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Giving your room a visual boost full of character and class, decorative mirrors are essential to liven up your place. There are mountains of them for sale which can be a little daunting if you want to get one but have no previous experience on which brands and products are actually good. In order to help you get an excellent piece, we’re gonna be taking a look at the models that are, in my opinion, the very best decorative mirrors you can get! They’ve all been bought, tested and reviewed by me and they’re easily in my personal top list of all time not only in looks and quality but also in price.

I’ve ordered them by size to make things easier for you so simply click your preferred category and you’ll jump to that part of the page. See you there!


Below you can read in-depth reviews of my personal picks for the best decorative mirrors for sale on the market. Simply click the index links below to jump to your preferred category:

  1. Large decorative mirrors
  2. Regular decorative mirrors
  3. Small decorative mirrors
  4. Decorative mirror sets

Best Large Decorative Mirrors

large decorative mirrors

These are, in my opinion, the best large decorative mirrors on the market, thoroughly reviewed for you. When it comes to large decorative mirrors for living room use, these are an excellent choice if you’ve got lots of space as they deliver a huge visual impact and can truly change a room’s whole ambiance for the better.

Antiqued Window Arch Wall Floor Mirror XL 82″

Talking about extra large decorative mirrors, this massive window-styled unit delivers a fantastically versatile touch of antique decor to your room. From the superb craftsmanship present on the hand forged metal frame to its stunningly beautiful golden maple wash finish and durable mirror faces, this is a quality piece through and through. It measures 42″ W x 82″ H, making it an incredibly tall decorative mirror, and its arched frame gives it a truly distinct look that nicely complements the already impressive visual effects of the materials. It’s just as sturdy and hefty (114 lbs) as it looks, ensuring it lasts a lifetime and it comes with the standard 30 days of return policy as well. It’s another beautifully massive large decorative mirror that can’t be missed if you’re a fan of the style.

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Oversize 73″ ORNATE DARK Wood Wall Mirror

Offering an impressive size for the price, Zinc Decor’s large decorative wall mirror is a great choice if you want to get a massive presence without breaking the bank. It measures 43″ x 73″ at only half the price of the oversized decorative mirrors competition, and it still delivers a beautiful frame, a crystal clear beveled mirror face and excellent construction quality. It features a mahogany-colored fir ornate wood frame and as mentioned previously the mirror face is gorgeously beveled, adding to its visual appeal. It can be used as a leaner or easily mounted on a wall (all mounting hardware is included), anyway you choose to use it you can rest assured that it’ll last a lifetime as the craftsmanship is fantastic. It also has 30 days of warranty. When it comes to really large decorative mirrors, this is one of the best bang for the buck options on the market.

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Amanti Art Wall Mirror Extra Large, Alexandria White Wash Wood, 41 x 29″

This wooden decorative mirror by Amanti Art features a uniquely finished white wash frame, charming detailing and a fantastic price too, making it an excellent choice for the shabby chic style lovers. At 41″ x 29″ it’s quite large and if you want an ever bigger version, it’s also available in an XL 45″ x 35″ version. The frame’s made of sturdy solid wood and the mirror face besides being resilient also has a nice bevel like the ones seen previously. It comes with the mounting hardware already built-in, making it easier to install, and it’s also backed with the standard 30 days of warranty. As a bonus it comes extremely well packaged to ensure it arrives safely and the price is also super attractive. It’s a handsome and beautifully made wall mounted decorative mirror.

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Hamilton Hills Large Ornate Gold Baroque Frame Mirror, Bedroom or Bathroom (30″ x 40″)

Intricately detailed with baroque ornamentation that comes popping into life due to the stunning finish, Hamilton Hills’ large decorative mirror is a an affordable luxury. It’s available in 3 different finishes – golden (pictured), pewter grey and white – all of which look stunning and feature the same top notch craftsmanship that we’ve come to expect from the brand. At 30″ x 40″ it’s fairly large and the strong detailing seemingly comes out of the frame, making it appear even larger. The mirror face itself is flawlessly clear and of a high level of quality – one of Hamilton Hills’ strongest suits – and the beveled edge suits nicely. It also has a solid core backing, giving the whole mirror much more durability and sturdiness, especially when mounted. Talking about mounting, the back already comes with both horizontal and vertical hanging rings to make installation a breeze and as a great bonus, the mirror’s 100% made in America. With incredible craftsmanship, a strong luxurious presence and a fantastic price to boot, Hamilton Hill’s baroque-inspired large decorative mirror is more than worthy of being on this list and in your room.

