About Me

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Who Am I?

Hey! My name’s Joan Bardot and apart from being the creator of the website I’m also a professional beauty expert. Like many of you, I’ve loved makeup and everything related ever since I was little. I’d always do my sister’s hair (or tried to, sorry sis!) and one of my favorite hobbies was borrowing (alright, stealing) my mother’s makeup bag and go wild on my poor sister’s face. That passion never disappeared. When I was growing up I started getting known for my makeup abilities and eventually all of my friends asked me to do theirs which lead me to set up my very own studio!

Joan Bardot - Makeup Done

Ever since then, with growing success, I’ve become a beauty expert – from makeup to hairdos – I do it all. Throughout the years I’ve used a wide array of products, always looking for the very best ones to make sure I had the perfect setup. One of the most difficult products to get right was and still is the mirrors. You can relate if you’ve ever bought some, I’ve always felt like they were missing something. It was either the dim lights, bad magnification, weak materials, you name it. But, after all these years, I’ve finally found excellent choices for any situation. Be it tabletop or wall-mounted, simple or lighted, I’ve got the perfect one. And now I’ll share them with you!

Why Did I Create Mirrorank?

In short, to help. I know how grueling it was and how much money I wasted in order to find mirrors I truly loved. I didn’t have anyone to guide me and always felt like it would be a blessing to have an expert to recommend me tried and tested makeup mirrors and vanities. And now I’ve decided to be that person and guide you in this vast world of mirrors. I’ve made sure that my reviews are both direct and detailed in order to fully inform you about the products in question without being a bore. Something I’m quite proud of is the quick-comparison table that you’ll find in each article. They give you a quick overview of the essential qualities of the mirrors and shows you how they compare among themselves, I truly hope this helps you.

I love reading and responding to your comments and messages, don’t hesitate to talk to me about anything you need! I know it sounds cliche but you guys really do put a smile on my face. Thank you and have a wonderful day!