Are Makeup Mirrors Concave or Convex

can a bathroom mirror be wider than the sink

Every woman who manages to put on makeup without having a good mirror or lighting to help is certainly the master of makeup and should receive an award for it. 

It is horrible not to be able to use a good makeup mirror to do your routine, as it can cause us to put a lot of powder, end up with a lot of accumulated foundation on the face, a shadow placed in the wrong place, etc… All that can compromise the highlight of our beauty.

The use of the mirror at the time of applying makeup goes beyond reflecting our image, with it you will be able to guarantee the ease, simplicity, and functionality of your work, whether you are a fan of self-makeup or a professional makeup artist. There are numerous mirror options available to make your choice and work easier. Now, one of the biggest questions that can stay in our minds, is a cosmetic mirror concave or convex?

How Important is it to Have a Mirror to Help With Your Makeup?

Before we get into it, let’s first talk about the importance of a great mirror. Having a quality mirror to practice or work on your makeup is extremely important, not to mention good lighting which will make a total difference in the final result. With different sizes and existing models, you will be able to better visualize the details of the assembled makeup through the accessory, not wasting your time looking for so many errors.

They come in different sizes and shapes, but they have to bring practicality. In the beginning, you should try to look for the simplest models, without much embellishment, since besides being more expensive, they may compromise the quality of the image that will be reflected during the process.

As we said earlier, lighting is a component that cannot be left out. So, if you are one of those people who cannot give up perfection when producing, mirrors with LEDs are a good option, so when taking a photo, you will guarantee a higher quality in the production made. Of course, these mirrors can be a little more expensive, so today there is the ring light to make it easier.

Are the Best Makeup Mirrors Concave or Convex?

After all, which of these spherical mirrors are the best to use in the appliance of your makeup? It is not that complicated to find out what it would be, but before that, we will try to understand a little better what these spherical mirrors can do for you.

A spherical mirror is any reflecting surface that is spherical, dividing into concave and convex, which will depend on the face where this mirrored surface will be found. That is, if the mirrored part is internal, the mirror will be concave; but if the part that is reflecting is the external part, then the mirror will be convex.

So, why are makeup mirrors concave? Well, as the concave mirrors are spherical mirrors that end up curving inwards, similar to a spoon, they will focus the light and will have the effect of enlarging the details or objects in front of it – that’s practical, as details are the biggest attraction at the moment of applying your makeup. 

With the use of the concave mirror, while putting your makeup on, you will be able to explore more minimal details, zooming in on them, being able to create a finer outline, a more defined eyebrow, a pencil on the lips with a better contour, among other details more in depth..

Convex mirrors are the other way around and are generally used more as security systems, as they can show more than what you should be seeing with a flattering mirror. These models will mirror and project outward, making objects or people appear smaller instead of being enlarged as usual.

Be Mindful to Every Detail in the Makeup Process, and Have Fun!

Do not forget that, like any other object that we want to use for a long time, it is important to be careful with the mirror, as many of them are very fragile. So, when carrying it somewhere, be sure to store it carefully, and try not to make the mirrors fog up too often.

If you’re still not 100% sure that concave mirrors are the best for applying your makeup, remember this next word – magnification. By increasing the details of your face, they will allow you to see your eyes, lips, and skin better, and your face will have more clarity, as well as obtain a more precise and uniform application.

Now, just turn your mirror over to see the beautiful makeup done, use it without any moderation and have fun along the way!


Can a Bathroom Mirror Be Wider Than the Sink

can a bathroom mirror be wider than the sink

For some people, decorating their home is not even such a fun step, but for others, it is one of the best moments of renovating their houses, and one of the favorite rooms to redecorate is the bathroom, or washbasin (if you have one too). 

Being one of the smallest rooms in the house, the composition of the selected elements is even easier, not to mention that the cost to decorate this environment is considered lower regarding materials, accessories, and finishing touches. And if you want to know, one of the objects considered most essential for any room in your home is, without a doubt, a mirror – so bathroom mirrors are absolutely crucial.

