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Best Vanity Sets For Sale
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Classy, luxurious and stunningly gorgeous, vanity sets offer an unbeatable combination of outstanding usefulness and breathtaking elegance that’s made them a beloved part of any woman’s bedroom for centuries. Their timeless look has always been popular and that’s true to this day, resulting in a sea of choices that can be quite daunting – after all, which ones are the best? I’ve wondered the same before myself but thankfully, due to my work, I’ve been able to try dozens of beautiful vanity sets and make a selection of the very best you can get. I’ve personally tested, reviewed and compared all of them and made a list to ensure that whichever one you choose, it’ll offer an excellent experience. They’re all sturdily built, expertly detailed, beautifully designed and of course – attractively priced! Let’s start by taking a look at the comparison table below to get a quick overview of all sets.

Best Vanity Sets

These are the best vanity sets for sale on the market, thoroughly detailed and compared for you. You can click on any button to jump to their Amazon store page.

Vanity Set Aico Hollywood Swank Vanity Set Acme - Vanity Set in Walnut Home Styles Lafayette Vanity Set SONGMICS Vanity Set Dark Expresso Bobkona St. Croix Vanity Set
Price $$$$ $$$ $$ $ $
Number of Pieces 3 3 3 3 3
Table Size 56" x 18" x 36" 52" x 18" x 33" 46" x 19.75" x 31" 42.5" x 18.5" x 30" 43" x 19" x 30.5"
Other Finishes
Warranty 1 Year 60 Days 30 Days Return Policy + Satisfaction Guarantee 1 Year 180 Days
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Best Vanity Set Reviews

From bedroom vanity sets and bathroom vanity sets to the simple and versatile dressing table sets, you’ll see the best all listed here. To help you further, you’ll find in-depth reviews of every unit shown in the comparison table above, letting you know exactly what they have to offer which will ensure you make the perfect choice. Let’s dive in!

Aico Hollywood Swank Vanity with Bench Set 3 Piece in Black Iguana by Michael Amini

With unmatched elegance and class, Aico’s “Hollywood Swank” black vanity set with lights is without a doubt one of the most luxurious and visually stunning options on the market. It screams quality from every angle, featuring the best fit/finish and attention to detail I’ve ever seen and its gorgeous craftsmanship is obvious in both looks and feel. It’s a complete set and as such it consists of one table, one stool and one big Hollywood-style vanity mirror complete with the classic light bulbs. The design is unique, bold and beautiful, offering you elegant curves matched with leather and dark alligator-textured upholstery that propels this set to visual stardom. Even the details are jaw-dropping, from the crystal knobs and intricately detailed legs of the table to the gorgeously tufted stool that has a matching ornamental stripe, this set’s rich appearance will revolutionize your room. The table measures 56″ x 18″ x 36″ (length x width x height) which makes for a roomy tabletop and it features 5 usable drawers and 2 doors, giving you a lot of storage space to ensure that all of your items and accessories are at an arm’s reach. The 20″ x 16.50″ x 18.75″ (length x width x height) vanity stool, or bench, perfectly complements the grandeur of the table with its comfortable and beautiful combination of dark tufted upholstery and uniquely detailed platinum-finish legs plus it shares some elements with the rest of the set which ensures they all play along in perfect harmony. Its visual appearance is gorgeous, as I’ve mentioned above, and if you’ve been looking for a mirrored dressing table set this one also fits the description as it has two mirrored panels, one on each side, that gorgeously accents its already outstanding beauty. On to the big, beautiful and elegantly curved tri-fold vanity mirror, it measures in total 49.5″ x 3.5″ x 47.5″ (length x width x height) and not only is it extremely resilient and incredibly well cut but it also produces a flawlessly clear reflection that’s always visible due to the 10 bright incandescent light bulbs that run through the center mirror’s edges. Due to its design you can also fold the side mirrors which allows you to get a full view of yourself with ease. All 3 pieces have a degree of craftsmanship that’s absolutely top-notch and their sturdy frames ensure that it’ll last a lifetime. Even as a large makeup vanity set with lights, setting it all up is a breeze (straightforward and pretty quick) and it also comes backed with 1 year of warranty. While it’s more expensive than the competition, you truly get what you pay for and in this case you’ll get one of the very best vanity sets ever made.

