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These models are, in my view, gorgeously cheap decorative mirrors that prove that you don’t need to break the bank to get a strong, stunning visual boost. They all offer an insane amount of value for the price, making them excellent budget choices and the best part is that they don’t compromise on quality. I’ve ordered them in 3 categories – regular, small and sets – to make it easier for you to find the perfect one.

Best Cheap Decorative Mirrors

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  1. Regular Cheap Decorative Mirrors
  2. Small Cheap Decorative Mirrors
  3. Cheap Decorative Mirror Sets

As I mentioned above, for large pieces be sure to check out the main decorative mirrors article as even though they’re not inexpensive enough to fit this list, you can still get some pretty affordable ones considering their size and quality.

Cheap Decorative Mirrors – Regular Size

These are, in my opinion, the top rated regular sized cheap decorative mirrors, thoroughly reviewed for you.

Butterfly Craze Decorative Oval Wall Mirror, White Wooden Frame for Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Dressers, and Antique Princess Decor

Giving you that classically cute princess design coupled with a robust wooden frame and a clear mirror face, this is in my view a fantastic cheap decorative mirror. It’s quite large for the type of mirror it is as well, measuring 25” x 29” overall with the mirror itself being 14” x 19”. The wooden frame’s quite sturdy, as mentioned above, and gives it a more genuine look plus it’s a breeze to hang as it comes with a mounting bracket built-in. It’s handsome as it is but if you want to give it another color to match with the room better, it’s extremely easy to do so. It also comes with the standard 30 days of return period. With all of these qualities at such a great price, it’s easy to see why it’s so darn popular.


LuLu Decor, Black Drop Wall Mirror, beveled mirror, 23″

Moving on to one of my personal favorite cheap decorative mirror brands of all time – LuLu Decor – they’ve yet again produced a fantastic looking piece that’s not only impressively well built but also incredibly affordable. It measures 23″ in diameter overall and the mirror face itself measures 11″, making it large enough for visual impact while also being quite easy to place anywhere. The mirror beveling is stunning and a feature I’ve always loved plus the delicate black and crystal frame design is gorgeous and effortlessly elegant. It’s made of metal, making it highly durable, and it’s also very easy to hang plus it comes with 1 year of warranty. It’s also available with a clock face instead of a mirror, if you prefer. Offering an insane amount of bang for the buck, this (and most other pieces by LuLu Decor) is – in my view – one of the very best cheap decorative mirrors you can get.

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LuLu Decor, Amber Comb Mosaic Wall Mirror

Another entry by LuLu Decor, this bold model is, in my view, a fantastic wide-frame cheap decorative mirror that’s a real beauty. Not only is it extremely well made, as expected from the brand, but the amber mosaic detailing on the frame is drop-dead gorgeous. When light hits it, you get a show of beautiful warm light reflections and even upon close inspection this looks like a million-dollar mirror, it’s truly unbelievable how high quality it is considering the price. The mirror face delivers a crystal clear reflection and the bevel adds another layer of elegance. It measures 19″ in diameter overall and it’s a piece of cake to hang, plus it comes with the brand’s trademark 1 year warranty. It’s also available with a clock face instead of a mirror and in other frame styles, although this is my personal favorite combo. Just like the one above, it’s an excellent budget choice.

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LuLu Décor, Celebration Metal Wall Mirror, Frame 24”, Round Decorative Mirror for Living Room

The last entry by LuLu Decor on the list, this dynamic and energetic piece has all the quality we’ve come to expect from the brand while also maintaining an unbelievable value for the price balance. It’s robust, featuring a metal frame with little crystal detailing on the tips, and it’s designed to simulate radiance, like fireworks. It measures 24″ in diameter overall and as you can see, it’s absolutely stunning to look at. It’s just as easy to mount as the others and it comes with the same warranty of 1 year. It’s also available with a clock face instead of a mirror. Gorgeous, energetic and built to last, this is in my opinion one of the best cheap mirrors on the market.

