How to Prevent Your Floor Mirror from Sliding

how to prevent floor mirror from sliding

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We know that having a mirror as a decoration item in your home is something special and important, and the advantages of having one are numerous – it increases the space of your room, the light quality, and the overall sophistication, and still brings elegance and new trends to your special place. Whether you prefer the new models or the more retro ones, choose the one that will best fit your style.

Now, if you are looking for a hint among several existing models and colors, why not give floor mirrors a chance? They are practical, easy to match, and amazingly beautiful. Today, we bring you tips on how to insert them in your home and how to secure them firmly.

Why Choose This New Trend?

As it is not a decorative object that is difficult to use – after all, you just simply leave it on the floor against the wall and it is ready to be used – it ends up being considered a trend thanks to its ease and for bringing a little more personality to the room.

To make the best choice possible, the correct way is to think first about the place where you want to place it and the style that the decoration will follow. For example, if you are interested in placing the mirror in your room and it pulls for a softer decor, perhaps a floor mirror with a classic frame can bring more life to the place. That is, this object can make even the simplest place look more stylish.

Remember to think about the size of the room! Do not let your desire of having a floor mirror hinder the circulation of your room. One of its main advantages – with or without a frame – is that it fits perfectly in almost any decoration, personality, or room that is inserted in.

What Should You Do, So That the Mirror Does Not Slip?

Many designers do not recommend placing floor mirrors in environments where you have children or animals, as this object can fall more easily than any other type of mirror. However, so that you don’t have to give up on your dream to have a floor mirror, there’s always floor mirrors with support!

They can be found in different ways on the market, some even having a base hidden in the floor! They can even make your design more beautiful, not to mention that you can leave them standing without touching the wall. Today, within these models, there is still one that has support for you to be able to hang bags, coats, blankets, or other items of clothing that you want –  but remember that it is not a hanger, so don’t overdo it.

The frame can also work as a way of preventing the mirror from falling and breaking up all over the floor – the weight that the frame adds to the mirror can help prevent it from slipping, not to mention that it can be an excellent decoration option as well.

Decorate it Well and Make the Environment More Alive!

If you want something more daring, bet on colorful frames, but if you want something different you should look for classic frames or floor mirrors with non traditional formats. 

Decorate around the mirror, make it fit even more in the environment, or just leave it monochrome. Whatever it is, just choose the one that will make your home feel even more yours.

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