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Getting a beautifully mirrored wall in your dance studio – allowing you to perfect your moves and get a nicely elegant ambiance – doesn’t have to be an expensive ordeal. The models we’re gonna take a look at today are those that I consider to be cheap dance mirrors that give you the best of both worlds, delivering high quality at incredibly affordable prices. Out of all the competition they manage to offer the best bang for the buck which makes them the best choices if you want to get a professional dance studio mirrored wall on a budget.

Be sure to check out the main dance studio mirrors article if you want to see which ones are the best in my opinion, regardless of price.

Without further ado, let’s see how they compare against one another and what makes them so great.

Best Cheap Dance Studio Mirrors

These are, in my opinion, the best cheap dance mirrors for sale on the market, neatly compared for your enjoyment.

Dance Mirror Fab Glass and Mirror GM Dance Mirror Kit Croydex Kentmere Wall Mirror
Price $$ $
Mirror Size (LxH) 36" x 60" 18" x 36"
Other Sizes Available
Safety Backing
Warranty 10 Years 30 Days
Availability Shop Now at Amazon Shop Now at Amazon

Cheap Mirrors for Dance Studios

Here you can read detailed reviews of the models that are, in my view, the top rated cheap dance mirrors, ensuring that you know exactly what they have to offer.

Fab Glass and Mirror GM36x60 Activity Mirror Kit for Gym & Dance with Safety Backing, 36″ x 60″

I’ve featured this on the main “best” list and I’m doing it again here. Why? Because somehow, someway, Fab Glass and Mirror’s “Activity Mirror” is not only excellent but also, in my view, fantastically cheap when compared to the competition. Available in a wide variety of sizes, with the larger units giving better value for the price as expected, it can perfectly adapt to the space you have available and it has superb features, especially for what is in my opinion a cheap dance mirror. It’s resilient not only due to its thickness but also due to the incredible safety backing which is a must-have to prevent any accidents in case the mirrors get hit. The edges are also rounded, adding to its overall safety, and the gorgeous mirror face produces a distortion-free, crystal clear reflection. Since the mirror pieces are frameless, you can create seamless mirrored walls and their modern, elegant design is a great visual boost for your studio. When it comes to installation, it uses the standard bar & clips system which makes the mirrors easy to mount while also ensuring sturdiness. It comes extremely well packaged and includes a massive 10 year warranty which is an excellent bonus. This is not only one of – in my view – the best cheap dance mirrors on the market but one of the best overall, period.

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Croydex Kentmere Rectangular Wall Mirror 36-Inch x 18-Inch with Hang ‘N’ Lock Fitting System

Another unit that I recommended before, Croydex’s Kentmere offers fantastic quality for the price with the only drawbacks being a limited variety of sizes (although the one they have is very versatile) and the lack of a big warranty (only 30 days). At such a fantastic price though, it’s still a wonderful option. It features a safety backing like the one above, which is an absolute requirement – even when choosing cheap dance studio mirrors – and the mirror quality is just as good. It delivers a flawless reflection and has a thick, resilient body that displays its quality. The frameless design is as classy and elegant as you’d expect and it makes creating a seamless mirrored wall very easy as I’ve mentioned previously. Installation is a piece of cake due to the brand’s trademark Hang ‘n’ Lock system which not only allows you to quickly complete a whole wall with ease but it even gives you the opportunity to adjust the mirror’s position later if needed. You simply mount a bar on the wall (which will stand behind the mirror faces) and then attach the mirrors on it – a pretty innovative and effective strategy. It comes carefully packaged and it includes a 30 day warranty which while it leaves me wishing it was longer for peace of mind, I highly doubt that you’ll ever need one at all due to the mirror’s quality. It’s versatile, gorgeous, safely built and offers a high-quality experience at a very affordable price, in my view, putting it one step above the other cheap dance studio mirrors.

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As you can see, it’s easier than you think to get that classically beautiful and super helpful mirrored wall without breaking the bank. Both of these models are, in my view, great cheap dance mirrors that are guaranteed to impress and best of all – they’re built to last a lifetime.

Thanks as always for reading and be sure to leave your opinions below – I read them all!

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