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Signature Design by Ashley Divakar Accent Mirror, Antique White

How come something this gorgeous is so darn affordable? It’s big and robust too, measuring  30″ W x 52″ H and featuring a solid wood body that’s coupled with a great looking mirror. The rustic chic (or shabby chic as people like to call it) aesthetic is impressively well achieved, with special attention going to the really outstanding work on the antique white finish that looks natural, as if time itself had worn it out. This gives it a genuine character and adds to its overall quality. It can be used as a leaner or easily wall mounted as well since it comes with all the required hardware plus it’s also available in a metal frame/bronze finish version. While big decorative mirrors are usually pricey, this one’s actually very affordable too so that’s another huge bonus. With 1 year of warranty and an insanely inexpensive price to boot, it’ll make anyone fall in love with it.

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Extra Large Wall Mirror Oversize Rustic Wood XL Luxe Full Length Floor Leaner

I’ve already included this beauty on my top rated floor mirrors article and with good reason – it’s drop-dead gorgeous. Measuring a huge 51″ W x 81″ H coupled with an extra-wide 10″ rustic styled poplar wood frame, it delivers an impactful presence not only due to its size but also due to the uniquely beautiful design. To further improve its looks, the crystal-clear mirror also has a stunning bevel all around its edge and the construction quality matches the visuals – it’s fantastic. It also comes with mounting hardware included if you want to set it up on a wall and it’s backed with 30 days of warranty. It’ll last a lifetime, deliver a big, punchy presence and the rustic finish and mirror beveling give off an elegant character. If you want a large decorative mirror, this one’s an excellent choice.

Side-note: Since it can be placed both horizontally or vertically, it’s a superb choice whether you’re looking for long decorative mirrors or tall ones.


Best Regular Decorative Mirrors

decorative mirrors online

These are, in my opinion, the best regular-sized decorative mirrors for sale on the market. They’re easy to place pretty much anywhere, making them fantastic decorative mirrors for dining rooms, while still giving you a potent decorative punch – all at a great price.

Howard Elliott Talida Mirror, Ornate Decorative Mirror, Resin Frame, Gold, 27″ x 38″ x 1″

Howard Elliott’s super popular “Talida” is a beautifully ornate, high-quality decorative mirror that’s not only gorgeously designed and full of character but also very well made. It’s surprisingly large, measuring 38″ x 27″ (length x height), and it’s stunning in the looks department – from the intricately detailed resin frame to the handsomely beveled mirror edge. It’s available in more than 10 finishes besides the golden one shown here, including white, black and even pink! The beautiful flourishes of the frame will turn this decor piece into a focal point and the mirror face itself produces a crystal clear and distortion-free reflection. It has d-rings built-in on the back to make the installation a breeze and it comes backed with 1 year of warranty as well. This golden decorative mirror is expertly crafted, fairly priced and delivers a powerful decorative punch.

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Uttermost Casalina Brushed Nickel Twisted Rope Oval Wall Mirror

Elegance personified, Uttermost’s “Casalina” achieves a stunning level of beauty with minimal but perfectly executed design that’ll leave you in awe. It measures 22″W x 32″H, a great size for an oval unit, and besides the gorgeous high quality mirror face it has a fantastic frame – where this mirror really shines. The absolutely beautiful twisted-rope detail inside the outer frame is a simple but potent ornament, giving this mirror an effortless sense of elegance that can perfectly complement any room’s decor. It’s available in either nickel (pictured) which is very similar to a silver decorative mirror in terms of looks or bronze, both of which look incredible. It’s very hefty and robust which is a reflection of its lifelong durability, and it comes with all the mounting hardware included (for both horizontal and vertical installation) plus 1 year of warranty. As expected from Uttermost, the Casalina is an expertly crafted, gorgeously detailed decorative mirror that screams elegance.

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Oval Beveled Wall Mirror for Home Decor, Lombardia Style, Veined Onyx – 26×30

From its clean, thick lines to the strikingly exotic finishes, this Lombardia style wooden decorative mirror is made to impress. It’s also highly versatile in both size and looks, you can get it from a small 18″ x 22″ size all the way up to a huge 36″ x 46″ and in a variety of classy finishes, from the veined onyx seen here to rubbed black, matte and even mocha – all of which are beautifully displayed on the extra wide 3″ frame. The frame is made of real wood and it’s finished by hand which guarantees its quality and uniqueness while the mirror face is durable, distortion-free and beveled too, further increasing its good looks. If you look closely the frame also has a beading line on the outside to give it a final touch of detailing that contrasts the modern lines really well. It’s super easy to hang horizontally or vertically – D-rings are already built-in on the back – and it comes with 30 days of warranty. This is a high quality piece that’s uniquely alluring due to its extraordinary finishes and bold design, making it a great choice.

