Best Bathroom Wall Mirrors 2024

Best Bathroom Wall Mirrors

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If you’re looking for wall mirrors that deliver large, crystal-clear reflections with unmatched elegance and luxury, then bathroom wall mirrors are the answer. While they can be used in any room, they’re mostly used in bathrooms, hence their name, and as such have qualities that make them perfect for it such as defoggers and lighting. They’ve become super popular over the years and to help you get the perfect one, I’ve created a selection of what are, in my opinion, the very best wall mirrors out there.

Best Bathroom Wall Mirrors

These are in my opinion the best bathroom mirrors for sale on the market, thoroughly compared for you.

Wall Mirror Krugg Large LED Bathroom Mirror DECORAPORT LED Wall Mounted Lighted Mirror M&Marble Lighted Vanity Mirror LED Krugg LED Modern Bathroom Mirror Hamilton Hills LED Wall Mirror HH Wall Mirror Beveled
Price $$$ $$ $$ $ $ $
Size (LxH) 72" x 30" 70" x 32" 72" x 36" 24" x 36" 21" x 36" 30" x 40"
Other Sizes
Lighted/Dimmer / / / / / /
Warranty LIFETIME 30 Days Return Policy + Lifetime on Lights 5 Years 120 Days 5 Years on Mirror + 15 Years on Lights 5 Years
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Bathroom Wall Mirror Reviews

From extra large bathroom mirrors to the more modern bathroom mirrors with lights built in, you’ll find my personal choice for the very best of each type reviewed right here.

Krugg Large 72 Inch X 30 Inch Bathroom Mirror with LED Lights Dimmer & Defogger, Wall Mount Vertical or Horizontal

One of the largest bathroom wall mirrors I’ve ever had, Krugg’s 72″ x 30″ is a masterpiece in both design and performance. With only around 2″ of thickness (mine measured even less at 1.75″), the overall unit is thin and looks gorgeous on any wall while the silver-backed mirror face itself is beautifully clear and resilient, offering you a flawlessly crisp reflection. Not only is the construction quality second to none, featuring durable materials both inside and out that have a superb fit and finish, but the technological features themselves are also beyond excellent and super useful as we’ll see in a moment. Starting with the led lighting, the handsome stripe provides a bright, beautiful and long lasting source of light (50,000 hours) that imitates the sun’s natural tone (6000 Kelvins) and saves a ton of energy as well. It’s also waterproof, of course, so it can handle the regular humidity of a bathroom. The best part though is that the mirror also has a built-in sensor-dimmer, allowing you to easily adjust the light’s strength by touching the mirror’s discreet control panel ring in the middle, and an incredibly useful defogger that guarantees an ever-clear surface without any effort. Apart from the awesome set of features and outstanding construction quality, there are also other details that make the quality of this unit clear as day such as the lighted corners (most cheap mirrors have no lighting in the corners of the strips), true to life lighting (perfect for makeup) and great packaging. The wiring and assembly is straightforward and the mirror comes with an excellent limited lifetime warranty plus 120 days of “no questions asked” return policy, giving you extra peace of mind. As a bonus, it’s also 100% made in America which I always appreciate. If you want what I consider to be the very best bathroom wall mirror, this is it. Not only will it absolutely revolutionize your bathroom with its stunningly luxurious looks but you can be sure that it’ll deliver top-notch service and a lifetime of use as well. It’s also available in other sizes so be sure to pick whichever fits your room best.

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Side note: When it comes to luxury bathroom mirrors, Krugg is king.

DECORAPORT 70 Inch 32 Inch Horizontal LED Wall Mounted Lighted Vanity Bathroom Silvered Mirror with Touch Button (A-CK010-A)

Rarely can you find such a perfect combination of quality and price and that’s exactly why Decoraport’s bathroom wall mirror is so popular. Even though the model shown here is their largest wall mirror, it’s available in more than 12 sizes from the small 24″ x 32″ one to the massive 70″ x 32″ mirror that you can see pictured here. This allows you to perfectly match the mirror to your space so be sure to select your preferred size on the product’s page. You can also select if you want the mirror with or without a defogger and/or Bluetooth, which we’ll take a look at in just a minute. Let me start with the construction quality, which is excellent for the price and offers you everything you’d expect from a high-end wall mirror such as it being handsomely thin (only 1.77″ thick), sleekly designed, sturdily built and with all the bells and whistles that make using these so fantastic. The frame’s made of aluminum which is rustproof and isolated against moisture, making it ideal for bathroom use, and the mirror face itself is not only incredibly resilient but also beautifully clear and distortion-free. Lighting wise it’s equally as great, giving you a fully-lit led strip that illuminates you similarly to sunlight (6000k color temperature) while saving a massive amount of energy and lasting endless years of use (50,000 hours). You can turn the lights on, off or dim them (dimmer depends on which model you choose) by using the touch-control ring on the center bottom of the mirror face. The wiring and assembly are both a breeze if you follow the instructions and the mirror comes with 30 days of warranty, with the LED lights having an extra lifetime warranty applied to them. In terms of sheer bang for the buck, this is in my opinion the best bathroom wall mirror you can get. Not only is it strikingly beautiful and well-crafted, it also has all the features you could want from a mirror, it’s available in all sorts of sizes and it’s offered at a really attractive price – I highly recommend it.

