How to Perfectly Place a Floor Mirror in Your Dining Room

floor mirror in dining room

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Every room in your home needs to be a pleasant place for everyone who lives in it and for your visitors as well, and one of the rooms that needs to show this feeling the most is the dining room. 

The decoration in this place is one of the most important ones of the house, and here is where mirrors come in – they are decorative objects that help to enlarge the room, bringing satisfaction and sophistication to the place.

The type of mirrors that are most used today are floor mirrors, and if you are thinking about changing the decor of your dining room, these objects are ideal for you! If you’re thinking about it, here are some tips on how to position your floor mirror and which models fit better with that particular room.

The Perfect Places

As we’re talking about a room which you enter and leave many times throughout the day, great care must be taken on where the floor mirror will be placed, so that people’s mobility is not compromised. Therefore, try to leave the floor mirror in a wider place where everyone can go through safely, preventing serious accidents.

For small dining rooms, it is recommended to leave the mirror in front of a very clean wall with few objects – this can help bring a feeling of clarity, spaciousness and even make it more organized. 

Another tip is to place it behind a piece of furniture, like a sideboard, behind the bar – if you have one – in line with the dining table, behind or even beside the buffet.

How Do I Know if The Location I’ve Chosen is Ideal?

Using a straight mirror on the floor modernizes the room, makes it more stripped down and even more relaxed, and because it is widely used today, the answer to this question is quite simple, and has already been mentioned above. 

The best way to know if you have chosen the best placement for your floor mirror is when you put it in a place where you can move around the room perfectly, while perfectly matching with the aesthetics of the room.

Choose the Right Place and Watch the Room Gain Life!

It doesn’t matter what model of mirror you choose, this object only brings advantages – illuminates the place, brings a feeling of a bigger room, contributes to a good Feng Shui, in addition to having excellent functionality. 

Remember that the best choice of placement will always depend on your personality and taste, but always take into consideration the size of your room. Talk to your interior designer and try to get all the best features of this very important object!

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