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Best Vanity Mirrors

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Best Vanity Mirrors – Quick Introduction

Vanity mirrors (also popularly called Hollywood vanity mirrors) are both classic and classy. They are my absolute favorite type of mirror, mainly due to their famously luxurious look that brings a special and very elegant ambiance to any room where it’s placed. Keep reading and get to know my personal picks for the best vanity mirrors out there!

Not only are they absolutely beautiful pieces of decor, they are also incredibly useful. Vanities offer you an enormous, crystal-clear mirror and unmatched lighting quality, both of which ensure that you achieve the very best results when you’re applying your makeup or doing any other part of your beauty regime – all of this while having a pleasurable experience.

Nowadays we can find two types of vanity mirrors, wall-mounted and tabletop. I’ve written in-depth guides for each type that present to you a selection of the very best ones I’ve ever had. Each vanity will have a detailed review and you will also find a comparison table to make it easier and faster for you to get to know each vanity’s qualities and how they compare against one another.
You can jump to their sections by clicking the links that follow, enjoy!

Best Vanity Mirrors

To see my personal choices for the top units on the market, simply click the index below:

Below I’ll give you a quick overview and personal recommendation for each type of vanity before going into the main articles.

If you have the space, the classic ones are absolutely the way to go. They’ll last a lifetime, offer the best visibility, stunning lighting and the aura of luxury mentioned above really is worth it. You can always buy a vanity table that you like in order to accompany the mirror, just like in the old times.

Chende Frameless Hollywood Tabletops Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror with Dimmer

I recommend the “Chende” Hollywood Vanity that you see on the left. It embodies everything that’s great about vanity mirrors – it’s big, bright and beautiful. The stunning frameless design coupled with the classic Hollywood bulbs give it an unforgettable sleek look. It has high-quality craftsmanship which you can see not only in the built-to-last body but also in the close attention that was given to the details such as the dimmer, plus it comes with all the lightbulbs for free. It truly is an excellent wall-mounted vanity.
Elegant and Luxurious Design
Superb Body Quality
Classically Large
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If you’re looking for a more portable version that doesn’t need to be installed on a wall, tabletop vanity mirrors are the solution. They manage to deliver the aura, quality and features of the classic ones in a more versatile and practical model.

White Vanity Girl Broadway Lighted Vanity Mirror, Outlets and Dimmer Switch, 13 Makeup-Ready Bulbs Around A Tabletop or Wall Mounted Vanity

I recommend the “Vanity Girl” Broadway Vanity pictured on the left. It is without a doubt the best tabletop vanity mirror I’ve ever had. With a gorgeous body, bright lights and handy features it’s easy to see why it’s so popular – it’s everything you want in a vanity in an easily movable package. Couple that with fantastic customer service and a lifetime warranty and you have the perfect tabletop vanity mirror.
High-Quality Construction
Studio-Grade Features
Lifetime Warranty
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Vanities are my favorite type of mirror, hands down. They embody everything that I love about fashion and beauty and bring with them a luxurious and charming aura that I so dearly like. My search for the best vanity mirror for makeup was a long one but the results are finally here and I’m excited to share them with you. Enjoy!

Best Wall-Mounted Vanity Mirrors

Best Vanity Mirrors With Lights Wall-Mounted HollywoodMy absolute favorite type of vanity, the wall-mounted. As promised, I’ve gathered a personal list of the very best wall-mounted vanity mirrors I’ve ever had and put it on display for all of you. I’ve written an in-depth review of each vanity and to help you further I’ve also made a neat little comparison table where you can quickly see the essential qualities of each mirror and their differences. Let’s get to it.

Best Wall-Mounted Vanities Comparison

These are in my opinion the best wall mounted vanities for sale on the market, compared for you.

