What Size Should Your Bathroom Mirror Be

what size bathroom mirror

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Doing a visual check before leaving home is extremely important, so having a mirror in your home always brings a lot of ease and practicality, improving your decor and bringing a feeling of having a larger space than you actually have.

Mirrors are objects considered indispensable in the decoration of your environment or in anyone’s pocket, which is why extra care must be taken when choosing the place and size in which they will work best. One of the environments that most confuses people as to the ideal mirror size is the bathrooms or lavatories. But don’t worry, here, we are going to satisfy some of your main doubts on this subject and show you how to find the perfect size for your bathroom wall mirror.

Advantages of Having a Mirror Inside Your Home

One of the greatest advantages of having a mirror in your home is the fact that it will be able to enlarge your environment, creating the illusion that your space is certainly bigger than it is. But the opposite can also be done, your space can become smaller and this will vary according to your objective and interest.

These decor objects can bring sophistication to your room, mainly because they have numerous facets and models. Mirrors are multifunctional objects that bring more lighting to the place, as well as being economic and ecological, showing that even with minimalist decorations you can find a good balance and warmth.

How to Choose the Ideal Mirror Size?

This choice is not as difficult as we imagine it to be, however, before making this decision, it is always good to talk to the person who is responsible for the design of your interiors, together you will be able to define the role and the purpose that the mirror will play in your room, so you can see the best size.

One of the first details to be noted and repaired is the size of the room in question. If we are talking about a bathroom, you need to have the goal of integrating the mirror in the decoration composition, valuing the environment. For example, when you have a large and tall room, small mirrors are not ideal, they will be ineffective and will bring a sense of disproportion.

The best choice always ends up falling in the middle mirrors, since they are the wild cards of the game, adjusting in any type and proportion of the environments, and bringing the clarity we seek.

You should also take into account the style of decoration you want to pass, in addition to the size and model of the mirror, so that it can fit well with the whole look of the room. The mirrors can be framed, starting on the workbench or whirling – they can be above the workbench or even glued to the wall, as well as go from floor to ceiling, with led lights or not.

The Importance of the Shape 

It has already been said that the format also counts into consideration when it’s time to choose the mirror that will integrate your environment, and there is a wide variety of shapes and sizes on the market today, therefore, it will be easy to adapt it to your space.

Round mirrors help to create a slightly more modern and delicate atmosphere. Irregular ones are the new fashion, like triangular or drop-shaped – they are an excellent option if you are interested in creating a modern environment or if you want to mix the new with the old, adding a lightness to the room.

The rectangles and squares are the classics that we all know and love. They can be used vertically or horizontally, taking a feeling of strength or tranquility, it will depend on the way you place it. They manage to pass a good symmetry between the face and the half of the body. It is best to use these formats in small or medium-sized bathrooms.

No Matter What Size You Choose, it Will Always Be a Functional Object

Keep in mind that these tips that we have just presented to you go beyond choosing the perfect size and shape for your bathroom, they can be used for any environment that you are thinking of placing this multifunctional object.

Remember to take great care with the preservation of your mirror, if it’s dirty you can’t feel any good when you are trying to take a look at your reflection, be careful when installing it, and keep your room full of practicality and beautiful design.

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