Best Cheap Floor Mirrors 2024

Cheap Floor Mirrors

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While floor mirrors are usually fairly expensive, the models we’re going to be taking a look at today are, in my view, beautifully cheap floor mirrors that prove you don’t need to spend a lot to get a quality product. They manage to deliver the good looks and big, crystal clear reflections that they’re known for without breaking your bank, and today we’ll be taking a look at the very best of each type – from free standing to leaning and more. We’ll start with a quick comparison of all units and further below you can read in-depth reviews of each one. Let’s begin!

Cheap Floor Mirrors

From models that are, in my view, cheap full length mirrors to cheap leaner mirrors, these are the very best in my opinion, thoroughly compared for your convenience.

Floor Mirror Coaster Transitional Cappuccino Floor Mirror Sandberg Champagne Full Length Mirror Kings Brand Tufted Standing Floor Mirror Head West Easel Espresso Floor Mirror Adesso Alice Floor Mirror Wooden Cheval Free Standing Floor Mirror Legacy Decor Cheval Floor Mirror Crown Mark Espresso Floor Mirror
Price $$ $$ $$ $$ $ $ $ $
Mirror Size (LxH) 28" x 72" 31" x 65" 22.25" x 63" 18" x 64" 14.5" x 59" 18.5" x 58" 21" x 59" 16.7" x 46.5"
Material Wood Polystyrene Wood Wood Steel Wood Wood Wood
Special Feature Back Support + Great Value 10+ Finishes to Choose From Tufted Upholstered Frame Back Support Frameless + Back Support Standing + Tilting Standing + Tilting Standing + Tilting
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 30 Days 30 Days 1 Year 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Cheap Floor Mirror Reviews

Here you can read in-depth reviews of all the units shown in the table above. Even if you’re on a really strict budget you can likely find some floor mirrors under 100 bucks on the bottom (and the others can also be fairly close to that price) so don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect one no matter your price-point.

Coaster Transitional Cappuccino Floor Mirror

Coaster’s popular and – in my view – cheap free standing mirror – the Transitional Cappucino model – is on both of my floor mirror “best of” lists. Why? Because it’s close to being the perfect combination of quality and affordability, making it, in my opinion, not only one of the best cheap floor mirrors of all time but one of the best ever in terms of sheer value for the price. Starting with its beautifully crafted and sturdily built dark wood frame, not only does it look a whole lot more expensive than what it is, it also measures 28 ” x 72 ” in total which gives it an impactful but slim presence, adding to its appeal. While finding cheap tall mirrors is quite rare, this one qualifies since while most stop at around 60″, this one goes up until 72″ as mentioned previously. The mirror face itself is impressively clear, distortion-free and gorgeous looking, giving you a fantastic view of yourself which is perfect for dressing and for decoration purposes as well. While the mirror can be used in the traditional way – leaning against the wall – it can also be used with the included back support which works like a picture frame, allowing you to place it anywhere you want with ease and safety. It comes fully assembled, saving you time and effort, and it has a nice 1 year warranty as well. When it comes to getting the most bang out of your buck no other unit will come close to this, easily making it, in my view, one of the best cheap floor mirrors you can get.

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Side note: When it comes to getting a large floor mirror cheaply, in my opinion this is by far your best bet.

Sandberg Furniture Champagne Silver Full Length Leaner Mirror

This Sandberg Furniture model is, in my view, a cheap full length leaner mirror that delivers great value and it’s also one of the most popular choices on the list and it’s renowned for its timeless design, great construction quality and excellent price-point. It’s available in a multitude of colors – champagne silver (pictured), cherry, white, black, bronze, gold and more – which coupled with its versatile traditional design makes it a perfect fit for any room, no matter the style of decoration. It features a durable polymer frame that measures 31″ x 65″ and has d-ring brackets already attached, allowing you to easily mount it on a wall if preferred. The mirror face itself measures 24″ x 58″ and is beautifully beveled which is a feature I adore to see, plus it’s also clear and resilient. Both the size and design work together to create a noticeable classy presence that’ll transfer to your room, giving it an added touch of elegance. It comes fully assembled to save you time and effort and it also comes backed with 1 year of warranty. With such a great amount of quality being offered at such a low price, it’s easy to see why this model’s so popular and why it made it to my personal top list of cheap floor mirrors.

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Kings Brand Furniture Modern Upholstered Tufted Standing Floor Mirror, White Vinyl

This Kings Brand Furniture model is, in my view, an incredibly cheap full length floor mirror that features a charming tufted upholstered frame, giving you a touch of glam and spark without breaking the bank. The mirror’s available in white, black or blue, all of which are made of a durable wooden frame and covered with good looking vinyl that has been tufted with shiny crystal buttons, really making this mirror pop. It measures 22.25″ x 63″ and while it’s fairly heavy for the size, it’s still pretty easy to carry around and place anywhere you want. It comes fully assembled straight out of the box and has the standard 30 days of warranty included. The visuals and construction quality of the mirror are impressive for the price so if you want some glam on a budget, this beauty will do a great job.