Mirror Diamond X Hollywood Vanity k313CW Vanity Girl Broadway Lighted Mirror ReignCharm Rockstar Vanity Mirror Chende 8065 Hollywood Vanity Diamond X Hollywood k411CW Chende Frameless Hollywood Vanity Mirror Hiker Hkl4205 Hollywood Vanity Mirror ShellKingdom SK-S5520 LED Backlit Vanity
Price $$$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$ $ $
Mirror Face Size 32.3" Tall and 46.6" Wide 25" Tall and 18" Wide 28" Tall and 22" Wide 23.6" Tall and 31.5" Wide 23.6" Tall and 23.6" Wide 25.6" Tall and 27.56" Wide 26” Tall and 19.5” Wide 23.6" Tall and 31.5” Wide
Light Bulb Type LED Fluorescent LED LED LED LED Incandescent LED
Dimmable Lights
Special Feature Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship + Extra Large Studio Quality Touch Controlled + Built-In Sound System Attractive Design + Quality Body Stunning Quality and Design + Lasts a Lifetime Unique Round Design Option + Quality Body Modern Look + Super Slim
Warranty 10 Years Lifetime 1 Year 30 Days 10 Years 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Availability Shop Now at Amazon Shop Now at Amazon Shop Now at Amazon Shop Now at Amazon Shop Now at Amazon Shop Now at Amazon Shop Now at Amazon Shop Now at Amazon

Best Wall-Mounted Vanity Reviews

Here you can read in-depth reviews of my personal choices for the best Hollywood vanity mirrors that were shown in the table above, this will let you know exactly what they have to offer.

Diamond X Gloss White Hollywood MakeupMirror with Dimmable LED

This is, hands down, my personal pick for the best wall-mounted vanity mirror you can get. The level of craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail is unbeatable. Every single little thing is perfect, from the crystal-clear mirror and bright lights to the super-sturdy body and expertly made dimmer switch. It’s also incredibly big – 32.3″ tall and 46.6″ wide – which is a studio-grade size. It features 12 bright LED lights that can be dimmed by using the beautiful polished steel knob that you can find on the right side of the mirror. It has a 10 feet long cable so you can plug it in discreetly behind your table/counter and comes with a base as well in case you want to have it as a tabletop (although in my opinion it’s made to live on a wall). At 50 lbs. you can bet it’s heavy, strong and sturdy, this beauty will last a lifetime, as it should considering the price. It’s available in the pictured high-gloss white finish and Diamond X offers a 10 year warranty which is appreciated and always nice to have. It’s luxurious, elegant, stunningly beautiful and it will keep you company forever. If you can afford it, it’s unmissable.

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White Vanity Girl Broadway Lighted Vanity Mirror, 2 Outlets and Dimmer Switch, 13 Makeup-Ready Bulbs Around A Tabletop or Wall Mounted Vanity

The super popular “Vanity Girl” mirror is loved worldwide and with good reason – it’s darn near perfect. It can be used either as a tabletop or wall-mounted vanity, so you’ll find it in both sections of my selection. The crystal-clear mirror face is 25” tall, 18” wide and is surrounded by a beautiful border that has 13 salon-grade fluorescent light bulbs. They are bright, long-lasting and dimmable. It features a sturdy steel body that is uniquely slimmer than most and it has an attractive high-gloss finish that further boosts its resistance to wear and tear. On the bottom you will find the dimmer switch on the left and two electrical outlets on the right. I can’t tell you how handy the outlets are, you can plug in your phone, blow dryer, hair straightener – anything you want. You’ve probably heard about the “Vanity Girl” due to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande using them and posting about it (I did as well), and I gotta say that the buzz is well-deserved. This incredible vanity mirror comes with a much appreciated lifetime warranty and I can honestly say that when it comes to Hollywood-style vanity mirrors, this is a beyond excellent choice – it’s in my honest opinion one of the very best vanity mirror with lights you can get.

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ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror Bluetooth Audio-Enabled LED Light Bulbs, Border-less

This gorgeous American-made Hollywood vanity mirror delivers everything that ReignCharm is known for – it’s modern, innovative and finely built. At 28” of height and 22” of width, it’s a large mirror that easily allows you to see all of your image. It wouldn’t be Hollywood-style without the famous lights, it has 12 bright LED light bulbs (dimmable and long lasting) all around the edge of the mirror itself which looks stunning. As is tradition of ReignCharm mirrors, you can adjust everything with discreetly placed touch-controls at the bottom. This includes the brightness of the lights, the handy LCD display (shows time, temperature) and the volume. Yes, the volume, this model is called the “Rockstar” for a reason. It features a built-in, Bluetooth-powered, dual speaker sound system that sounds surprisingly great. Simply link your phone or any other capable device to easily and quickly play your favorite songs, all the while you work on your beauty routine! It also features additional power and USB outlets to let you conveniently plug-in all your devices and accessories such as your phone and hair dryer. The sleek borderless design is a beauty and by far my favorite style of vanity mirror edge. It’s extremely well-built, the materials used are of high-quality (solid resin-wood) and the details were handled with care – it’s built to last and easily installed. While this vanity mirror clearly belongs to a wall, it also comes with a sturdy base in case you prefer having it on top of a table/counter. ReignCharm did a fantastic job producing this vanity mirror, bringing a modern touch to a loved classic.