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Howard Elliott George Oval Hanging Wall Mirror, Oil Rubbed Bronze Wood Frame

Another great piece from the Howard Elliott team, the “George” is a simple, good looking and extremely affordable oval decorative mirror. It’s ruggedly built, featuring a composite wood frame and a resilient mirror face that guarantee a long life. One of the main traits of this mirror is the large amount of finishes – you’ve got more than 15, including some vibrant ones such as green, pink, purple, red and some other more classic ones like silver leaf, wooden brown, black, nickel and the oil rubbed bronze pictured here (it looks like a black decorative mirror in the picture but it’s only due to the lighting). It’s also available in a rectangular and round shape. The mirror face is clear and beautifully beveled, giving it a visual boost plus the traditional frame design makes it super versatile and easy to place on any room, no matter the decor. It comes with hanging rings built-in on the back, allowing you to easily place it either horizontally or vertically and it’s also backed with 1 year of warranty. It’s simple but clean and highly versatile, especially due to the enormous amount of finishes, plus the quality you get for the price is outstanding.

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Esschert Design USA WD10 Mirror Gothic, White Wash Finish

Esschert Design is a fantastic company not only because of their mirrors but due to all of their products. Everything I’ve had from them, be it mirrors or fire pits, has always been insanely well built, gorgeous and unbelievably affordable – this piece is no exception. It’s a charming gothic-style decorative mirror that has a weathered look to it and I absolutely love it. It’s available in white wash (pictured here) and in gray, both of which feature the same sturdily built wooden frame and clear mirror face. It has a wooden backing, adding to its robustness and durability while also making it easy to hang although I recommend that you get a few hangers separately with it because it only comes with a very small saw-tooth hanger built-in. It comes with 30 days of warranty as well. If you want to get a charming Gothic visual going on, then this decorative mirror is beyond excellent.

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Head West Tea Glass Rectangle Mirror, 25-Inch by 31-Inch

Combining a traditional design with an interesting flair, Head West’s handcrafted “Tea” is a smooth and earthy rectangular decorative mirror that gives off a comfortable vibe while also going easy on your pocket. At 25″ x 31″ it’s big enough to make an impact while also being easy to place anywhere and the unique visuals ensure that it’s a powerful decorative piece while also blending in perfectly with its surroundings. The wooden frame is thick and strong, making the whole mirror very durable plus the mirror face itself gives off a perfectly clear reflection. It’s ready to hang horizontally or vertically and it’s 100% made in America which I always appreciate. The price is also absolutely fantastic, turning this mirror into a value powerhouse.

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It’s also available in other styles, I’ll show you my 2 favorite variations below and you can simply click on the images to jump to their store page.

Beautiful translucent tropical leaf that reflects light, displaying copper and bronze highlights.

Gorgeously classy golden and earth toned French tiles that beautifully reflect light.

MCS Beaded Oval Wall Mirror, 22.5×29.5 Inch Overall Size, Bronze

Popular due to its nice combination of quality and affordability, MCS’s beaded oval decorative mirror offers a simple but effective design that’s backed with solid construction quality and a great price. It’s available in 4 finishes – white, black, nickel and bronze (pictured here) – all of which share the same 22.5″ x 29.5″ size. The frame’s pretty simple but has a beaded inside edge that contrasts beautifully with the mirror face’s bevel. It’s well crafted too and easy to hang (D-rings included for horizontal and vertical positions) plus it comes with 30 days of warranty. It’s a simple but effective solution if you want a more traditional and subtle decorative mirror.

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Umbra Prisma Wall Mirror – Large Modern Geometric Shaped Copper Decorative Wall Mirror For Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room

Ultra contemporary, super clean and drop-dead beautiful, Umbra’s “Prisma” modern decorative mirror is as gorgeous in looks as it is in quality and price, making it a fantastic choice if you like contemporary decor. Its minimal geometric frame that pops out coupled with the unique mirror shape create a very good looking visual effect that’s heightened by the frame’s handsome finishing which is available in copper (pictured), brass or black. It measures 22¼” x 16¾”, making it large enough for impact while also being versatile enough to fit any wall. It’s impressively well built as well and the modern dynamic visuals are sure to give your room an aesthetic boost. With a large 5 year warranty and an incredibly attractive price to boot, this is a quality, stunning decorative mirror.