This ends up leading us to a basic but very important question, such as what kind of mirror should you choose? Can we even have a mirror bigger than the sink? Or rather, can a bathroom mirror be cut? Let’s find out all of this in this article!

Should You Have a Mirror Bigger than the Sink?

When you are going to choose a decorative object to compose your home, you have to choose the one that will bring versatility, that is functional for your space in addition to having a good aesthetic. So, I hope that in your project the mirror is already included in the budget! With it, you’ll get only advantages, no matter the size or model – its mutability will never end.

The decision of the ideal size of your mirror will require care. You must take into account the space you have, since the ultimate goal is that the mirror is integrated into the composition of your decoration, valuing its environment. We know that the ideal fit for bathrooms that are not that big are medium mirrors, round or triangular, however, it is the large mirrors that will give the feeling of depth and a well-lit space.

One of the advantages of having a mirror that is bigger than your sink is exactly the experience of sophistication and beauty that it will bring to your space, which can be very well used in small or large bathrooms. The decorative effect can go further when it becomes evident that the piece has a more worked and beveled finish or is accompanied by a frame, managing to move from more classic to more rustic decorations.

A Little Care Never Hurts

Even if you have all the advantages we want, owning a mirror will require care so that neither you nor your decor will be harmed. Be able to evaluate your mirror’s positioning well, sometimes you can capture images that you didn’t want in your mirror’s reflection, especially if the space is small.

Don’t forget to avoid placing your mirror behind electronic devices so that the electrical wiring does not stick out. Try not to put too much information in your bathroom because if it is small and has a large mirror, you will lose the effect that the object needs to bring.

Remove dust and other residues with a duster, or a soft, damp cloth and do not apply direct mild soap and detergent. After cleaning, it is good to quickly dry the area with another dry cloth or even a paper towel, avoiding stains.

If you don’t want your mirror to become blurry when taking a shower, take a potato, cut in half, and rub it in your mirror – the method may seem strange, but as the potato has proteins and starch it will be able to make it work properly. These properties can prevent the accumulation of water vapor on the mirror surface, in addition to helping the dispersion of water vapor liquids.

Follow Your Intuition in the Decor, But Always Remember to Put a Mirror On

Remember that the mirror is one of the most multi-functional pieces of any decoration for any type of environment, giving a boost in sophistication and beauty of the place. If you like more minimalist things, follow a more Scandinavian style, with iron details, making the pieces clearer.

If you don’t have a large space, search for modular units, as they are perfect for smaller spaces, where the pieces fit together perfectly as if they were puzzles, being completely well optimized.

But no matter what others say what’s best for you, be sure to follow what inspires you and what you’ve already planned for your special decor. Even with all the bureaucracy and headaches, a new decor can bring excitement and fun, so make the most of it.


Can You Take a Makeup Mirror on a Plane

can you take makeup mirror on a plane

A mirror is an object with many functionalities, being necessary for many places that we never imagined that we would end up needing it, not to mention the inseparable cosmetics that every woman has in her bag. 

It is rare to find a woman today who does not have a blush, foundation, or mascara for emergencies. It can be a meeting arranged at the last minute, an unexpected visitor, or maybe even a trip.

When it comes to travel, we are very confused about what we can carry in our carry-on or checked baggage. The rules change from country to country, but we can try to find a better way to carry everything we need as close to us as possible. 

However, which woman likes to use the plane’s mirror all fogged up while on the flight? None, and that’s where the big question comes in, can I take a makeup mirror on a plane? We can answer that question for you.

Can You Take Your Makeup Mirror on Your Trip?

According to many countries, it is forbidden to carry sharp and pointed objects in the handbag, such as scissors or razors. On the airport’s website of your destination you may even find lists with specific rules regarding the transport of glass objects in hand luggage, and like it or not, a mirror is made of glass.

Remembering, the problem is not the object in question, but the nature and content of it, for example, did you know that you can take a glass bottle of perfume if it has up to 100ml? Exactly, then you should also have no problem while loading a makeup mirror to take in your  flight.