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MCS 15.5×21.5 Inch Wall Mirror, 21.5×27.5 Inch Overall Size, Pewter

Simple, classic and insanely inexpensive, this MCS model is in my view a great cheap decorative mirror that’s a good looking addition to any room needing a subtle but beautiful presence. It’s available in white, black, bronze or pewter (pictured here), allowing you to choose whichever suits your room the best. It measures 21.5″ x 27.5″ overall and the mirror itself is 15.5″ x 21.5″, including its beautiful bevel. The frame’s made of poly composite material, making it highly durable, and it has 4 D-rings on the back, allowing you to easily mount it either vertically or horizontally. Overall it’s solidly built, cleanly detailed and in my opinion, also really cheap, making it a great choice among inexpensive decorative mirrors if you just want simple but clean looking piece.

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PRINZ Rustic River Mirror with Wood Border in Distressed White Finish

Featuring a nicely distressed wooden white frame and an antique rope hanger, this is a beautifully rustic piece that impresses in terms of looks and price. It measures 15″ x 19″ overall and the mirror face provides a distortion-free reflection while the wooden frame impresses in terms of looks due to its genuine-looking distressed finish. Although the overall construction isn’t very robust, it’s still decent enough for the job and the mirror comes backed with 30 days of return period. The price is just right and it looks great, making it a solid choice if you like the weathered look.

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20″ Shabby Chic Wood Arched-Top Wall Mirror

With a vanity-like design coupled with the trendy shabby chic style, this affordable decorative mirror is a solid piece. The detailed white-wash frame is made of wood, making it quite robust and good looking, while the mirror face itself is clear and resilient. It measures 12.5″ x 20″ making it a regular to small sized mirror and also easy to hang. It’s not super impressive but for the price it’s still a decent unit so if you want a princess themed mirror, this is a good choice.

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Kiera Grace Groove 20-Inch Round Mirror, Black

One of, in my view ,the cheapest decorative mirrors on the list and on the market overall, Kiera Grace’s “Groove” manages to provide a decent experience even though the build quality is a little sub-par. It’s made of plastic so its fairly flimsy and lightweight but for the price it still provides a solid decor boost due to its interesting dark rippled frame. It’s also surprisingly large for the price, measuring 20″ in diameter overall with the mirror face itself being 14″. It’s super easy to hang and comes with 30 days of return period. Even though it’s simple and flimsy, for the price you couldn’t ask for more.

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Cheap Small Decorative Mirrors

These are the models that, in my view, can be considered to be the top cheap small decorative mirrors as they pack a real punch, making them super easy to place anywhere while still getting a nice decor presence.

Stonebriar Small Round Wrapped Rope Mirror with Hanging Loop, Vintage Nautical Design

If you want to get a nautical feel without breaking the bank, then look no further. This charming small decorative mirror by Stonebriar delivers handsome looks and great craftsmanship at a super affordable price, making it a fantastic budget unit. It measures 16.9″ in diameter and the frame’s fairly wide which gives it enough room to display the absolutely beautiful wrapped rope that unlike the competition is actually made of natural hemp, giving it a genuine look and feel. It’s impressively sturdy and well-made, as well as being easy to hang due to the built-in saw-tooth hanger on the back and the rope’s loop on top which you can also use. It’s also available in a square, rectangular and oval version if you prefer or if you want to get the set to complement this one. With a beautifully inexpensive price to boot, this mirror’s a winner.

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Mkono Hanging Wall Mirror with Macrame Hanger Home Decor

Drop-dead gorgeous and in my opinion insanely cheap, Mkono’s Boho styled small decorative mirror is a must-have. From its octagonal mirror face to the beautiful macrame cotton rope that surrounds and holds it, it looks absolutely fantastic. The mirror measures 9.5″ x 9.5″ while the hanger has 34″ of height in total, making for an impactful presence. It’s very well crafted and the mirror’s clear and 3 mm thick as well, ensuring its durability. This small decorative mirror is also part of a large set of decor items that perfectly complement it so I highly recommend that you get the set if you like this piece as they’re all equally gorgeous and inexpensive. Due to its insane amount of bang for the buck, it’s one of my personal favorite cheap small decorative mirrors of all time.