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Chende Frameless Hollywood Tabletops Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror with Dimmer, LED Bulbs

Another big and frameless entry, the Chende Hollywood vanity mirror, similar to the square Diamond X shown above, does a great job in offering a classic Hollywood-style vanity mirror. Instead of the square dimensions, this vanity stands at 23.6” of height and 31.5” of width and has 3 differences to the one mentioned above. First of all it has 12 LED light bulbs surrounding the mirror’s edge instead of 11, secondly it has the option to use it as a tabletop vanity mirror too since it includes a base for it (if you can’t or don’t want to mount it on a wall) and lastly it is available in 2 other models that are cheaper but have borders (in black or white). The mirror is beautifully clear and the bright and forever-lasting LED lights can be controlled with the dimmer knob on the right side of the back frame (which has the most satisfying “click” ever whenever you turn it on!). This beauty is made to last a lifetime as well, presenting top quality materials and design that is sure to not only satisfy your needs but also stun anyone that sees it due to its luxurious and elegant appearance. (plus, it includes 2 extra bulbs in case you need to replace them). It’s also extremely well packaged to prevent any damage on delivery and already comes with 2 extra light bulbs in case you need to replace them. If you’re looking for a quality lighted vanity mirror (with or without a frame) that not only works great but looks the part too – this is an excellent choice.

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Side note: When it comes to sheer bang for the buck, this is in my view the best vanity mirror on the list.

Diamond X Wallmount Hollywood Makeup Mirror with Dimmable LED

This luxurious and highest-quality borderless vanity mirror keeps it simple and clean by perfectly offering everything that makes a classic vanity mirror great. The large 23.6” tall and 23.6” wide mirror face (square, rectangular version is out of stock as of now) is crystal-clear and surrounded by 12 LED light bulbs that are not only bright and color-correct but will also endure 50.000 hours of work without giving in. The slim 2” thick backboard is one of the best I’ve seen in terms of quality – it easily supports the mirror against the wall and it has a sleek and sturdy finish. On the right side of the board you will find a little polished steel knob – the light dimmer. It works wonderfully and, as opposed to most dimmers, it’s robust and built to last. It comes with a 10 feet long power cable so you can discreetly plug it in below or behind a table or counter. As a sign of trust in their product, the manufacturer offers a free 10 year warranty on the vanity mirror which is always appreciated. It’s without a doubt (and in my honest opinion) one of the best light up vanity mirrors on the market and also one of the most beautifully well made Hollywood-style vanity mirrors I’ve ever used in my life. I definitely recommend it.

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Chende Frameless Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror with Light Tabletops Lighted Mirror with Dimmer, LED Bulbs (Round, Frameless)

The Chende 6550 is exactly like the one shown above except it’s vertically oriented instead of horizontally, a little bit smaller (25.6” of height and 19.7” of width) and also a bit less pricey. Like the bigger version, you can get it borderless (my prefered version) or with borders. And, unique to this line, you can also get a stunningly beautiful round version for the same price! The round version is borderless, features 12 LED light bulbs around the mirror’s edge and is 27.56″ by 25.6”. All the versions come with beautiful bases if you want to have them placed at the top of a table instead of wall-mounted and all come with spare bulbs as well. Equally excellent choices as the larger one but at a smaller size and at a mind-blowingly good price-point.

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Hiker Hollywood Vanity Mirror, Brush Metal Silver

Simple, effective and inexpensive. Hiker’s hollywood vanity mirror does a solid job with the piece even though it lacks a bit when it comes to the luxurious design and features that other models provide. It’s 26” tall and 19.5” wide, well-built and the materials used are sturdy and long-lasting (aluminum). It’s only available with a border but it still looks good. It has 12 bright bulbs around the border (not dimmable) but keep in mind that the ones that come with the mirror are incandescent and get extremely hot. I recommend that you get 12 LED light bulbs of the same size and apply them to the frame, as they never get hot and are not only brighter but also consume much less power. Even though it’s a bit lacking overall, I still like the mirror and for the price it does a good job.