If you are very doubtful or are afraid about what might happen, such as having to throw your product away, it is always good to be able to check it in your suitcase instead of carrying it in your bag or your handbag. 

However, if you are mainly on a business trip and need to be 100% as soon as you land, be sure to buy a portable makeup mirror. These are small mirrors that are perfect for fitting in your purse, and will not bring you any problems when boarding.

What Can I Take in a Carry-on or a Checked Baggage?

In shipping bags, you can take almost anything. If it does not fit in the handbag, put it in the shipping case, especially objects that cannot be in your handbag at all, such as knives, stilettos, alarm devices, or liquids over 100ml.

On the other hand, the subject is a little more complicated, sometimes it is better to fill the handbag with clothes and leave the shipping case with everything else “dangerous”. 

In this type of suitcase, you can only transport liquids in a plastic container of up to 1 liter with airtight closure (like a zip lock).

The loaded medicines must have a doctor’s prescription, no matter if they’re black-streaked or liquid and have more than 100ml, as long as they’re within the necessary quantity that you will need during the flight (including stopovers if you have one). Besides, we are not counting “basic” technological devices, such as cell phones, notebooks, cameras, nor books and magazines, and even umbrellas (only those that do not have points).

Travel Without Worries, and Try to Relax During Your Flight

We know that rules and bureaucracies are really one of the most boring parts of a trip, but when we do everything correctly they will surely not be a headache in airport security procedures, and it is always good to be well informed before traveling to your destination.

Be organized and make sure you don’t leave anything behind, don’t forget that the rules can vary from airport to airport and even from different airlines. Do everything according to the rules and safe travel! (Um pouco confusa esta ultima frase)


What Magnification Should a Makeup Mirror Have

what magnification should a makeup mirror be

Makeup is a way to express our style and mood, and thankfully today, we can play with it as much as we want, trying different techniques and styles! Make-up does not have to be seen as something superfluous, but as an art form that allows us to work on our self-esteem and increase our creativity. 

That being said, what will be the best makeup mirror for you, and why is it so essential to purchase one? A magnification mirror will help you to perfect your daily make-up application! Keep reading and find out more!

What is a Magnifying Mirror?

Magnifying mirrors, better known as make-up mirrors, serve to expand the vision we have of our face, as a way of seeing certain details of the face as clearly as possible. Even without glasses, it is possible to see clearly with this type of mirror. 

There are different levels of magnification, ranging from 2x to over 10x, and today, some mirrors even allow you to change the magnification level to suit your needs when applying the different make-up steps (for example, you can use the mirror part with a higher level of magnification to correct the eyebrows, but move the vision a little bit away to apply the foundation, having a more global view of the look).

This is a market that has been growing exponentially, with a huge variety of options available, in terms of features and price, allowing everyone to purchase a make-up mirror appropriate to their needs!

How Do These Mirrors Magnify?

This type of mirror works in the sense that they distort the standard view of you. The surface is never completely flat, in fact, a magnifying mirror is slightly concave. This concave shape allows the mirror to concentrate the light beams, intensifying the light as it gets close to the focal point. 

As you move away from the mirror, the magnification gets stronger and the field of view gets smaller. The really high magnification levels will give you a great closeup of a tiny section of your eyelashes, for example!

How to Choose the Perfect Magnifying Mirror


One of the features that you should keep in mind is the area where you want to set up your mirror! Depending on the location, you can choose the most appropriate degree of close-up and the shape of the mirror. You can opt to put it on the wall, on the dressing table, or on a countertop, for example! 

From here, you can decide if you are looking for something with a support piece included, something that you can fix on the wall, or a smaller mirror that you can store and carry with you whenever you need it! This is the first step, with a quick search and a watchful eye on your home and lifestyle, you will be able to select the best mirror structure for your make-up.


What are the levels of magnification best suited to your make-up procedures? How do these translate into better results and ease of application?

If you opt for a 2x magnification mirror, the magnification will be quite discreet, so it is a good option for people with good eyesight, who need something to do general make-up touch-ups. If you want something quite differentiated from a traditional mirror, it is best to opt for the following levels. 

