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Cheap Vanity Tables

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When it comes to getting the perfect makeup companion at an affordable price, nothing beats a cheap vanity table. Delivering the classic combination of gorgeous looks, handy storage and awe-inspiring elegance without breaking your bank, vanity tables are an essential part of any womanly room’s furniture. Over the years I’ve found some beautifully inexpensive ones that I’m going to share with you, ensuring that you get a model that is, in my view, a cheap vanity table that’s truly worth it – which is fairly hard to find. We’ll start by taking a look at a comparison of all units and then further below you can read a detailed analysis of each one.

Cheap Vanity Tables

These are in my opinion the top rated cheap vanity tables for sale on the market, thoroughly compared for you.

Vanity Table International Concepts Unfinished Vanity Table bonVIVO MASSIMO Vanity Desk Southern Enterprises Mirage Vanity Table Organizedlife Makeup Vanity Table
Price $ $ $ $
Size (LxWxH) 40.2" x 17.1" x 31.5" 43.3" x 21.6" x 29.5" 39.5" x 17.5" x 28.5" 31.5" x 15.7" x 29.3"
Materials Wood Bamboo/MDF/Glass MDF Wood
Storage Compartments 3 1 2 3
Warranty 30 Days 30 Days 1 Year 30 Days
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Cheap Vanity Table Reviews

From models that are in my opinion versatile cheap vanity desks to the more classic cheap makeup vanity tables, you’ll find my personal picks for the very best right here. Let’s dive into the in-depth reviews and find the perfect one for you!

International Concepts Unfinished Vanity Table

Listed in both of my “best of” lists, this model is in my view a cheap makeup desk that deserves all the praise it gets. From its uniquely unfinished look to the fantastic craftsmanship and price, this affordable vanity table is an excellent choice. It features a sturdily built hardwood body which apart from its obviously unfinished visual appearance also has beautiful little details that make it pop such as the beveled legs, curved bottom and perfectly round drawer handles. It doesn’t stop there though, the inside is just as pretty as the outside, giving you a truly vibrant red felt lining and one of the best built-in mirrors I’ve ever seen. With 2 drawers and a pop-up top the table gives you plenty of space to store all your accessories and makeup utilities while also maintaining a slim appearance. Assembling the table is also extremely easy and it comes with both the standard 30 days of warranty and a “free from defects” warranty as well. The best part, of course, is that even while offering this much quality it maintains an affordable price which makes it the perfect fit for this list and for your room as well! It’s gorgeous, well-built and in my opinion one of the best cheap vanity tables you can get.

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Bonus Point: Due to its unfinished wooden body, it’s extremely easy to paint it/stain it to your liking. With a bit of paint or finish of your choice, you can create a cheap black makeup vanity table for example which would be much more expensive if it was done by the manufacturer. Let your creativity fly and make this beauty your one of a kind, unique table!

bonVIVO MASSIMO, Contemporary Vanity Desk Wood and Glass

Ultra modern, insanely gorgeous and impressively well-crafted, the “Massimo” modern vanity table delivers an incredibly stunning presence to your room without breaking your bank. Combining beautifully natural bamboo legs, a white MDF shelf and a shatter-resistant tempered glass table top, the “Massimo” is guaranteed to leave you in awe, visually, while also being sturdy and durable to boot. The tabletop has more than enough room for a big vanity mirror, appliances and everything else you need while the shelf is great to keep your makeup accessories. A bonus is that this gorgeously clear vanity table’s also quite easy to carry, making transportation, if needed, a breeze. The assembly is straightforward too and it comes with 30 days of warranty. In short, this is a truly beautiful contemporary piece that looks a whole lot more expensive than what it really is, in a good way, and it’s sure to blow you away with its unbelievable combination of quality and price. If you like this modern glass vanity table style, it’s an unmissable choice.

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Side note: Even though it’s a glass makeup vanity table, it’s tempered and extremely hard to scratch, break or damage in anyway so you can rest assured that you’ll always be safe.

Southern Enterprises Mirage Mirrored 2 Drawer Media Console Table, Matte Silver Finish with Faux Crystal Knobs

This is in my view a solidly cheap makeup table and even though I’ve already praised its bigger version before as one of the best you can get, this smaller “console” model is equally as fantastic but simply trades some of its size and capabilities in order to cut the price in half. The strikingly beautiful mirrored panels are just as gorgeous as its bigger version, creating a truly powerful visual effect that perfectly complements any type of room decor. The MDF body is durable and lightweight, making it easy to carry the table around plus the 2 drawers, besides sliding smoothly, are also quite wide and offer a solid amount of storage space. Design-wise the table is very simple but effective with little details that make it scream glam such as the faux-crystal knobs and matte silver edges which I’m sure you’ll love. It’s also super easy to assemble and comes backed with 1 year of warranty. Just like its larger version, this is, in my view, a cheap vanity table that’s ultra popular for a reason – it’s gorgeously glamorous, solidly built and has an incredible price tag to boot. If you want a cheap vanity table that doesn’t compromise on quality, in my opinion this is it.

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Organizedlife Wooden Makeup Vanity Table Mirror Dressing Table

Simple, cute and most of all, super budget friendly. Featuring a minimal design that perfectly blends in with any type of decor and a decently sturdy wooden body to go along with it, this is in my view a beautifully cheap small vanity table that manages to give the essentials at what I consider to be a mind blowing price. Even though the 2 little drawers only have a bit of storage space (still enough for makeup accessories), the top flips up to reveal a really large storage space which is enough to store bigger items like hair dryers and it even has a handy built-in mirror. Even though the design is simple, it’s very charming due to its cute drawer handles and tiny drawers plus it’s also effective especially for its size. The assembly is very simple and the table comes with 30 days of warranty. Although it’s one of the simpler choices, it’s still a solidly crafted inexpensive vanity table.

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Much like the first table shown previously, it’s perfect for younger student girls as it doubles as both a desk and a vanity, making it a versatile and in my view cheap vanity desk with mirror combo.

And there you have it, a selection of high quality but very affordable vanity tables that will positively impress you with just how good they are. I’ve had many “duds” in the past but these are the ones that didn’t disappoint and truly blew my mind.

I hope you’ve found the perfect one for you and as always, thanks for reading!

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