Best Floor Mirrors 2024

Best Floor Mirrors

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Versatile, strikingly beautiful and extremely useful, floor mirrors are excellent as both a decoration piece and as a practical solution to get a clear, full body view of yourself. They’re available in a variety of types, from full length mirrors to leaner mirrors and even free standing mirrors, and today we’ll be taking a look at the models that are, in my opinion, the very best floor mirrors you can get of each style. They’ve all been personally tested, compared and reviewed to make it easier for you to find the perfect one. Let’s take a look!

Best Full Length Floor Mirrors

These are, in my view, the best floor mirrors for sale on the market, thoroughly compared for you.

Floor Mirror BrandtWorks TRIFOLD Modern Mirror Floor Mirror Dark Wood XL West Frames Antique Gold Leaf Floor Mirror West Frames Marcello Full Floor Rustic Mirror Baxton Studio Stella Tufted Floor Mirror Coaster Transitional Cappuccino Floor Mirror
Price $$$ $$$ $$ $$ $ $
Mirror Size (LxH) 64" x 71" 58" x 82" 31" x 67" 31.75" x 67.75" 31.5" x 71" 28" x 72"
Material MDF Fir Wood Wood Polystyrene Rubber Wood Wood
Special Feature Tri-fold Design Extra Large Intricately Detailed Incredible Bang for the Buck Tufted Frame Back Support
Warranty Satisfaction Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 1 Year
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Floor Mirror Reviews

Here you can read in-depth reviews of all the units shown in the table above. As mentioned above, these range from full length wall mirrors to leaning floor mirrors and more, ensuring that you’ll find the right one no matter your preferred style.

BrandtWorks BM1TRIFOLD Modern Tri-Fold 6 ft Floor Mirror, Silver, Large

One of my favorites on the list, this stunningly beautiful and tall free standing mirror offers ultra-modern looks that perfectly complement any room, immense mirror faces and a rare but incredibly useful tri-fold design that adds new angles and another level of quality to your mirror experience. The body’s made of durable MDF that has a brushed silver finish (also available in white, black and wooden brown) and the hinges are carefully crafted and strong enough to easily handle the folding side mirrors. It looks super sleek too due to its minimal contemporary design, giving your room a visual boost, plus since this is a large floor standing mirror, the mirror faces themselves are also quite big (center one measures 32″ x 71″ and side ones measure 16″ x 71″) and give you a nice full view – perfect for dressing up. The back’s covered with cardboard, keeping the mirror in place, which is important when it comes to big floor mirrors such as this. Keep in mind that even though it’s easy to assemble, it’s quite heavy so a helping hand will work wonders. It comes with a “free from defects” warranty and it’s also 100% made in the USA which is a nice bonus. In my honest opinion it’s easily one of the best modern floor mirrors on the market.

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Side note: If you want the looks of a metal framed floor mirror without the enormous amount of weight that one would bring, this is an excellent solution.

Extra Large 82″ Wall Mirror Dark Wood Extra Large Full Length Floor Leaner

This handmade, extra large floor mirror is not only an absolutely massive beauty but it’s also one of the most perfectly built you can find. As a proper wood floor mirror, it has a durable and richly finished fir wood frame coupled with a beveled mirror and champagne colored edges that all come together to deliver a striking touch of elegance to your room while also giving you an incredibly full view due to the huge mirror face. It can be used as a large leaning mirror on the floor or hung as well if you want to since the hardware for it is already included. The design is traditional in both detailing and color (dark mahogany), making it easy to fit it in any room – no matter the decor – plus the extremely large size ensures that it makes a beautifully powerful statement. One particularly attractive feature is that this is also a beveled floor mirror, as mentioned above, which is extremely hard to find and something I absolutely love due to the sublime elegance it gives to the piece. It’s also very well constructed to boot (the handmade quality truly does show) and comes fully assembled although due to its hefty weight of 123 lbs I highly recommend that you get someone to help you with its placement. It also comes with 30 days of return period. To put it simply, I personally think it’s the best oversized floor mirror you can buy.

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Side note: Keep in mind that this goes beyond a conventionally large leaning floor mirror and reaches nearly 7 feet of height, making it an incredibly massive piece. Make sure you’ve got the space for it!

