Can a Vanity Mirror be Wider than its Vanity?

can vanity mirror be wider than vanity

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Nowadays, it is very difficult for someone who likes to dress up while looking at their reflection, and especially for those who love makeup, not having a vanity mirror. This desire to have a vanity mirror doesn’t just come from now, its fashion started in the early XX century, and it started taking shape as the movie stars in Hollywood used these dressing tables.

This object ended up becoming a symbol of luxury and glamor around the world, serving as an excellent accessory in the decoration of any environment you wish to place it in, also including the easier organization, as well as being a great addition to help you in your routine. But what are their sizes? Can the mirror be bigger than the vanity? All this and much more, just here!

Reasons Why You Need to Have a Vanity

Having a suitable place to be able to get ready during your day-to-day routine is a perfect way to feel amazing, like how dressing tables help you while you’re doing a skincare routine or putting on your makeup. These little helpers will change your life forever!

Formerly, they were known as “toilet tables”, since they contained a folding lid and even a sink. However, nowadays, they consist more of drawers, jewelry compartments, and beautiful mirrors with frames – or maybe you don’t want to frame it, to give a greater shine to the object.

Its versatility goes a long way, with countless models and sizes available – you can also invest in partitions that are easy to clean, as well as place trays and drawer organizers so that you can see each product or accessory present in your vanity. 

By styling your vanity with your unique style, it makes it even better – add figures, watches to keep time, stamp the inside and outside with beautiful and different designs or prints! You can also use beautiful pots to store all the brushes and sponges. 

Don’t forget to add your favorite perfumes, as well as your jewels – the ones you use the most? Be sure to leave them on top so they’re always in front of you.

You Should Have a Vanity Mirror, But Can it Be Bigger Than Its Vanity?

For the modern woman, having a mirror is extremely essential, especially if it is going to incorporate and improve the usefulness of your vanity. That’s why vanity mirrors were created, to further facilitate the use of these tables that we love to own. Remember to always work with the space you have, you don’t need a giant house or apartment to have a beautiful vanity and the mirror that goes with it.

The vanity mirrors can be the size that best suits your environment and your taste, but how so? According to interior designer Carla Noronha, in her interview for CLAUDIA magazine,

“There are no rules or limits, but common sense is needed to achieve a pleasant aesthetic when the subject is the size of mirrors”. Sometimes you can have a good space, but a small vanity can make the mirror fit better, or maybe just make it bigger so that it has a greater angle where you can see yourself, giving you more practicality.

Not to mention that most vanity mirrors today have LED lights, which will sometimes require that both the vanity and your mirror are made to measure, especially if your space is not that big and you see the need to have one of these objects in your environment. That is, the entire assembly and choice of materials and sizes will depend solely on your taste and needs, and of course, on the cost of it.

If You Can’t Buy One Already, Do It Yourself!

Having a vanity in our lives ends up making some things easier than before, and if you can’t buy one or order it tailor-made, make one yourself! Be creative, add things that you believe are necessary that you may not even have in the original models, and see potential even in the most used, worn out things!

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