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ShellKingdom LED Backlit Mirror with Border, LED Wall Mounted Lighted Vanity Bathroom Silvered Illuminated Mirror with Touch Button

Although this barely qualifies as a vanity mirror, at least in classic terms, I know so many people that love it that I had to share it. Think of it like a futuristic, minimalistic and super thin vanity mirror where the light bulbs are replaced with a surrounding LED lighted strip and you can turn it on or off by simply touching the mirror’s face. It’s 31 1/2” wide and  23 5/8″ tall, the kicker is the thickness – it’s only 1 3/4″. Not only is it super slick and modern looking but it’s also very well-built, both the frame and the mirror have been carefully crafted. It’s wall-mounted only and doesn’t come with a dimmer (although it’s compatible with one if you install it yourself) but it’s still big, beautiful, super-modern looking and available at an incredibly attractive price.

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Classic wall-mounted vanities just can’t be beat! The way they instantly turn a regular room into a beautifully elegant and charming one is just magical. Plus, you couldn’t ask for a better mirror. They will last more than a lifetime and bring you joy every single day you look at them and use them.

Best Tabletop Vanity Mirrors

Best Vanity Mirrors With Lights Tabletop HollywoodTabletop vanity mirrors have grown on me over the last years, the offers on the market keep getting better and there are some truly excellent ones out there right now. When you want the luxury, quality and elegance of a vanity without having to worry about installation, tabletop vanities are here for you. Below you’ll find a list of the ones that I consider to be the very best tabletop vanity mirrors I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Each of them is accompanied by a detailed review and I’ve also created a handy comparison table so you can quickly and easily view each vanity’s qualities and how they compare against each other. Enjoy!

Best Tabletop Vanities Comparison

This is a clear and straightforward comparison of the models that are, in my opinion, the best tabletop vanities for sale on the market.

Mirror simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro Wide View Vanity Girl Broadway Lighted Vanity Mirror ReignCharm Borderless Rockstar Vanity Impressions Hollywood Vanity Ott-lite Daylight Mirror Jerdon Tri-Fold Mirror NaCot Vanity Mirror Trifold Gotofine LED Vanity Mirror
Price $$$ $$$ $$$ $$ $ $ $ $
Mirror Size 20” Tall and 16” Wide 25” Tall and 18” Wide 28" Tall and 22" Wide 32.5" Tall and 24.5" Wide (Border Included) 8" Tall and 6" Wide 10.75'' Tall and 12.75” Wide 9.45” Tall and 13.38" Wide 11" Tall and 6.5" Wide
Magnification 1x + 10x Spot Mirror 1x 1x 1x 1x/5x 1x/5x 1x/2x/3x/10x 1x + 10x Spot Mirror
Light Bulb Type LED Fluorescent LED Fluorescent Fluorescent Fluorescent LED LED
Dimmable Lights
Special Feature Sensor Mirror + 50,000 Color Tones + Cordless Stunning Quality In Every Way Touch Controlled + Built-In Sound System Best Bang for Your Buck Super Portable Travel-Sized Touch-Controlled + Versatile Magnifications Touch-Controlled + Cordless Option
Warranty 5 Years Lifetime 1 Year 30 Days 30 Days 1 Year 3 Years 1 Year
Availability Shop Now at Amazon Shop Now at Amazon Shop Now at Amazon Shop Now at Amazon Shop Now at Amazon Shop Now at Amazon Shop Now at Amazon Shop Now at Amazon

Best Tabletop Vanity Mirror Reviews

These thorough reviews of all the units shown in the table above will give you a perfect idea of what each vanity has to offer, ensuring you make the right choice.

White Vanity Girl Broadway Lighted Vanity Mirror with 2 Outlets and Dimmer Switch – 13 Makeup-Ready Bulbs Around A Tabletop or Wall Mounted Vanity

Big, bright and beautiful. The famous “Vanity Girl” is in my opinion the best tabletop vanity mirror you can get. The high-quality mirror face is 25” tall and 18” wide (without the border) and surrounded by 13 salon-grade light bulbs that are not only bright but also dimmable. The sturdy steel structure is slimmer than the competition and has an elegant high-polish gloss finish that is sure to last forever. On the bottom of the frame you will find the switch/dimmer on the left side and two super handy electrical outlets on the right so you can plug-in your phone or hairdryer while you get ready! Kim Kardashian, Shay Mitchell, Carrie Underwood, Ariana Grande – all of them love this vanity mirror and for once I have to say that the buzz is well-deserved. It also comes with a lifetime warranty which is always appreciated. Overall I think that this really is one of the best tabletop vanity mirrors I’ve used and that you can get. It’s elegant, long-lasting and it will positively stun anyone that sees it.