About type 5x magnification mirrors, they are the most affordable and the number one choice for consumers. They exist in all shapes and sizes and sell quite well since they are perfect to put on contact lenses and already allow to apply makeup with greater precision, although they still allow seeing the entire face.

On the other hand, mirrors with higher magnification intensities, such as 7x / 8x or even 10x, tend to be used for very specific needs, such as trimming the eyebrow or creating the perfect eyeliner, and, commonly, they exist together with mirrors of lighter degrees, in models of mirrors with two sides, for example. It can be something interesting on your daily basis if you enjoy detailed makeup

Other features

In addition to all these possibilities, you can also purchase magnifying mirrors with light sets (from led to incandescent), enabling a totally professional application of make-up.

Light settings allow you to see how the makeup looks in different environments! 

You Deserve It!

With a magnifying mirror, you will feel like a star in your dressing room before you shine! Find the one that suits you best, and treat yourself!


What Size Should Your Bathroom Mirror Be

what size bathroom mirror

Doing a visual check before leaving home is extremely important, so having a mirror in your home always brings a lot of ease and practicality, improving your decor and bringing a feeling of having a larger space than you actually have.

Mirrors are objects considered indispensable in the decoration of your environment or in anyone’s pocket, which is why extra care must be taken when choosing the place and size in which they will work best. One of the environments that most confuses people as to the ideal mirror size is the bathrooms or lavatories. But don’t worry, here, we are going to satisfy some of your main doubts on this subject and show you how to find the perfect size for your bathroom wall mirror.

Advantages of Having a Mirror Inside Your Home

One of the greatest advantages of having a mirror in your home is the fact that it will be able to enlarge your environment, creating the illusion that your space is certainly bigger than it is. But the opposite can also be done, your space can become smaller and this will vary according to your objective and interest.

These decor objects can bring sophistication to your room, mainly because they have numerous facets and models. Mirrors are multifunctional objects that bring more lighting to the place, as well as being economic and ecological, showing that even with minimalist decorations you can find a good balance and warmth.

How to Choose the Ideal Mirror Size?

This choice is not as difficult as we imagine it to be, however, before making this decision, it is always good to talk to the person who is responsible for the design of your interiors, together you will be able to define the role and the purpose that the mirror will play in your room, so you can see the best size.

One of the first details to be noted and repaired is the size of the room in question. If we are talking about a bathroom, you need to have the goal of integrating the mirror in the decoration composition, valuing the environment. For example, when you have a large and tall room, small mirrors are not ideal, they will be ineffective and will bring a sense of disproportion.

The best choice always ends up falling in the middle mirrors, since they are the wild cards of the game, adjusting in any type and proportion of the environments, and bringing the clarity we seek.

You should also take into account the style of decoration you want to pass, in addition to the size and model of the mirror, so that it can fit well with the whole look of the room. The mirrors can be framed, starting on the workbench or whirling – they can be above the workbench or even glued to the wall, as well as go from floor to ceiling, with led lights or not.

The Importance of the Shape 

It has already been said that the format also counts into consideration when it’s time to choose the mirror that will integrate your environment, and there is a wide variety of shapes and sizes on the market today, therefore, it will be easy to adapt it to your space.

Round mirrors help to create a slightly more modern and delicate atmosphere. Irregular ones are the new fashion, like triangular or drop-shaped – they are an excellent option if you are interested in creating a modern environment or if you want to mix the new with the old, adding a lightness to the room.

The rectangles and squares are the classics that we all know and love. They can be used vertically or horizontally, taking a feeling of strength or tranquility, it will depend on the way you place it. They manage to pass a good symmetry between the face and the half of the body. It is best to use these formats in small or medium-sized bathrooms.

No Matter What Size You Choose, it Will Always Be a Functional Object

Keep in mind that these tips that we have just presented to you go beyond choosing the perfect size and shape for your bathroom, they can be used for any environment that you are thinking of placing this multifunctional object.