West Frames Elegance Ornate Embossed Antique Gold Leaf Wood Framed Floor Mirror

This Parisian French styled gold floor mirror offers you a solid wood frame that’s been beautifully covered with a golden leaf finish and intricately ornamented with gorgeous patterns, making it a truly charming and extremely classy choice. The mirror face measures 24″ x 60″ and it’s beveled to add an extra level of beauty while the whole piece itself measures 31″ x 67″ and weighs 50 lbs – making it fairly easy to carry. When it comes to construction and craftsmanship quality, it’s undeniably fantastic. Every little detail is excellently done and the fit and finish is equally as good which is especially important when it comes to antique floor mirrors. Since it comes equipped with d-ring hangers on the back it can be easily hung on a wall, if you want, or simply used on the floor. The customer service is also excellent and the mirror comes with 30 days of warranty. If you want a stunningly well made and highly ornate floor mirror that’ll last a lifetime and give off a traditional European vibe, then this is the one for you.

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West Frames Marcello Full Floor Rustic Dark Charcoal Brown Mirror

I’ll say it right now, West Frames’ “Marcello” is my personal pick for the best bang for your buck floor mirror you’ll ever find. Not only is it extremely good looking and well crafted, it’s also big, bold and offers lifelong durability – all at an incredibly attractive price. It’s also 100% made in the USA which I always enjoy. Starting with its exceptional 31.75″ x 67.75″ (L x H) poly frame, it features a gorgeously rustic floor mirror look that’s both handsome and versatile, with the dark wood beautifully complementing the decoration of any room you place it in. The rustic detailing is so perfectly achieved that even upon close inspection it looks just as fantastic as it does at a distance which is a rarity. When it comes to the glass face itself, it measures 24″W x 60″L – making it a tall floor mirror – and it’s both clear and beveled which is a detail I always like to see. The Marcello overall weighs around 45 lbs so even while sturdy it can still be carried and even hung on a wall if you want (hardware included). West Frames’ customer support is, as mentioned before, top notch and the mirror comes with 30 days of warranty. I highly recommend this beauty as it perfectly blends style, quality and attractive pricing, resulting in what I personally consider to be the best full length floor mirrors ever made.

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Baxton Studio Stella Crystal Tufted Modern Floor Mirror, White

Featuring a rubber wood frame that’s been charmingly covered with faux-leather and foam padding on the inside, Baxton Studio’s “Stella” is a glamorous piece that’s not only available as a white leaner mirror (pictured) but also in 2 other colors – pink and black – all of which look great. To increase its wow factor, it also has beautiful faux crystal button tufting that’s impressively well crafted and a beauty to look at. The overall frame measures 31.25 ” x 71.25 “, making it quite big and fairly heavy (62 lbs), while the mirror face is 20.5″ wide and 60” tall. Its classic but glamorous design – reminiscent of vintage floor mirrors – gives an aesthetics boost to any room while the different colors allow you to match it to your decoration. Everything’s also so beautifully crafted that it’s hard to believe the price plus it comes fully assembled, saving you time and effort. It’s also backed with the standard 30 days of warranty. This white floor mirror is bright, beautiful and very impressive, especially for the price.

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Coaster Transitional Cappuccino Floor Mirror

Simple, classy and incredibly affordable, Coaster’s unbelievably popular “Cappuccino” large free standing mirror delivers a great experience and versatile looks at a mind blowing price. The design is simple and effective which makes this free standing floor mirror capable of perfectly adapting to its surroundings while also adding a touch of elegance and class. Its 28 ” x 72 ” size makes for quite the impactful presence (while still looking beautifully slim) while the handsome dark wood looks way more expensive than what it really is, giving off a luxurious vibe. The mirror face is clear and gorgeous plus it has an extra support behind which makes it easy to place the mirror anywhere without the need to lean it on a wall. This stunningly affordable wooden free standing mirror also comes fully assembled and with 1 year of warranty. Offering fantastic value for the price, this is a great option if you’re on a budget but still want a quality floor mirror.

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Side note: It might look like a black floor mirror (due to the lighting of the pictures) but it’s not, upon closer inspection you’ll see that it’s just a dark brown wooden color as the name implies.