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simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro Wide View, 1x Magnification + 10x Detail Mirror Attachment, Lighted Vanity Mirror, Adjustable Color Temperature, Wifi-Enabled

Simplehuman delivers an innovative, modern and portable take on the classic vanity mirror. It’s 20” tall (including base) and 16” wide, which is big considering it’s a standing mirror. Instead of light bulbs you have LED lighted strips that automatically light up when they sense your face approaching and shut off when you distance yourself (but never by accident). The lights are not only long-lasting (they’ll endure up to 40,000 hours of use) but also bright and closely resemble daylight due to the Tru-lux system.  You can even change the color/tone of the lighting (50,000 different options) to whichever works best for you by using their wifi-connected phone app – I recommend you use their great presets. The mirror face itself is unmagnified but it comes with a free potent 10x magnification spot mirror that you can place wherever you want which makes dealing with tiny details, such as tweezing, a breeze. It’s made of stainless steel and at 8 pounds you can be sure it’s sturdy. When it comes to power, it uses a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 3 weeks with one charge, effectively making it cordless. It’s sleek, well-built and very innovative but remember that it also brings more complexity to the table than the regular mirror. I’m more of a classic vanity type myself but if you like modern mirrors that offer all the bells and whistles this is one of the top options.

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ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror Bluetooth Audio-Enabled LED Light Bulbs, Border-less

Reigncharm’s Rockstar Hollywood-style vanity mirror gives an innovative and modern touch to the classic we’re used to seeing. As the name implies, this vanity mirror offers something out of the ordinary – a built-in, bluetooth-powered dual speaker sound system that has a surprisingly high-quality. The mirror itself is borderless and 28” tall, 22” wide which allows you to easily and comfortably see all of your image at once. It has 12 bright and long-lasting LED light bulbs surrounding the edge of the mirror which looks fantastic. You can dim the bulbs by using the LCD display at the bottom which also shows time, temperature and of course, volume. To play your favorite songs you simply link your phone to the mirror (through bluetooth) and you’re good to go. It really does bring a fun and very unique feel to your beauty routine so if you’re into music, this is probably the best makeup vanity for you. The mirror also features handy USB and power outlets so you can plug-in any accessory you need. Overall, the mirror has an extremely well-built body both in terms of materials used (solid resin-wood) and in design choices. ReignCharm set out to innovate and they did it very successfully, the Rockstar is a beautiful, feature-packed and fun to use vanity mirror.

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Impressions Vanity Hollywood Studio Lighted Make-Up Vanity Back Stage Mirror, Black, X- Large

Impressions’ new classic and elegant piece offers everything that makes hollywood-style vanity mirrors great in the first place while keeping it portable. It stands at 32.5” of height and 24.5” of width (border included) which is a versatile and finely-picked size since it makes the mirror large but still easily movable. Both the frame and base are made of sturdy and glossy wood (available in black or white) and the mirror face itself is clear and of high-quality. The mirror is surrounded by 10 bright light bulbs (classically shaped) that can be turned on/off and dimmed by the subtly placed dimmer switch on the side and the power cord is long enough to hide it behind or below the table/counter. While the lighting is great I still recommend that you get yourself 10 replacement LED light bulbs since they last forever and consume less energy! Easily installed and an absolute beauty to look at and use, the Impressions’ Hollywood vanity mirror is an excellent choice offered at an equally excellent price.