Remember to take great care with the preservation of your mirror, if it’s dirty you can’t feel any good when you are trying to take a look at your reflection, be careful when installing it, and keep your room full of practicality and beautiful design.


Why Are Vanity Mirrors So Expensive?

why are vanity mirrors so expensive

Every woman who is interested in makeup thinks about having a good mirror to help her in the process, whether she is a person who works with it or someone who only does it for pleasure. 

Vanity mirrors are very different from the most common ones that we already know – every detail of them is carefully put together for the realization of the beauty processes, which will have unique characteristics that will please their audience very well.

In this article, we are going to immerse you in this extraordinary world of makeup, and show you the benefits of owning a vanity mirror.

What are Vanity Mirrors?

This type of mirror is basically structured for makeup production, it can have led lights around it, and it can be a transportable product, since a lot of people do their makeup “on the go”. 

This is an item that has gained more space within the cosmetics and beauty market – it can be round or square, and for the most part, it can be transported, depending on the size. 

The Benefits of Having This Type of Mirror

Your makeup will not always be excellent just because of your technique or the quality of the products you end up using, in many cases it will also depend a lot on good ambient lighting and a very well structured mirror. That is why a vanity mirror is so useful and full of functionality for those who like to explore this world of cosmetics.

The vanity mirror will bring together in one item all the characteristics necessary for the makeup process. The product can be well installed in your home or studio, even coming in smaller versions for those people who do not have as much space in their homes, and therefore are also easy to transport.

The mirror usually has led lights, which despite requiring the use of energy to function, it is ideal for a well-done makeup since it brightens a lot and allows you to see even the smallest errors. All in all, it gives you the necessary security to do a good job on yourself or your client.

Is This Kind of Mirror Expensive?

Most of the time it is not such an expensive product, especially the smaller ones that cost an average price, but if you stop to see the larger models, and especially the custom-made ones, that’s another story, as these are more expensive. The use of LED, the type of support, the size – all of this will involve the value of the product, even the place where you will request the product to be installed.

All the Purchase Criteria You Should Take into Account

Every product you are considering buying should be analyzed very carefully, be it a bench to be able to sit in front of the mirror, a makeup product more suitable for your skin, or even something for cleaning afterward – any criteria must be noted and seen if such a product has what you want and need.

With a vanity mirror, it is no different! One must take into account the material, the power source for the LED, the magnification, the size of the product, and so on. Before buying, remember the durability, that is, think about the material which makes this structure, and give preference to firm and very resistant options.

Since vanity mirrors have LED lights, they will need a power source. Some mirrors work with batteries, others are rechargeable and are also accompanied by a USB case, needing to be plugged into an outlet.

Remember that the advantage of these mirrors is precisely that it can magnify the reflection, so find a happy medium, without having to turn your mirror into a large magnifying glass. The size can already be pre-defined or made to measure, as this will depend on the space you have, or what has the best functionality for you.

Choose The One That Best Fits You, and Make the Best Makeup Possible

When applying makeup products, it can be stressful, but certainly quite pleasurable when looking at the final result in the perfect mirror. 


Choose the mirror model that will present the best benefits for you, the one that will help you train your technique, and see which makeup product has the best quality for your skin type!


Top Makeup Mirrors for Poor Eyesight

makeup mirror for poor eyesight

Makeup is a way of expressing our style and mood, and thankfully today, we can play with it as much as we want, trying different techniques and styles. 

To be able to apply your makeup more practically and comfortably, it is highly advisable to purchase the perfect mirror. Only then will you be able to achieve greater levels of accuracy when creating the most creative and appealing looks. 

However, if you have a lack of vision, fear nothing! There are mirrors prepared to respond to any need and visual ability. If you want to find out which are the best makeup mirrors for bad eyesight, long-sighted, and visually impaired in general, read on until the end.

Let’s see what features can help you when purchasing this item!

Magnification Mirrors: Why You Should Have Them

Magnifying mirrors, better known as makeup mirrors, serve to expand the vision we have of our face, as a way of seeing certain points of it as clearly as possible. Even without glasses, it is possible to see clearly with this type of mirror. 