Extra Large Wall Mirror Oversize Rustic Wood XL Luxe Full Length Floor Leaner

One of the most impactful, jaw-dropping extra large floor mirrors I’ve ever had the pleasure to own, Intelligent Design’s “Luxe” is a truly high quality beauty that’ll leave you and your guests in awe. From its huge overall size – 51″ W x 81″ H x 2″ D – to the uniquely wide 10″ frame that serves to better display the gorgeous rustic wood, this mirror’s a show stopper. Apart from the real and sturdily built solid poplar wood frame, the 30″ x 60″ mirror face itself is just as good. Not only does it deliver a flawless, distortion-free reflection but it’s impressive in looks as well due to the elegant bevel all around its edge. It can be used either as a leaner or mounted on a wall easily since the hardware is also included. It comes with the standard 30 days of warranty as well. Featuring unbelievable good looks, an impactful size and built-to-last construction, this beauty is without a doubt, in my opinion, one of the best extra large floor mirrors on the market.

UPDATE: Currently Unavailable.

Hooker Furniture 500-50-656 Floor Mirror w/Hidden Jewelry Storage, Mahogany Veneer

Featuring an extra large mirror face, extremely classy detailing, rich mahogany wood veneer and a hefty, truly high quality construction that’ll last a lifetime, this outstanding piece is in my honest opinion one of the best full length mirrors you can get. Apart from the gorgeous looks, its main unique feature is the hidden jewelry storage that can be accessed by opening the mirror (pulling it by the rope detailing), offering you a luxurious felt-lined interior with two shelves, a ring storage, necklace hooks and even pouches with Velcro strips – everything you need to keep your valuables safe and well-kept in a discreet manner. Due to its large size (mirror face itself is 32″ wide and 61.2″ tall) and hefty weight (130 lbs) it can and should be attached to the wall for extra stability which is a quick and easy process plus the hardware is included. The traditional design’s beauty is amplified by the richly finished wood and stunningly detailed borders that give this mirror a strong, powerful presence. Setting it up is quite easy although I recommend a helping hand due to its weight and it comes with 1 year of warranty as well. Although it’s quite a bit more expensive than the others, it’s a top-quality product that not only serves as a useful and classy decorative piece but also as a nifty jewelry storage.

UPDATE: Currently Unavailable.

Any of these will be a gorgeous, high-quality addition to your home that’ll deliver an instant touch of class to any room you place them in.

I’m going to post my answers to some questions sent by you, the readers, before this article was published. They might be useful to new visitors so I’m going to re-write my answers to the most frequently asked ones right here:

Q: Are free standing full length mirrors practical or are they too difficult to move to be useful?

It mostly depends on their overall weight and shape. While there are some that are hard to carry and as such are better off just staying put in one place, some others are made of lighter materials (MDF for example) that allow you to easily move them around, circumventing that issue. Keep an eye out for their weight when you’re choosing one and you should be fine.

Q: What exactly are floor length mirrors? Are they any different from full length ones?

Nope, they’re exactly the same. It’s just another name, albeit incorrect, that people use to describe full length ones, for example “gold floor length mirror” or “white floor length mirror”.

Q: Do leaning wall mirrors damage the wall they’re leaning on (scratches, etc…)?

They don’t. Even if you move them around while they’re resting on a wall, their frames will usually not leave any marks behind so you don’t have to worry.

Q: Can oversized leaning floor mirrors be mounted on a wall safely?

Absolutely, I’ve done it myself with huge floor mirrors before. As long as they come equipped with the necessary hardware (or if you fashion a sturdy mounting system yourself) you can rest assured that they won’t even budge.

Q: Between a full length leaning mirror or a smaller one, which is best?

It comes down to how much space you have but I’d definitely go with full length if you can, nothing beats a nice full view of yourself! Plus, you’ve already got other smaller types of mirrors for the details, might as well go big.

Q: What traits are the best when it comes to getting a decorative floor mirror that stands out from the room’s furniture style?

This one’s easy, you have to go bold. Both large and small ones can do the trick as long as they are loud and striking – just make sure that they’re worthy of stealing attention!

Q: Are bedroom floor mirrors a good idea or should I place them elsewhere?

I personally love to use them in bedrooms. As long as you’ve got fairly ample space, they fit perfectly and make your room look even bigger. Plus, they’ll be right there at an arm’s reach when you’re dressing up – a handy bonus.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading along and that I was able to not only help you find your new floor mirror but that I demystified some frequently asked questions about them as well.

I’ve also created a list that focuses on my top picks of affordable floor mirrors for those of you that are on a strict budget but still want a great unit.

Thanks as always for stopping by and I’ll see you on the next one!

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