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Side note: Whether you want a rectangular bathroom mirror or square bathroom mirror of large or small dimensions, Decoraport’s huge variety of sizes is sure to have one for you.

Lighted Vanity Mirror LED MAM87236 Commercial Grade 72″ Wide x 36″ Tall

Offering fantastic value for the price, Mirrors & Marbles’ line of bathroom wall mirrors stands out from the competition by giving you a more traditional, hotel-quality product at a fantastic price point. Even though the model pictured here is their largest – the 72″ x 36″ – you can find all sorts of sizes including 60″ x 40″, 24″ x 36″ and more, perfectly adapting it to your space. The sturdily built frame is thin, made of rustproof aluminum and covered against moisture plus the wiring is cleanly done and easily setup. The mirror face itself is a quality piece too, featuring great durability and thickness while also offering a crystal clear reflection that doesn’t get fogged up – even without a defogger – due to the mirror’s design. When it comes to the lights, it’s a good as you’d expect, offering you long-lasting (50,000 hours) and power-saving LED lights all around that give off a bright 6,000 K light, ensuring a true-to-life view that’s perfect for doing your makeup. The modern design looks great, giving you clean lines that make for a sleek visual appearance plus the mirror is turned on and off by using a classic switch instead of a touch control, which I find ironically refreshing these days and also guarantees much better durability. By cutting down on the more modern features such as defogger and touch controls, Mirrors & Marbles was able to focus more on everything else and also cut down on the price, giving you a truly excellent piece. Both assembly and wiring are a breeze (hardware included) and the mirror comes backed with 5 years of warranty. The more traditional route payed off in spades, resulting in what I consider to be one of the best bathroom wall mirrors on the market. The attractive price is just the cherry on top.

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Side note: Mirrors & Marbles offer fantastic prices and great warranties on their large bathroom wall mirrors, making them great value for the price options.

If you want this unit as a 60 inch bathroom mirror, you’re in luck. It’s available in 60″ x 40″ here:

Lighted Vanity Mirror LED MAM86040 Commercial Grade 60″ Wide x 40″ Tall

Also available as a 24×36 bathroom mirror here:

Wall Mounted Lighted Vanity Mirror LED MAM82436 Commercial Grade 24″ wide x 36″ tall

For any other sizes simply click on any of the links above then go to the brand’s page to find them. They have a wide variety to accommodate to any space.

Now, on to my personal choices for the best small bathroom mirrors you can get. Although most are vertically oriented, some can also be used horizontally. They’re usually less expensive and easier to fit in smaller places, as expected. Let’s take a look.

Krugg LED Bathroom Mirror 24 Inch X 36 Inch, Lighted Vanity Mirror Includes Defogger & Dimmer, Wall Mount Vertical or Horizontal

Krugg yet again delivers a fully-featured beauty that’s both stunning to look at and use, making it a brilliant choice if you want a versatile 24″ x 36″ bathroom wall mirror. It has all the qualities you’d expect from a high-end mirror – moisture-proof construction quality, crystal-clear reflection, thin and durable mirror face, striking design – while also going a step beyond and adding modern features to the mix such as touch-controlled lights that can be dimmed and an effective defogger to guarantee usability at all times. The LED lighting’s also on par with the competition, giving you a bright 6000K temperature light source all around the mirror that’s perfect for makeup (mimics daylight), extremely durable (50,000 hours of use), and energy saving as well. Apart from the innovative touch-controls, it’s also evenly lighted all around, even on the corners, which is one of Krugg’s trademarks of quality and a much appreciated one at that. Setting it up is a breeze and it comes with the brand’s limited lifetime warranty plus 120 days of “no questions asked” return policy. When it comes to vertical bathroom wall mirrors (although it can always be used horizontally as well), this is a superb choice that gives you absolutely all the bells and whistles you could want.

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Lighted LED Frameless Backlit Wall Mirror, Silver Backed Illuminated Frosted Rectangle Bathroom Hanging Vertical Mirror (21″ x 36″)

If you’re into mirrors like I am, I bet you’ve heard about Hamilton Hills’ Mirrors by now. They’re a family-owned business known for their high quality hand-crafted mirrors, excellent customer service and incredibly affordable, transparent pricing. This unit is no exception to their fantastic track record, giving you a product that displays its quality effortlessly with its good looks, great usability and little details that make a world of difference and show true passion to the craft. The frame is very well built, featuring moisture-proof construction, vinyl safety backing and an attractive view from the top, bottom and sides that shows no hardware at all. It also makes it very easy to mount the mirror on any wall due to the slide screw tracks that come built-in and it manages to be slim as well, resulting in a total thickness of 1.75″ with the mirror face included. The mirror face itself is equally as good, giving off a perfectly clear reflection, and has some great details such as the polished edges for extra protection, a triple-coated silver back and uniquely beautiful LED lighting. Apart from being energy-saving, long lasting (50,000 hours) and covering the whole mirror face, it’s also warm instead of the pure white that’s commonly used (3000K instead of 6000k temperature) while maintaining the same level of brightness and natural light accuracy of the others which looks fantastic. It’s traditionally wired to an on/off switch, instead of being touch-controlled for example, and due to its particular weight balance it can only be used vertically which is its original purpose. The assembly is straightforward and the mirror comes with 2 warranties included – 5 years on the mirror and 15 on the lights. It’s also 100% made in America – Florida to be exact – which I appreciate. All of the materials used are of high quality and the level of craftsmanship matches them, resulting in a wonderful wall mirror that’s offered a an impressively attractive price.