With that being said, this type of mirror becomes, without a doubt, the best makeup mirror for bad eyesight. They allow you to free your glasses and contact lenses and apply your makeup freely, just looking in the mirror.

Besides, there are different levels of magnification, ranging from 2x to over 10x, and today, some mirrors even allow you to change the magnification level to suit your needs when applying the different makeup steps (for example, you can use the mirror part with a higher level of magnification to correct the eyebrows, but move the vision a little bit away to apply the foundation, having a more global view of the look). 

This feature is essential for those who have any kind of visual impairment and need to adjust accordingly. 

The 3 Characteristics You Have to Consider

Level of Magnification

If you need a makeup mirror for the visually impaired, the magnification level 2x will be too weak in its intensity and approach to the face. It is recommended to purchase a mirror with a magnification of 5x upwards since 5x is the most common and purchased by consumers. 

Although they already allow a highly accurate vision, an overview of the face is still possible. However, if it is not enough to make you comfortable, you can choose mirrors with maximum magnification, with levels higher than 7x (they go up to 10x), which will allow you to make the best eyeliners and details, without compromising your visual ability. 

You can also use this type of mirror to put your contact lenses on if necessary!


In addition to the magnification levels, you can also purchase magnifying mirrors with light sets (from led to incandescent), enabling a totally professional application of makeup!

Light settings allow you to see how the makeup looks in different environments, and most importantly, if you require a makeup mirror for bad eyesight, the lights will be perfect for you.

The correct choice of color and light intensity will allow your eyes to have a better perception of the look and a better overview of your face. More light logically allows for a better view, and several options can suit your particular needs. From lights all around the mirror frame as in dressing room mirrors to small strategic points of light, everything is available online.

We also leave the hint that the incandescent light creates an environment similar to daylight, so it becomes softer and avoids increased vision problems. The more natural the better!


When it comes to choosing a makeup mirror for bad eye sighted, one of the most important features is being adjustable. 

Our eyes have different needs depending on the tiredness, the daylight, or the eye health, and it is important to invest in something that accompanies these same needs! The eyes can change, but if you have a mirror with the ability to follow them, everything will be easier. 

Allow the mirror to respect you and grow with you! To do this, look for mirrors that contain different levels of magnification in one! Either on two rotating faces or on the same face of the mirror. These will help you apply the different makeup steps, flawlessly!

Poor Eyesight? Not a problem!

With the tips described above, you can purchase a makeup mirror that will make you forget your glasses. Rock the looks and be happy with this acquisition!


Are All Mirrors Suitable for Bathrooms?

are all mirrors suitable for bathrooms

Whenever we think about decorating rooms and essential items in a bathroom, we think about them: Mirrors! They are more than just a way to check our outfits, they are also decoration objects and have become extremely important in our day-to-day lives. Great allies when it comes to bringing harmony to the room.

However, did you know that not all mirror types are appropriated to be installed in a bathroom? Exactly, some mirrors are a better fit for this room. They are made especially for the humid environment of your bathroom, which has those common temperature changes.

This article is a guideline for you to choose the perfect bathroom mirror. Here, you will find what works and what doesn’t, to avoid regrets and even future problems.

What Doesn’t Work

Let’s start by knowing what’s not a good choice for the bathroom environment, so our options can be clearer and we can open our minds to learn which is the best one.

Thin Mirrors 

These are extremely fragile, which brings a lot of danger if they fall since the mirror glasses cannot be tempered, so when broken these glasses can be very dangerous. We should avoid accidents!

Floor or Table Mirrors

When not installed directly on the wall, mirrors are easy targets for big falls. I bet you don’t want to break your mirror during the morning rush.

The Perfect One

At this point you know what are the wrong types of mirrors for your bathroom, so let me introduce you to the best options when it comes to safety and style in this category.

What defines if the mirror is suitable for your bathroom is the quality of the glass from which it was made. The perfect glass won’t leave marks, or air bubbles, and needs a perfect finish to handle temperature changes.

