this website in the first place!

I’ll also answer some little questions that you’ve sent me by email before this article was published:

Q: What’s the difference between women’s vanity tables and girl’s vanity tables?

While they can be used by both with relative ease, the ones made specifically for younger girls tend to be smaller, simpler and brightly colored in order to make them not only more appealing to them but also easier to use.

Q: Is it worth getting a vanity table and mirror combo or should I get a vanity table without a mirror built-in?

Thank you Sarah for this wonderful question! I’d say it comes down to 2 things – personal preference (as always) and budget. While built-in mirrors are really handy, they tend to be quite small and you always have to pop up the top to use them which can be unpractical. Due to this I always recommend that you get a vanity mirror separately, it really makes a world of difference. If you’re on a budget though, you can always get the combo and then simply buy a mirror later on.

Q: Should I get a simple vanity table or a makeup table with storage such as drawers, doors and containers?

Long time reader Laura asked this question and I’ll tell you what I told her in my original response – always go for storage. While some contemporary vanity tables don’t have any drawers and can even be less expensive sometimes, it’s just not worth it. Having all of your makeup accessories and appliances close to you is essential and that’s exactly why you need a good amount of storage.

And that’s it! If you’re on a budget but still want a quality unit, be sure to take a look at my list of personal top choices for affordable vanity tables, you can get some great ones at fantastic prices.

Thanks as always for reading and don’t hesitate to send me an email or to leave a comment below if you have any questions. See you on the next one!


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