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LuLu Decor, Decorative Leaf Metal Wall Mirror (Crystal Mirror)

A highly popular unit by the fantastic team over at LuLu Decor, this powerfully elegant round decorative mirror is as dazzling as it looks and it offers an great amount of value for the price. Truly a decor piece, it has a strong emphasis on ornamentation as you can see by the large leaf burst that comes out of the fairly small 9″ wide circular mirror face. It’s 24″ in diameter overall, making it an eye catcher, and it’s surprisingly robust and well crafted considering the price. Hanging is a piece of cake and it’s available in 8 different versions, including ones that have a clock-face instead of a mirror. It has 1 year of warranty and the price is, as mentioned above, incredibly affordable. I highly recommend any mirror from LuLu decor if you’re on a budget as they’re always fantastic for the price and this one is an excellent example of that.

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Best Small Decorative Mirrors

small decorative mirrors

Petite but powerful, these are in my opinion the best small decorative mirrors you can get. They’re super versatile, easy to place anywhere and work great coupled with other pieces.

NOVICA Mohena Wood Mirror, Large, Cuzco Sun

Livening up your room with a burst of good looking solar aesthetics, Novica’s “Cuzco Sun” is a warm, classy and energetic round decorative mirror that stands out from the others due to some superb craftsmanship quality. It’s made from real Mohena wood and it has a bronze leaf finishing, making it as sturdy as it is attractive plus it’s certified – it comes with an official NOVICA authenticity card. It measures 22.5″ overall in diameter, with a 9.75″ mirror inside and it’s a breeze to hand due to its built-in ring on the back. It also comes with a 60-day long return policy. It’s a gorgeously high quality small decorative mirror that’ll deliver a jolt of energy and well-being to your room.

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It’s part of a “Sun” set so you can also get others to complement the Cuzco in order to create a coherent decoration. The most popular one for example, which also looks fantastic, is the one below – “The Winter Sun”:

NOVICA Gold Sunburst Bronze Leaf Wood Framed Decorative Wall Mounted Mirror, Metallic ‘Winter Sun’

Same quality and size although it’s even less expensive. A great complement and equally good as a stand-alone.

NOVICA Mirror, Golden Rays

Another beauty from Novica that you can’t go wrong with.

LuLu Decor, Baltic Amber Mosaic Wall Mirror, Decorative Round Mirror Handmade Beveled, 23.5″

LuLu Decor delivers a great piece yet again, managing to combine a bold and truly unique mosaic frame, a quality mirror and a wonderfully low price all together with success. It measures 23.5″ in diameter overall with the actual mirror face being 11.5″ which makes it just a tad below regular size but the frame’s detailing and visual effect is so powerful that it looks bigger than what it actually is. The mirror’s beveled, which I love, and its reflection is clear and distortion-free. Its extra wide frame gives the gorgeous baltic amber mosaic all the space it needs to shine and display its beauty and the great craftsmanship ensures the durability of the whole piece. The detailing is so incredibly fine that I just wish you could look at this in real life as the pictures don’t do it justice. It comes ready to hang out of the box and it’s backed with 1 year of warranty as well. A truly stunning piece, it’s a gorgeous small decorative mirror.

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Mkono Hanging Wall Mirror Macrame Boho Home Decor

Featuring an incredibly charming and trendy Boho design, Mkono’s “Macrame” is a fresh, lively and unique small decorative mirror that’ll nicely complement any room. It’s 20″ in diameter, including the fringes, and the mirror face itself is 9″. The craftsmanship is very good on both the cotton fabric and the mirror itself, making for a quality decor piece all around. It’s also very easy to hang and it comes with 30 days of return period. Cute as can be and unbelievably affordable, it’s in my opinion one of the best small decorative mirrors on the market if you like the charming Boho style.

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Butterfly Craze Decorative Oval Wall Mirror, White, Antique Princess Decor

If you want a white decorative mirror with that classic princess flair, this is it. It has a charming design, dainty detailing and it offers a surprising amount of quality for the price. The frame’s completely made of wood for example, while most others like it are plastic, and the mirror face itself is also pretty good and gives off a clear reflection. It measures 17” x 20” but it’s also available in a larger 25” x 29” if you prefer. It’s a piece of cake to hang either horizontally or vertically and it’s backed with the standard 30 days of return period. It’s also super easy to paint if you want to customize it in order to fit your room better. For those of you that want a cute fantasy look, this is in my view one of the best small decorative mirrors you can get.