6mm Mirrors

As we already talked about, mirror glasses cannot be tempered, so the best option when it comes to safety is to choose mirrors with thickness between 4 and 6 millimeters. Thinner mirrors can come with distortion of the reflected image, and they can be more fragile and susceptible to accidents.

Anti-Fog Mirrors 

The anti-fog mirrors are made with special protection to their glasses, which prevents the electric attraction that usually happens with the water and glass molecules. That being said, you know that nothing can ruin that skincare moment of yours.

Wall Mirrors

When it comes to installation, the wall mirrors are perfect for the bathroom environment! They can stand still on the wall, so accidents rarely happen with these guys. It’s a better choice than the table or floor ones.

That type of mirror can also make your bathroom look considerably larger than it actually is, especially if you choose the “wall-to-wall” mirrors, that cover the entire wall. A good mirror reflects 90% of the lights that go through it, so it also helps with the lighting.

Design and Installation 

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect type of mirror, I’m sure you have the time to check its aesthetic measurements.

The ideal shape and size, the position, if there is going to be a frame or not, it all depends on the design of your bathroom, but here are some tips:

  • Rectangular mirrors are ideal to be positioned right above the countertop;
  • Round and oval shapes bring suavity to the environment;
  • “Wall-to-wall” mirrors are great for that outfit check.


About this process, some companies offer the installation service so you don’t need to worry about it, but if you are a DIY enthusiast, we can give you some tips on that topic:

  • For framed mirrors, you want to leave a gap between the mirror and the wall. Something about 3mm is fine (this gap is important so the air has room to pass);
  • However, don’t leave gaps between the frame and the glass, so the water doesn’t get into the mirror;
  • Place the mirror where you have easy access.

Some Reflection

Now, with all the necessary tips and information, I am sure that you’ll do a great job in choosing your ideal mirror, which will bring style and practicality to your environment.

Remember, your mirror will be with you every day, so take your time and good hunt!


What is the Standard Vanity Mirror Height

what is standard vanity mirror height

The choice of placing a mirror as a decoration for your environment is always the correct one, they are objects that bring unique styles, with a lot of versatility, and they can also bring a sense that your space is bigger and lighter than it usually is. Whether for combing, or applying makeup, a vanity mirror will help you see your appearance more clearly and make it look better. 

Its functionality goes beyond what we expect, with different models and sizes, and no matter where you are, you will surely find the best vanity mirrors for what you want.

So, let’s see the best types of vanity mirrors for you to choose from, be it for your bathroom, bedroom, or even for your closet.

Lighted Vanity Mirror

The central idea of ​​this type of mirror is to offer you the best possible lighting, especially because they use LED lights, which are the best to be able to illuminate even the darkest centers of our home. 

Here, you will not have as much work with the lighting, or a bad lamp positioned, everything will end up falling into place. They can be medium in size, or even larger than the vanity itself (but not that much).

Extending Mirror

There are people who, due to the ease in their daily work, are more inclined to the portable model, and the extending mirrors are exactly what they are looking for! It can be fixed on the wall or on your vanity – it will always depend on your needs – and when set on his short position, it doesn’t occupy that much space.

Round Design Mirrors

This model can be completely portable, you can put it in any type of vanity, in addition to using it in your bed, and is generally better optimized for makeup production. It can focus on the details instead of the surroundings, making things a lot more personal.

Double Mirror

Now onto the details, do you want to have a big mirror, but also want it to be a little more individual? If so, double mirrors are the perfect type for you. Here, you can choose to split the mirror in half and still have two spaces, with or without a frame, mixing your desire to increase the ambiance, but with the benefit of a more personal mirror.

Okay, But Which Height is The Most Appropriate for a Vanity Mirror?

That’s the big catch of the whole business, it doesn’t have a correct and ideal height, the perfect size will follow according to your needs and available space.

A mirror goes from an ultra-small size, that you can place in your pocket, to a huge one, going from floor to ceiling. It is clear that for vanities, the sizes of their mirrors are already more coordinated, even so, it does not change the fact that there is a wide variety of sizes. However, what many experts consider a standard height mirror, is something not more than 40” above the finishing floor.

