Can a Bathroom Mirror Be Wider Than the Sink

can a bathroom mirror be wider than the sink

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For some people, decorating their home is not even such a fun step, but for others, it is one of the best moments of renovating their houses, and one of the favorite rooms to redecorate is the bathroom, or washbasin (if you have one too). 

Being one of the smallest rooms in the house, the composition of the selected elements is even easier, not to mention that the cost to decorate this environment is considered lower regarding materials, accessories, and finishing touches. And if you want to know, one of the objects considered most essential for any room in your home is, without a doubt, a mirror – so bathroom mirrors are absolutely crucial.

This ends up leading us to a basic but very important question, such as what kind of mirror should you choose? Can we even have a mirror bigger than the sink? Or rather, can a bathroom mirror be cut? Let’s find out all of this in this article!

Should You Have a Mirror Bigger than the Sink?

When you are going to choose a decorative object to compose your home, you have to choose the one that will bring versatility, that is functional for your space in addition to having a good aesthetic. So, I hope that in your project the mirror is already included in the budget! With it, you’ll get only advantages, no matter the size or model – its mutability will never end.

The decision of the ideal size of your mirror will require care. You must take into account the space you have, since the ultimate goal is that the mirror is integrated into the composition of your decoration, valuing its environment. We know that the ideal fit for bathrooms that are not that big are medium mirrors, round or triangular, however, it is the large mirrors that will give the feeling of depth and a well-lit space.

One of the advantages of having a mirror that is bigger than your sink is exactly the experience of sophistication and beauty that it will bring to your space, which can be very well used in small or large bathrooms. The decorative effect can go further when it becomes evident that the piece has a more worked and beveled finish or is accompanied by a frame, managing to move from more classic to more rustic decorations.

A Little Care Never Hurts

Even if you have all the advantages we want, owning a mirror will require care so that neither you nor your decor will be harmed. Be able to evaluate your mirror’s positioning well, sometimes you can capture images that you didn’t want in your mirror’s reflection, especially if the space is small.

Don’t forget to avoid placing your mirror behind electronic devices so that the electrical wiring does not stick out. Try not to put too much information in your bathroom because if it is small and has a large mirror, you will lose the effect that the object needs to bring.

Remove dust and other residues with a duster, or a soft, damp cloth and do not apply direct mild soap and detergent. After cleaning, it is good to quickly dry the area with another dry cloth or even a paper towel, avoiding stains.

If you don’t want your mirror to become blurry when taking a shower, take a potato, cut in half, and rub it in your mirror – the method may seem strange, but as the potato has proteins and starch it will be able to make it work properly. These properties can prevent the accumulation of water vapor on the mirror surface, in addition to helping the dispersion of water vapor liquids.

Follow Your Intuition in the Decor, But Always Remember to Put a Mirror On

Remember that the mirror is one of the most multi-functional pieces of any decoration for any type of environment, giving a boost in sophistication and beauty of the place. If you like more minimalist things, follow a more Scandinavian style, with iron details, making the pieces clearer.

If you don’t have a large space, search for modular units, as they are perfect for smaller spaces, where the pieces fit together perfectly as if they were puzzles, being completely well optimized.

But no matter what others say what’s best for you, be sure to follow what inspires you and what you’ve already planned for your special decor. Even with all the bureaucracy and headaches, a new decor can bring excitement and fun, so make the most of it.

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