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Acme Furniture 3pc Dresser Vanity Set – Vanity Table, Mirror & Stool Set in Walnut Finish

Acme Furniture’s beautiful wooden vanity set perfectly achieves everything we love about the classics – gorgeously traditional looks, outstanding durability and a timeless design – all with a great level of quality and an attractive price to boot due to being made in China. As a 3 piece set it includes 1 table, 1 stool and 1 vanity mirror, all of which feature stunning walnut-colored wooden frames and a cohesive design that ensures they complement one another nicely. For those of you that are looking for a makeup vanity set with drawers galore, then look no further as this one has 6 large ones that allow you to store anything you want, from accessories to appliances and even more, with ease. Starting with the table, it measures 52″ x 18″ x 33″ (length x width x height) and it’s covered top to bottom which gives it enough space to fit the big drawers mentioned above while also having a really spacious top. Its design is classic, as expected, featuring straight lines that are offset beautifully by the round knobs and the curvy lines of both the mirror and the stool. The stool is what really brings this set to another level due to its handsome combination of dark wooden framing with ivory-colored cushioning, the colors and lines work together so wonderfully well with the rest of the pieces that it shows that some true thought went into producing the set. Apart from being comfortable to sit on, it also measures 26″ x 16″ x 21″ (length x width x height) which makes it quite roomy and noticeable (which is great considering its beauty). The final piece, the large vanity mirror, stands at around 46″ x 41″ (length x height) and it’s thick enough to ensure durability. It features elegant curves that make the set pop and the wooden frame is as classy as it gets plus, as a brown vanity set, it’s also incredibly versatile and can complement any type of room perfectly (which is harder to do with a black or white one, for example). The assembly is straightforward (all hardware included) and it comes with 60 days of warranty. While it’s hard to find wooden vanity sets that are worth it, this one manages to deliver what it promises with good looks and solid construction while also having a great price – be on the lookout for promotions as it goes on sale often.

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Home Styles 5537-72 Lafayette Vanity Table and Bench, Cherry finish

When it comes to the best vanity set you can get in terms of sheer bang for the buck, this is it. Let me start by saying that this beauty is available in 5 different finishes – all white, all black, bourbon, oak and weathered white – and not only does the color change but the design and detailing does as well, creating completely new visual effects while maintaining the same amount of quality and price point. The set consists of 1 table, 1 vanity mirror and 1 matching stool as well, all of which feature solid hardwood frames to ensure sturdiness and durability as well as looking and feeling like a quality product. The vanity table, including the mirror, measures 46″ x 19.75″ x 57″ (length x width x height) and it features a spacious flat top, 3 felt-lined drawers to store your items and of course the mirror itself that offers a clear reflection and can be tilted to suit your angle. It’s also easily removable so you can place another vanity mirror in its place or without a mirror at all if you wish. The matching stool has a wooden frame and an upholstered cushion top which is not only gorgeous but also very comfortable to sit on and overall it measures 17″ x 15″ x 18.5″ (length x width x height) which is, as expected, the perfect size to suit this table. The detailing changes with each different finish, as mentioned above, but they’re all incredibly well accomplished, unique and stunning to look at. The one pictured is the cherry finish model which has a more classical look to it, featuring real mahogany wood and cherry veneer coupled with spindle leg detailing and some beveling on the edges to give it that timeless traditional feel. You can see the differences and choose which one you like the best by simply taking a look at the product’s page. With an impressive level of craftsmanship, a satisfaction-guaranteed warranty and a mind blowing price to boot, this is an excellent choice and truly one of the best vanity sets on the market.

