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Gorgeously elegant and absolutely essential to perfect your moves, dance studio mirrors are a must-have if you want to get serious. Be it for yourself or your class, the best dance studio mirrors should be highly resilient, crystal-clear, versatile enough to seamlessly cover your wall, easy to install and of course – attractively priced. I’ve bought and tested the most popular choices and out of all the pieces, the three you’ll see reviewed below came out as the very best. I’ve compared them to give you a quick overview of their qualities and how they differ from each other and also thoroughly reviewed them to ensure that you make the right choice. Without further ado, let’s take a look!

Best Mirrors for Dance Studios

These are the best dance studio mirrors for sale on the market. You can see how they fare against one another and what sets them apart from the competition.

Dance Mirror Fab Glass and Mirror GM Dance Mirror Kit Fab Glass and Mirror BE6MM Wall Mirror Croydex Kentmere Wall Mirror
Price $$ $$ $
Mirror Size (LxH) 48" x 60" 48" x 60" 18" x 36"
Other Sizes Available
Safety Backing
Warranty 10 Years 10 Years 30 Days
Availability Shop Now at Amazon Shop Now at Amazon Shop Now at Amazon

Best Dance Studio Mirror Reviews

To ensure that you know exactly what each dance mirror has to offer, I’ve written these in-depth reviews of all the top rated units.

Fab Glass and Mirror GM48x60 Activity Mirror Kit for Gym & Dance with Safety Backing, 48″ x 60″

Renowned worldwide for its incredible quality, attractive price and unmatched safety features, Fab Glass’ “Activity” line offers the best mirrors for dance studios on the market. They’re available in all sorts of sizes from 36″ x 60″ all the way up to an enormous 48″ x 84″, perfectly accommodating your space and creating a full, safe and high quality mirrored wall with ease. All the mirror pieces feature a safety backing which not only deeply strengthens them but even if they do shatter due to some sort of strong impact, the shards will remain attached to the backing instead of dangerously falling down to the floor. This is a must-have safety feature for any activity oriented room and it truly does put them in a league above the rest plus the edges are also polished, adding to the safety aspect. The mirrors themselves offer a crystal-clear reflection and are also frameless which is both incredibly good looking and quite handy since they’re easier to place and can create effortlessly elegant and seamless mirrored walls. Installation is a breeze since all hardware is included and every single piece comes with a long 10 year warranty, giving you extra peace of mind. The mirrors are also fairly lightweight and help to absorb sound which is a fantastic bonus for a dance studio. Their fame is well deserved as they really are among the best dance studio mirrors ever made. Highly recommended.

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Fab Glass and Mirror MRec48x60BE6MM Rectangle Wall Mirror 48″ x 60″ Frameless Flat Polish Safety Backing

If you can’t find the perfect size with the unit above, give this one a try. It’s made by the same brand and it’s incredibly similar although there’s even more sizes available.

In every other area such as quality, safety and design, it’s exactly the same as the one above so it remains a fantastic option, especially if you find a size available that better suits your needs.

As expected, it also comes with the same excellent 10 year warranty which is the perfect bonus.

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Croydex Kentmere Rectangular Wall Mirror 36-Inch x 18-Inch with Hang ‘N’ Lock Fitting System

Offering great quality and looks coupled with a safety backing and an awesome price, Croydex’s “Kentmere” mirror is another fantastic option. The mirror face measures 18″ x 36″ (the only available size) and apart from producing a flawless reflection, it’s also frameless which adds to its visual effect and versatility. It’s safe and durable too, from its 5mm thickness to the shatterproof safety backing, this mirror will endure damage and prevent shards from flying all around. It’s incredibly easy to install due to the brand’s trademark Hang n’ Lock system which allows even a single person to mount pieces without any difficulty. It’s priced super competitively, making it a great affordable choice although it doesn’t come with a warranty, just the standard 30 days of return policy. Even then it looks great, performs with safety, is easy to install and the price is a beauty, making it one of the best mirrors for dance studios you can get.

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Dance Studio Mirrors Buying Guide

These are the essential aspects that I considered, and you should as well, when selecting and determining which units really were the best dance studio mirrors.