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Ott-lite Natural Daylight Makeup Mirror, White/Chrome

Ott-lite gives us a pretty little hybrid between a vanity and a tabletop makeup mirror that is super easy to move, double-sided and very well lit (maybe even a bit too much!). The 8” by 6” double-sided mirror face smoothly swivels 360º while the bright light bars around stay in place. One side is unmagnified while the other offers you a versatile 5x magnification. The mirror is 11” by 13” in its entirety (including base). In terms of quality it’s well-built, heavy (in a good way) and sturdy with one exception – the swivel. Sometimes after a bit of roughness it can start to become loose and won’t hold an angle but I’ve found this easily fixable by applying a thin strip of velcro (or any similar cloth/texture) on the sides. This fixed it completely so a big thank you to the fellow reviewer that recommended this online! It’s available in white, black, purple and several other colors (even with patterns) so have a look to find your favorite finish. Overall it’s a solid, extremely portable mirror that offers a ton of customization options coupled with a good price-point.

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Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror with 5x Magnification, White Finish

The tiniest and most portable entry on the list, Jerdon’s very popular Tri-Fold mirror still manages to pack quite a punch. In terms of looks and usability it’s a regular tri-fold style lighted vanity mirror but, other than it’s travel-sized body, there’s more to it than meets the eye. First of all the lighting is potent which is incredible considering that most tiny mirrors fail in this regard. You have 4 different light colors/tones to choose from but I’ll be honest, only 1 is actually good – the “day” setting. The rest are quite useless and although it doesn’t take away from the experience, Jerdon would be better off by removing those options and stick with just the “day” setting. The mirror face itself is double-sided, one side being unmagnified and the other offering a clear and very useful 5x magnification. The viewable mirror area is 10.75” tall and 12.75” wide which is a generous enough size to be used daily (and not only when traveling). One feature I really like, apart from it being foldable to become super compact, is the built-in electrical outlet. It allows you to easily plug-in any accessory or tool you want such as a curling iron. With a sturdily built body to boot, the ever popular Jerdon Tri-fold mirror is a fantastic choice for those looking for a super-compact, portable vanity mirror even though it won’t quite hold up against the normal-sized ones for daily use.

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Led Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror – NaCot 10X/3X/2X/1X Magnification Vanity Mirror Trifold 21 Led Lighted with Touch Screen for Countertop Cosmetic Makeup

NaCot gives us a greatly designed tri-fold vanity mirror that offers a sturdy construction, a wide selection of magnifications and great bang for your buck. The mirror face(s) itself is 13.38” wide, 9.45” tall and while the central and right-side mirrors are unmagnified, the left side features a 2x magnification on the top half and 3x magnification on the bottom one. You also get a 10x spot magnification mirror that you can place wherever you want (it has suction cups). The 21 white led lights that surround the central mirror face offer decent brightness and can be dimmed by using the touch-controls. You can power it up by using either a regular cable (included) or 4xAAA batteries (not included). It’s well-packaged too and offers a great 3 year warranty. Overall it’s a neat mirror with a very unique and versatile amount of magnifications that you can get at a very inexpensive price.

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Gotofine LED Lighted Vanity Mirror, 10x Magnification Spot Mirror, Portable

This is Gotofine’s single-faced version of the tri-fold presented above. Exact same quality, design and features except it only has 1 mirror face instead of the foldable 3. With a crystal-clear mirror surface and beautiful design, it’s still a quality mirror for those that want a simpler version of the tri-fold at an even more budget-friendly price.

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Gotofine LED Lighted Makeup Mirror, Tri-Fold Natural Bright Light Vanity Mirror With adjustable 3.5 Inches 10X Magnification Spot Mirror

In my opinion, the best portable, tri-fold style vanity mirror I’ve ever used (and super affordable to boot!). Gotofine’s new lighted mirror is 8.8” tall and 13.2” wide, offering a clear mirror face that is beautifully lit by 2 bright, dimmable (touch-controlled) and naturally-colored LED strips on the edges of the central mirror. It comes with a handy little 10x magnification spot mirror that you can place wherever you want on the mirror’s face – great for handling the fine-details of your makeup or tweezing. The mirror face folds in whenever you want, making it super easy to carry around or even travel with it. You can easily rotate the mirror up and down as you please as well to better adjust to your position. A neat feature is that you can choose to have it powered by cable or go wireless and use batteries which I always appreciate. With a sturdy body too, it’s a great, wide, portable vanity mirror that offers you quality at a great price.

UPDATE: Temporarily unavailable product.