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It’s also available in another version with only two led strips, one on each side, instead of going all around the mirror face. You can find it below:

Lighted LED Frameless Backlit Wall Mirror, Silver Backed Illuminated Frosted Lines Vertical Bathroom Hanging Rectangle Mirror (23.5″W x 37.5″H)

As you can see, it’s the exact same light up bathroom mirror shown above but with a slightly different lighting display that gives it a unique look.

Large Framed Wall Mirror with 3 Inch Angled Beveled Mirror Frame, Silver Backed Rectangle Mirror Horizontal or Vertical (30″ x 40″)

And last but not least, we’ve got Hamilton Hills’ super popular unlit beveled bathroom mirror. The reason for it being so beloved it simple, it combines that incredible bang for the buck that the brand’s known with a traditional unlit design and truly gorgeous beveled mirror face, resulting in a great product. You can get it in 30″ x 40″, 24″ x 36″ or 20″ x 30″, all of which feature a crystal clear and flawlessly beveled mirror face that’s backed with a wooden solid core to give the mirror lifelong durability. It’s hefty, measures around 3″ in thickness and can be hanged horizontally or vertically – all the hardware is included for both – and it will never warp or distort with time like the cheaper mirrors do. Assembly is extremely easy and the mirror is backed with both a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 5 years of warranty. Excellent craftsmanship meets traditional design to deliver us a fantastic bathroom wall mirror at a mind blowing price.

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Side note: If you’re a fan of large framed bathroom wall mirrors, any from Hamilton Hills will be an excellent choice.

All of these are, in my view, among the best wall mirrors for sale out there and I hope you’ve found the perfect one for you.

I’m going to post here a quick Q&A consisting of the most asked questions related to this subject that the readers have sent me before this article was published. I hope this clears out some common questions:

Q: Are lighted bathroom wall mirrors worth the increased price?

In nearly every occasion yes, the added lighting is a beautifully useful feature. Plus, nowadays illuminated bathroom mirrors are more affordable than ever, making them all the more worth it.

Q: In your opinion Joan, are frameless bathroom mirrors better looking or does that honor go to framed bathroom mirrors?

This is a highly subjective question and very frequently asked too, but the truth is that I have favorites of both styles. While I absolutely love frameless wall mirrors – I just find them stunningly elegant – I also have passion for some framed ones, especially when they are beveled. It comes down to personal taste, just make sure they play along well with the room and make for great decorative bathroom wall mirrors as well – the best of both worlds.

Q: What is the best place to buy bathroom mirrors online?

In my opinion, online stores are by far the best place to buy mirrors for bathrooms (and any other similar product, in fact) because not only do you get to see units from a lot of brands (you’re limited in physical stores) but you also get to do it in the comfort of your own home while also getting them delivered for free – it’s a dream!

Q: Between a traditional bathroom mirror and those contemporary ones, which ones blend in better with their surroundings?

While traditional ones will always be timeless and can fit most rooms, those modern, fancy bathroom mirrors that have no frames are even more versatile. Due to their clean, minimal style, they manage to blend in perfectly with any type of decoration.

Q: Do you really need one of those big bathroom mirrors that cover a large part of the wall or is a small bathroom wall mirror enough?

In terms of usefulness itself, a smaller one will do the trick. If you want to get a complete, full view of yourself though while also giving your room a truly fantastic sense of luxury and class, long bathroom mirrors are the way to go (they don’t have to be tall, just long to deliver that effect). Plus, if it’s a shared bathroom it allows multiple people to use the mirror at the same time.

Q: What exactly are bathroom vanity mirrors (emphasis on vanity)? Are they just the common wall mounted bathroom mirrors I’m used to seeing?

While that phrase can be used to refer to the ones shown on this page, it’s mostly used to describe tabletop or wall-mounted makeup mirrors which are typically smaller and have actual light bulbs around them (aka Hollywood style).

And there you have it, my fingers are burning from all the typing but I truly hope this article was helpful! I wanted not only to demystify some commonly asked questions but also help you find your new mirror because I know just how difficult it can be.

Also, even though bathroom mirror prices have been getting more and more affordable over the years, I’ve still created a list of what I consider to be the top affordable bathroom wall mirrors you can get. They offer a quality experience at an unbelievable price so make sure to check them out if you’re on a budget.

Thank you as always for reading and have a beautiful day!


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