  • Size

Versatility is key. When a wide range of dimensions is offered, it’s much easier not only to find the right fit for your available space but also to create a seamless mirrored wall that doesn’t have many break lines (which would happen if you only had a small size for a large wall, as you’d need 10 pieces to cover it instead of 4 for example). A larger mirror is often times also less expensive than 2 smaller ones that have the same size combined, saving you quite a lot of money. On the other hand, if the brand only offers 1 large mirror then you won’t be able to fit it on smaller walls. In short, the wider the selection of sizes, the better.

  • Frame

The mirror’s frame, or lack of it, is an essential thing to consider. While a regular frame can be alright if it’s one huge piece covering the whole wall or if it comes in a portable, wheeled base format, you should always get frameless pieces if you want to cover the wall normally. Frameless mirrors, like the classic¬†ballet studio mirrors you’re used to seeing on films, ensure that you can easily place them next to each other without losing any viewing area and their sleek minimal look also effortlessly blends in with its surroundings, no matter the decor, while offering an elegant presence.

  • Safety

If it doesn’t feature a safety backing, don’t get it. It’s that simple. While accidents that are grave enough to break a mirror are rare, they can happen and having a safety backing will ensure that if they do happen, the mirror can either take it and not shatter or break but prevent the pieces from falling dangerously. It’s a must have safety feature for any dance studio mirror and it will give you peace of mind. Secondly, you should also make sure that it has slightly rounded polished edges to prevent any damage from being done in the case someone falls or rubs against them.

  • Looks

While there’s not much to this department due to the nature and intended use of these pieces, there are still a few options that you should consider when buying a dance studio mirror. Beveling, for example, is one of my absolute favorite details and while it might take a bit of visibility away, it can create some really beautiful effects. Another detail is the distance from the wall, do you want them to be right on top of it or do you like the floating effect? This comes down to the installation method but it does have an impact on looks so be sure to keep it in mind.

  • Quality

One of the most important parts of any mirror, as expected, is its quality. You want the mirror face to be thick – making it resilient – and also made from finely polished high quality glass so that it delivers a distortion-free and crystal clear reflection. This is critical as sub-par mirrors often produce twisted reflections, break easily and can even be made of something other than glass which deeply reduces their durability.

  • Installation

This is all about ease, effectiveness and practicality. Some brands and products will have different methods of installation. While some dance studio wall mirrors are supported by little hardware pieces on the top, bottom and sides, others use an actual metal bar below to hold them or even a hanging bar behind the mirror face. While the best mounting method differs according to your space and personal preference, it’s always something you should check before a purchase.

  • Price

As you could have guessed, price is also quite a big factor when it comes to decision making. While it will differ heavily depending on the surface area you want to cover, most competitors have very similar prices. Your best tool to get the best price is to get the largest mirrors possible for the area – for example, getting two 6′ ones instead of four 3′ pieces will often be cheaper. This is also a heavier influence when getting dance studio mirrors for home use instead of professional since the budget is often smaller, making it even more important to consider.

  • Warranty

Warranty should be as long and wide as possible to ensure that not only are you covered against damages/defects for years but that you can also get a replacement for free or at a discount in the case anything happens to the mirrors. Each brand has a different warranty that differs not only on length but on coverage so you should always carefully read it before making a choice.

  • Support

And last but not least, customer support. In the case you need any help at all with the installation, some defect or anything else that might come up, an effective, friendly and responsive customer support is essential. Brands usually state their support hours, which is great, but you should also keep an eye out for general public opinion as bad customer support will lead to mediocre opinions and unsatisfied customers while the opposite will leave a positive impression on people which will then in return post positive reactions.

Ready, set, dance! With these beauties you’ll be sure to absolutely ace your dance moves while also getting that classy, elegant and highly professional look that’ll take your studio to the next level.

If you want to get dance mirrors on a really tight budget, be sure to check out the cheap dance studio mirrors article as it focuses on ways you can do it and which products to choose.

I hope I’ve cleared all your doubts and if you still have some questions or just want to leave your opinion, feel free to write a comment below – I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Thanks as always for reading and I’ll see you on the next one!

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