Currently unavailable. Will update if it ever gets back in stock.

Best Decorative Mirror Sets

decorative mirror sets

If you want a gorgeous ensemble of pieces right out of the box, nothing beats these – they are in my opinion the best decorative mirror sets you can get.

Imax Loletta Victorian Inspired Mirrors – Set of 7 Ornate Mirrors, Handcrafted, Vintage Inspired Hanging Mirrors. Wall Mounted

Offering 7 intricately detailed pieces, this Victorian styled decorative mirror set is sure to turn heads. They’re all small but potent in their visual effect, making for a gorgeous ensemble. The frames are made of durable resin that’s been finished with an antique silvery gold tone that looks fantastic and the mirror faces also deliver a clear reflection. They’re all super pretty and impressively well made, especially the incredible handmade carving work on the frame, giving them a genuine look that brings a touch of Victorian goodness to any room. Installation is an absolute breeze and for the amount of pieces and quality that you get, the price is fantastic. If you love the style, you can’t miss this set.

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Umbra Dima Mirrors, Set of 3 Decorative Mirrors for Wall — Apartment Décor/Wall Art

I fell in love with these. They’re so simple yet so elegant and on top of it all they’re an absolute steal at the price they’re being sold at. From the same line as the other Umbra mirror seen a few units above, they maintain the same contemporary design and they’re unmissable if you like this sort of clean, modern decorative mirror style. Not only does their minimal look set them apart but even the hanging system serves to further improve their visual appearance, making them a really refreshing decorative mirror set. Their quality is stunning and beyond impressive, especially considering the price. They’re super easy to hang – all hardware included – and they’re available in either black (pictured here) or bronze, with their frame, chains and buttons changing their finish. They’re also backed with a large 5 year warranty and I still barely believe the amount of quality they deliver for the price. Sleek, impactful and refreshing, this is in my view one of the best decorative mirror sets on the market.

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Side-note: If you want narrow decorative mirrors, these are a great choice as they can be placed separately, fitting pretty much anywhere.

All American Collection New 3 Piece Decorative Mirror Set, Wall Accent Display (Golden Globe)

With a beautiful design and a stunning finish to boot, this 3 piece decorative mirror set is sure to liven up your place. They’re designed to display a warm, comfortable aura and although their frames are made of plastic, the golden finish is so well done that they look like wood. They all measure the same size – 10″ diameter overall – and are also a piece of cake to mount as well as being lightweight. They’re impressively gorgeous and unbelievably inexpensive, making them a great choice. They’re also available in 10 other styles, simply pick your favorite one on the product’s page.

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Light In the Dark Round Wall Mirror Mounted Assorted Sizes, Set of 7

Simple, clean and effective, this 7 piece decorative mirror set is in my opinion the best among its similarly styled competition, giving an actual glass mirror face and great craftsmanship quality which is very surprising for the ridiculously low price. You get one 10″ mirror, three 7″ pieces and another three 4″ ones, resulting in a nice, dynamic variety of sizes. They’re super easy to hang as they come with double sided hanging tape included and they’re also very well packaged to prevent damage during delivery. It’s also available as a square decorative mirror set instead of round. It’s a very simple but solid decorative mirror set that’s available at a truly budget-friendly price.

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Contemporary Decorative Round 5-Piece Decorative Mirror Set With Mounting Hardware, Black by Mainstay

Giving you 5 round pieces that share the same contemporary black frames while changing in size, these versatile and good looking beauties are sure to give your room a subtle but classy visual boost. You’ll get two 7″ mirrors, two 9″ mirrors and one 11″ large round decorative mirror, making for a dynamic combo and they’re super easy to install (mounting hardware included). The frames are made of wood, giving them sturdiness, and the mirrors offer a clear reflection. As expected, it comes with the standard 30 days of return period as well. This decorative mirror set is also super inexpensive, making it hard to resist.

Currently unavailable. Will update if it ever gets back in stock.

Any of these beauties will give your room the visual flair it needs. They’re gorgeous, expertly crafted and attractively priced, hence why I personally consider them to be the best decorative mirrors on the market by far.

Some of you also asked which is the best place to buy decorative mirrors online and just like I’ve mentioned in other articles, it’s Amazon – in my opinion. They’re fast, reliable, offer great prices and have the largest selections.

Even though some of the pieces here are already incredibly affordable, I’ve made an article that focuses specifically on my personal top picks for affordable decorative mirrors so give it a look if you’re interested.

If you’ve got any questions or want to leave your opinion be sure to write a comment below as I do my best to read them all!

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