What Magnification Should a Makeup Mirror Have

what magnification should a makeup mirror be

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Makeup is a way to express our style and mood, and thankfully today, we can play with it as much as we want, trying different techniques and styles! Make-up does not have to be seen as something superfluous, but as an art form that allows us to work on our self-esteem and increase our creativity. 

That being said, what will be the best makeup mirror for you, and why is it so essential to purchase one? A magnification mirror will help you to perfect your daily make-up application! Keep reading and find out more!

What is a Magnifying Mirror?

Magnifying mirrors, better known as make-up mirrors, serve to expand the vision we have of our face, as a way of seeing certain details of the face as clearly as possible. Even without glasses, it is possible to see clearly with this type of mirror. 

There are different levels of magnification, ranging from 2x to over 10x, and today, some mirrors even allow you to change the magnification level to suit your needs when applying the different make-up steps (for example, you can use the mirror part with a higher level of magnification to correct the eyebrows, but move the vision a little bit away to apply the foundation, having a more global view of the look).

This is a market that has been growing exponentially, with a huge variety of options available, in terms of features and price, allowing everyone to purchase a make-up mirror appropriate to their needs!

How Do These Mirrors Magnify?

This type of mirror works in the sense that they distort the standard view of you. The surface is never completely flat, in fact, a magnifying mirror is slightly concave. This concave shape allows the mirror to concentrate the light beams, intensifying the light as it gets close to the focal point. 

As you move away from the mirror, the magnification gets stronger and the field of view gets smaller. The really high magnification levels will give you a great closeup of a tiny section of your eyelashes, for example!

How to Choose the Perfect Magnifying Mirror


One of the features that you should keep in mind is the area where you want to set up your mirror! Depending on the location, you can choose the most appropriate degree of close-up and the shape of the mirror. You can opt to put it on the wall, on the dressing table, or on a countertop, for example! 

From here, you can decide if you are looking for something with a support piece included, something that you can fix on the wall, or a smaller mirror that you can store and carry with you whenever you need it! This is the first step, with a quick search and a watchful eye on your home and lifestyle, you will be able to select the best mirror structure for your make-up.


What are the levels of magnification best suited to your make-up procedures? How do these translate into better results and ease of application?

If you opt for a 2x magnification mirror, the magnification will be quite discreet, so it is a good option for people with good eyesight, who need something to do general make-up touch-ups. If you want something quite differentiated from a traditional mirror, it is best to opt for the following levels. 

About type 5x magnification mirrors, they are the most affordable and the number one choice for consumers. They exist in all shapes and sizes and sell quite well since they are perfect to put on contact lenses and already allow to apply makeup with greater precision, although they still allow seeing the entire face.

On the other hand, mirrors with higher magnification intensities, such as 7x / 8x or even 10x, tend to be used for very specific needs, such as trimming the eyebrow or creating the perfect eyeliner, and, commonly, they exist together with mirrors of lighter degrees, in models of mirrors with two sides, for example. It can be something interesting on your daily basis if you enjoy detailed makeup

Other features

In addition to all these possibilities, you can also purchase magnifying mirrors with light sets (from led to incandescent), enabling a totally professional application of make-up.

Light settings allow you to see how the makeup looks in different environments! 

You Deserve It!

With a magnifying mirror, you will feel like a star in your dressing room before you shine! Find the one that suits you best, and treat yourself!

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