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Head West Easel Espresso Floor Mirror, 18 by 64-Inch

Simple, beautiful and effective, the “Easel” espresso wooden floor mirror by Head West gives you a slim and contemporary design that plays well with any type of decor. The 18″ by 64″ frame is completely made of wood which gives it a naturally beautiful texture while the dark espresso finish takes the class up to 11. The mirror face measures 14″ by 54″, a great size that’s perfect for dressing up, and it’s also clear and impressively strong. It can be used leaned against a wall or anywhere in the room as well due to its back support which makes it effectively free-standing. One thing I noticed was that the mirror was super lightweight, making carrying it around an absolute breeze. It also comes completely assembled and includes 30 days of warranty. It manages to strike a nice balance between simplicity and beauty, giving you a minimal but classy design at a very affordable price.

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It’s also available in white, sold by another brand. You can find it here:

King’s Brand White Finish Wood Frame Floor Standing Mirror

It’s nearly equal to the other model that I consider to be a cheap standing mirror seen above, but it comes in a white color and it’s likely available at an even lower price, which some of you may prefer. In short, when it comes to affordable floor mirrors, it’s a pretty solid unit.

Adesso WK2444-22 Alice Floor Mirror, Champagne Full Length Mirror with Steel Finishing

Adesso’s “Alice” model is, in my view, a cheap full length mirror that’s uniquely designed and attractive, setting itself apart from the competition with its ultra modern and super sleek looks. Its slim but sturdy frame is made of stainless steel that’s been powder coated with a champagne finish, giving it an elegant touch, and at 14.5″ by 59″ it’s big enough to give you a nice and full view of yourself. Although it can be leaned against a wall, the back support lets you place it anywhere you want with ease plus its so incredibly lightweight that moving it around is a piece of cake. The mirror face, which is huge due to the very thin frame, is clear and looks absolutely fantastic due to the bevel detailing. Assembling it takes 2 minutes (just need to pop on the support) and it comes backed with 1 year of warranty. At this price it’s astonishing how much quality the mirror delivers, making it – in my opinion – one of the very best cheap floor mirrors on the market.

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As a side-note, remember that this one also connects top to bottom (no gap or even framing below like most) and stands at nearly 60″ of height so if you want to get a free standing full length mirror cheaply, this is in my view one of the best choices.

White Finish Wooden Cheval Bedroom Free Standing Floor Mirror by eHomeProducts

This white beauty is a simple but solid choice, delivering the classic cheval-styled floor mirror experience at an unbelievably low price. Its overall size is 18.5″ x 58″, including the legs, and the frame is made of a mix of materials such as hardwood, rubberwood and MDF. While the quality of both the construction and the finish might be a little sub par (depending on how lucky you are), it still looks good due to the nice coat of white paint that makes any imperfections harder to notice. The adjustable tilt frame is of course the big attraction of this type of mirror and it’s done quite well in this model, it’s easy to adjust and locks safely in place. Mirror-wise it’s simple but effective, offering you a 13.25″ x 43.25″ mirror face that’s somewhat thin but clear. The assembly is super easy and all the hardware you need is included plus the mirror has a 30 day warranty. While it’s basic and lacks refinement, you couldn’t ask for more at this price and the cheval design is undeniably charming.

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Legacy Decor Swivel Full Length Wood Cheval Floor Mirror, Cherry Finish

If you liked the cheval design shown above but want it in an oval shape (and in a variety of other colors), this is the one for you. Available in white, oak, cherry or black, the beautifully finished 21″ x 59″ hardwood frame makes it hard to believe that the mirror is so, in my view, insanely cheap while the classic design and elegant detailing ensure that it’ll look great in any room. The mirror face is simple, clear and can be tilted to fit your preferred angle, as expected from this type of mirror, in a smooth and secure way. While there’s some assembly required, it’s extremely quick and easy to perform and the mirror comes with 30 days of warranty as well. Impressive is one word to quickly describe this unit that I consider to be a cheap swiveling floor mirror as it offers quite a solid experience at what in my opinion is a very, very low price.

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Crown Mark Espresso Finish Wooden Cheval Bedroom Floor Mirror

And last but not least, Crown Mark’s insanely popular espresso cheval floor mirror. It’s in my view super cheap, super simple and doesn’t go beyond being just decent but if you’re on a really tight budget and still want a unit that doesn’t fall apart in a heartbeat, than this is a good choice. Even though it’s stunningly inexpensive, it still offers you fully wooden body that’s been finished with a dark-brown espresso color which looks pretty good and while the construction and material quality isn’t the best, it’s still sturdy enough to handle regular use as long as you’re cautious. The 16.7″ x 46.5″ mirror face is clear and can be tilted to match your preferred angle with ease. Assembly is a breeze and the mirror comes with 30 days of warranty. In short, the mirror doesn’t impress and offers only the very basics, but even with its drawbacks (especially the sub-par leg support) it’s still a fair unit for the price as far as cheap stand up mirrors go. In my personal opinion, if you want the cheapest floor mirror you can find that still delivers decent quality, this is it.

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These inexpensive floor mirrors combine quality with affordability, making them excellent bang for the buck options. You can even get some high quality big floor mirrors cheaply which is a really difficult task – I lost count to how many I had to try in order to find good ones! It was extremely fun though and I’m always happy to help.

As I mentioned in my other article, remember that “cheap floor length mirrors” are really just affordable full length mirrors – emphasis on “full” instead of “floor”. They’re just commonly misnamed.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the guide and that I was able to help – be sure to leave a comment down below and as always, thanks for reading!


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