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NIKKY HOME 8 Inch Vintage Decorative Round Metal Hanging Mirror with Black Velvet Ribbon in a Bow, Grey

Insanely cute and equally as cheap, in my view, this inexpensive decorative mirror is a lovely little accent that adds a nice touch of charm to any room. The mirror’s 8″ in diameter although you can also get it in 6.75″ all the way up to 11.25″ if you prefer. It has a thin dark grey frame and hanging ring that’s complemented beautifully well with a black velvet ribbon that’s styled as a bow which is what you use to hang the mirror. It’s nicely detailed and surprisingly sturdy plus the price is truly unbelievable. All of these qualities make it in my opinion a great little cheap decorative mirror.

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Cheap Decorative Mirror Sets

Here they are, the models that I consider to be the best cheap decorative wall mirror sets on the market. They offer a lot of impact and multiple pieces out of the box, making them great choices if you want a cohesive decoration without paying premium.

Umbra Dima Mirrors, Set of 3, Trio of Decorative Mirrors for Wall — Apartment Décor/Wall Art

This is not only one of – in my view – the best cheap decorative wall mirror sets on the market but one of the best overall, regardless of price. Umbra’s “Dima” set is extremely well-crafted, stunningly gorgeous and the attractive price is the cherry on top. Featuring a contemporary minimal design and a refreshing chain hanging system, this set’s guaranteed to modernize your room and its robust construction quality ensures that it’ll last. Each of the 3 mirrors is around 11.25″ x 7″ and they’re available in a black finish (chain, hanging buttons and mirror frame are finished in black) which is pictured here and also in beautiful bronze. They’re also part of a decor line so you can get other pieces to perfectly complement these in order to create a coherent decoration. The set also comes with 30 days of return period and it’s super easy to install. In terms of sheer value it’s absolutely unbeatable so if you like the ultra-modern look this set’s unmissable.

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All American Collection New 3 Piece Decorative Mirror Set, Wall Accent Display (Silver Chain)

As far as cheap decorative mirror sets go, this is in my view a pretty solid one. It consists of 3 identical pieces, all of which measure 10″ in diameter and look stunning. The mirrors are made of actual glass and even though the frames are made of plastic, their fantastic finish makes them look much more expensive and genuine. They’re very lightweight, easy to mount and the chain design is interesting and versatile, making it a great set to complement any type of decor. The set’s also available in more than 10 different versions, with both the design and finishing differing slightly so you can choose whichever you like best. The price is outstanding as well, making this set a great budget choice.

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Elements Round Wall-Mount Mirror, Set of 7, Assorted Sizes

Simple, super easy to hang and in my opinion highly affordable, this 7 piece cheap decorative mirror set offers you one 9″ mirror, three 6″ ones and three really small 3″ ones so you can create your own dynamic display and accent any wall with ease. They all have a small hanging hook on the back to ease installation and surprisingly enough, they’re made of actual glass, adding to their overall quality and durability. Since they have no frames or colors they’re super versatile and can be used on any room with awesome results plus the price is so ridiculously low that they’re hard to pass. It’s a solid choice if you like the design and want to go crazy with creativity. Even among all the inexpensive choices that I consider to be the top cheap decorative wall mirror sets, this is likely the most affordable one.

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These models are, in my view, beautifully cheap decorative mirrors that make it easy for you to have an elegantly decorated room that’s full of life and character.

It was super fun to test the mirrors and write this so if you’ve got any other requests be sure to leave a comment or send me an email and I’ll start working on it.

Thanks as always for reading and enjoy your newly decorated room!

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