Krasr Touch Screen 20 LED Lighted Makeup Mirror with Removable 10x Magnifying Mirrors

It’s simple and practical. The Krasr touch screen vanity mirror has some great and unique features that really impressed me. First of all you can turn the mirror face, that is originally vertically positioned, into an horizontal placement due to its 180º swivel. It’s extremely handy! The mirror face itself is 7 1/4″ wide and 10″ high (vertically placed of course), and although it’s unmagnified it comes with a 10x magnification spot mirror that you can place wherever you want. The mirror is surrounded by 20 little LED lights that give off a decent amount of light and the brightness is easily controlled by touch. This mirror is cordless and can only be powered by 4xAAA batteries, which are included. It’s a neat little mirror that offers solid service at a low price.

UPDATE: Temporarily unavailable product.

As you can see, tabletop vanities are an excellent choice if you’re looking to get the best of both worlds – the charm, elegance and usefulness of a vanity and the portability of a makeup mirror.

And there you have it, the models that I personally consider to be the best vanity mirrors ever!

If you’re on a strict budget and still want a quality unit, take a look at my personal picks for affordable vanity mirrors, you can get some pretty fantastic ones at ridiculously budget-friendly prices.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the write up and that I’ve managed to help you, be sure to tell me what you thought and which one will be your new vanity. Thank you!


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    Talk about GLAM, these make me feel like an actress getting ready! Nice work especially on the comparison tables, those things are so helpful

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      Thank you Carolline, I appreciate the kind words – enjoy the glamour!

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    I agree so much, the classic wall-mounts are on another level even if they’re a bit harder to install. But hey, nowadays some even have both options if you want (like some of the ones you’ve listed) so we really CAN have the best of both worlds.

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    This article is fantastic, very detailed. However, i would like to know your thoughts about Grand Mirrors vanity mirror? Is it worth purchasing?

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      Hey Angela, thanks for the kind words! I’ve only had one vanity from Grand Mirrors which was their trifold Hollywood mirror. It’s a fantastic product and I like the customization options although when it comes to value for the price it’s a bit expensive – there are better “bang for the buck” competitors out there. Their customer service is top notch though so that’s a big plus from me. If you’ve got the budget required for it (or if you want a completely custom made mirror), they’re a great choice.

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    I’m here to give my BIG +1 to the Chende vanity. I can barely believe how gorgeous it is and the price is a steal! Love you Joan!

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    I had heard about the Vanity Girl mirror before and how great it was but I needed to know if it was really worth it. You absolutely sold me on it! It arrived yesterday and I can’t tell you how happy I am just to see it standing there, so beautiful and elegant. It’s so bright too! Can’t thank you enough Joan

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      I’m so glad you like it Lori, it’s undoubtedly a fantastic vanity mirror. Enjoy!

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    It’s so impossible to resist these, especially with the way you talk about them Joan! They’re gorgeous. I got the frameless Chende you recommended, just got done installing it and I’m speechless. Don’t think I can even apply my makeup as my jaw always drops when I look at it hahaha. Love u Joanie, thank you so much! – K

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      It was my pleasure to help Kelly. That Chende really is a rare beauty, I understand how you feel 😀 Have fun with it!

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    Rebecca Grey
    October 11, 2017 at 9:14 PM

    I’m setting up a studio and really want one of these. With so many options and so little guidance you are like a blessing Miss Joan! I’m about to voraciously read your reviews and I know I’ll find the perfect one. Thank you x

    • Reply
      Joan Bardot
      October 12, 2017 at 7:05 PM

      You just brightened my day with such kind words Rebecca. Thank you and I wish you the best with your studio, I know how daunting it can be at start but everything will work out perfectly in the end. Good luck!

  • Reply
    September 16, 2017 at 3:27 PM

    Wow frameless vanities? I never even knew those were a thing but I’m glad they are haha. Looking for a wall-mount(able) one and the Chende sure looks good, can’t wait to see how it will look like in my room. Thank you Joan!

    • Reply
      Joan Bardot
      September 16, 2017 at 5:24 PM

      I know, frameless vanities really are unbelievably beautiful! Chende makes stunning mirrors in both looks and quality so you won’t be disappointed. Thank you for reading Stephanie.

  • Reply
    Linda Holt
    August 24, 2017 at 8:50 AM

    Vanities are just drop-dead gorgeous. I’m so glad I found this, couldn’t wait to get one and now I’ve finally chose it. I love the way you write Joan!

    • Reply
      Joan Bardot
      August 25, 2017 at 10:13 AM

      Thank you Linda, makes my day to know I’ve helped. Enjoy!

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