Not to mention that they still go so far as to claim that the best place for the mirror to stand above the sink would be 5-10 inches away. For some, the mirror should also not be larger than the vanity, and according to them, a very large size can cause a disproportionate environment, and they do not end up looking right and beautiful in the overall decoration.

Remember, You Make the Final Choice!

Always ask for help from an expert on the subject, an interior designer, or even an architect, but a mirror is an object that certainly cannot be missing in your residence due to its functionality in your routine. As it was already said, the completely correct size will vary with your desire, your decorator’s planning, your budget, and even the space available. 

So, at the end of the day, you are the one who decides on the best size, so make the best choice that follows your taste and needs, and throw yourself into this world of decoration!


Where is the Best Place to Buy Bathroom Mirrors

where is the best place to buy bathroom mirrors

Which bathroom does not deserve a good mirror? Whenever we enter a bathroom, we look for the mirror to help us upgrade our image and, at the same time, to show us how beautiful we are. For a good bathroom decoration, a good mirror is necessary! But, where is the best place to buy a mirror?

With the current pandemic, we were faced with the impossibility of buying items in physical stores, and online stores have acquired a great impulse in terms of purchases and recognition. So, in this article, we will explore the benefits of buying online, as well as the best online stores to find a bathroom mirror that matches your needs and taste!

Advantages of Buying Bathroom Mirrors Online

There are many advantages when we choose to buy online, so here you have the main reasons to do so:

  • Various Forms of Payment – in traditional stores (physical ones), payment methods are scarce (ATM card or physical money). When we buy online, we can adapt the payment method to our will or preference, with the most diversified choices: Paypal, Revolut, Bank Transfer, a panoply of choices at our disposal!
  • Convenience – how many of us live far away from the big mall, whose trips require high consumption of fuel and time? By buying online, we don’t need to leave our house with the addition of saving time and money while buying our favorite items.
  • Opinions of Other Users – in online stores, we also have access to the evaluation of other consumers regarding the item we are buying. In this way, we can assess how beneficial the shop process can be for us, as well as the quality of the product we are buying! 
  • Choice Options – how often do we arrive at the physical store, which may be far from home, and the item we were looking forward to buying is not available? When we buy from an online store, we can see which items are available or not, and also the advantage of having a wide variety of items (which, many times, we do not have in physical stores). In this way, we can choose the product we have wanted for a long time, or let ourselves be surprised by the diversity of products that exist, choosing one outside of our “usual”.

Where is the Best Place Online to Buy Bathroom Mirrors? 

May you believe it or not, the most common items purchased online are decoration objects and house utensils! If you’re thinking about doing a bathroom makeover, and you are looking for that awesome mirror that’s going to help you get ready every morning, we gathered for you the most famous online shops so you can start the hunt:

  • Amazon – Amazon is one of the biggest and best online stores that has been with us for some time! Being a store with a wide variety of products, for all budgets, it is, therefore, a good option to buy your bathroom mirror. For the choice of the best bathroom mirror, we have several filters that help us to adapt our choice to our needs. 
  • IKEA – IKEA is the store that grows as the world grows. Having started as a physical store, it quickly adapted to the needs of its consumers and also created an online store. Versatile and practical, the online store lets us search for bathroom inspirations while presenting us with bathroom mirrors that best match our decorating tastes. With a wide range of articles, it is also a store that respects our monetary limits, with good choices for all types of consumers!
  • Home Depot – if you are looking for unique and unusual mirrors, Home Depot is the right place! This online store contains mirrors of different designs, special and unique to their shape, which we often cannot find in traditional physical stores. Although many of the mirrors are a little more expensive than in the last two stores that we’ve mentioned, it is a reliable store that offers us, in addition to excellent quality, a variety of mirrors adapted to the unique style of each one of us!

The Perfect Mirror!

We hope that with this article we were able to help you choose the perfect purchase method for you while you choose the perfect mirror for your bathroom! Within a world of advantages and power of choice, we wish you to find the perfect mirror through our recommendations!