Can You Take a Makeup Mirror on a Plane

can you take makeup mirror on a plane

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A mirror is an object with many functionalities, being necessary for many places that we never imagined that we would end up needing it, not to mention the inseparable cosmetics that every woman has in her bag. 

It is rare to find a woman today who does not have a blush, foundation, or mascara for emergencies. It can be a meeting arranged at the last minute, an unexpected visitor, or maybe even a trip.

When it comes to travel, we are very confused about what we can carry in our carry-on or checked baggage. The rules change from country to country, but we can try to find a better way to carry everything we need as close to us as possible. 

However, which woman likes to use the plane’s mirror all fogged up while on the flight? None, and that’s where the big question comes in, can I take a makeup mirror on a plane? We can answer that question for you.

Can You Take Your Makeup Mirror on Your Trip?

According to many countries, it is forbidden to carry sharp and pointed objects in the handbag, such as scissors or razors. On the airport’s website of your destination you may even find lists with specific rules regarding the transport of glass objects in hand luggage, and like it or not, a mirror is made of glass.

Remembering, the problem is not the object in question, but the nature and content of it, for example, did you know that you can take a glass bottle of perfume if it has up to 100ml? Exactly, then you should also have no problem while loading a makeup mirror to take in your  flight.

If you are very doubtful or are afraid about what might happen, such as having to throw your product away, it is always good to be able to check it in your suitcase instead of carrying it in your bag or your handbag. 

However, if you are mainly on a business trip and need to be 100% as soon as you land, be sure to buy a portable makeup mirror. These are small mirrors that are perfect for fitting in your purse, and will not bring you any problems when boarding.

What Can I Take in a Carry-on or a Checked Baggage?

In shipping bags, you can take almost anything. If it does not fit in the handbag, put it in the shipping case, especially objects that cannot be in your handbag at all, such as knives, stilettos, alarm devices, or liquids over 100ml.

On the other hand, the subject is a little more complicated, sometimes it is better to fill the handbag with clothes and leave the shipping case with everything else “dangerous”. 

In this type of suitcase, you can only transport liquids in a plastic container of up to 1 liter with airtight closure (like a zip lock).

The loaded medicines must have a doctor’s prescription, no matter if they’re black-streaked or liquid and have more than 100ml, as long as they’re within the necessary quantity that you will need during the flight (including stopovers if you have one). Besides, we are not counting “basic” technological devices, such as cell phones, notebooks, cameras, nor books and magazines, and even umbrellas (only those that do not have points).

Travel Without Worries, and Try to Relax During Your Flight

We know that rules and bureaucracies are really one of the most boring parts of a trip, but when we do everything correctly they will surely not be a headache in airport security procedures, and it is always good to be well informed before traveling to your destination.

Be organized and make sure you don’t leave anything behind, don’t forget that the rules can vary from airport to airport and even from different airlines. Do everything according to the rules and safe travel! (Um pouco confusa esta ultima frase)

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