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SONGMICS Vanity Table And Mirror Set, Tri-folding Mirror, Makeup Dressing Table with Cushioned Stool, Dark Expresso URDT06Z

Yet another vanity makeup table set that delivers fantastic value for the price, Songmics’ popular entry is sturdily built, handsomely designed and has a variety of great features that give it a unique flair. It consists of 3 pieces – 1 table, 1 stool and 1 vanity mirror – all of which match perfectly, of course, and the mirror’s removable if you wish to have another one, or none, in its place. All the pieces are made of solid rubberwood which makes them highly resilient and the fine craftsmanship present on all of them ensures that they’re both durable, good looking and safe (rounded edges, high weight support) and that their detailing is gorgeously achieved. The table, including the mirror, measures 42.5″ x 18.5″ x 59.6″ (length x width x height) which makes its tabletop quite spacious plus it features 7 drawers in total (3 on the table, 4 on the top drawers) and 2 makeup brush holders which gives you a ton of handy storage space. That’s not all though, the mirror’s side panels also fold to reveal 4 necklace hooks each, giving you a useful way to store your accessories. The mirror itself is resilient and produces a clear reflection while also looking great due to the curved wooden frame and subtle ornament on top. Perfectly complementing the set, the stool’s got a beautiful wooden frame and a textured white cushion that really makes it pop while also being comfy and easy to store under the table. Overall the design is classic but striking, from the spindle legs to the curved base and subtle ornamentation, the set gives off an effortlessly elegant look that’s backed up in terms of quality by its great pinewood/mdf body and little details that make a difference such as the drawers’ felt lining and the rounded edges. Assembling the set’s incredibly quick and easy (all you need to do is connect the legs and the mirror) and it comes with 1 year of warranty plus the customer service is so good that they’ll still support you way after the warranty has expired. It’s popular for a reason – it manages to deliver a high-quality experience at an incredibly affordable price, making it a truly fantastic value for the price pick.

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Bobkona F4074 St. Croix Collection Vanity Set with Stool, White

Bobkona’s “St.Croix” is the most popular vanity set on the market, by far, due to its potent combination of fantastic versatility (6 different finishes available besides the white vanity set version pictured here), all-around solid quality, handsome looks and insanely low price. The set consists of 1 table, 1 stool and 1 vanity mirror, all of which have solid wooden frames to ensure sturdiness and durability, as well as looking good. Design-wise the set’s very cute and elegant, featuring beautiful curves and detailing that give it a charming appearance. The vanity table is  43″ x 19″ x 30.5″ (length x width x height) which makes its tabletop roomy and it has 3 working drawers to store your items – all of which have great little knob rings to make them easier to use. It’s got handsome spindle legs too and edge detailing that gives it another level of beauty plus it’s very nicely complemented by both the mirror and the stool’s curves. The mirror itself has a tri-fold design, giving you a center accompanied by two folding sides which makes the mirror overall measure 24″ x 3/4″ x 32.5″ (length x width x height) and apart from giving off a clear, distortion-free reflection, it’s also really good looking due to the matching wooden frame and elegantly curved top. Finish the set off, we’ve got the gorgeous little stool that has a wooden frame coupled with an upholstered cushioned top that not only gorgeously contrasts the other pieces but also delivers a comfortable sitting experience. The assembly is a breeze (all hardware and instructions included) and the set comes backed with 6 months of warranty. It’s insanely inexpensive for the amount of quality it delivers and the customization options are excellent as they perfectly adapt to your room and personal preference. If you’re more on a budget, this is a great option.

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It’s also available in another design that changes the visuals slightly while maintaining a wide variety of finishes. You can find it here:

Poundex Bobkona Susana Tri-fold Mirror Makeup Vanity Set With Mirror Table and Stool, Black

This wood vanity set has all the same qualities, concept and price as the one above but the design is a bit different as you can see. While the tri-fold mirror stays the same, the legs are curved and it’s more compact overall too since it’s a fairly small vanity set – which can be super handy if you don’t much space.

Buying a full vanity furniture set that consists of a vanity with mirror and stool included in one package brings many benefits. From the cohesive design between all the pieces to the discounted price, it’s the best choice to make if you’re starting from scratch. If you’ve already got a mirror that you love and want to use with the makeup table and chair then don’t worry, the mirrors that come with them are always removable. Oh and before I forget, remember that while these are women’s vanity sets, they can also be used by younger girls – especially the cute vanity sets that are available in pink like the Bobkona (it comes in rose gold)!

Also, if you’re looking for a really inexpensive set, be sure to read the cheap vanity sets list – you can still get a solid one even while on a budget.

I want to thank you for reading, I truly appreciate it and I hope I’ve been able to help. Be sure to leave your opinions below – I love to read them!

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