Are Makeup Mirrors Concave or Convex

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Every woman who manages to put on makeup without having a good mirror or lighting to help is certainly the master of makeup and should receive an award for it. 

It is horrible not to be able to use a good makeup mirror to do your routine, as it can cause us to put a lot of powder, end up with a lot of accumulated foundation on the face, a shadow placed in the wrong place, etc… All that can compromise the highlight of our beauty.

The use of the mirror at the time of applying makeup goes beyond reflecting our image, with it you will be able to guarantee the ease, simplicity, and functionality of your work, whether you are a fan of self-makeup or a professional makeup artist. There are numerous mirror options available to make your choice and work easier. Now, one of the biggest questions that can stay in our minds, is a cosmetic mirror concave or convex?

How Important is it to Have a Mirror to Help With Your Makeup?

Before we get into it, let’s first talk about the importance of a great mirror. Having a quality mirror to practice or work on your makeup is extremely important, not to mention good lighting which will make a total difference in the final result. With different sizes and existing models, you will be able to better visualize the details of the assembled makeup through the accessory, not wasting your time looking for so many errors.

They come in different sizes and shapes, but they have to bring practicality. In the beginning, you should try to look for the simplest models, without much embellishment, since besides being more expensive, they may compromise the quality of the image that will be reflected during the process.

As we said earlier, lighting is a component that cannot be left out. So, if you are one of those people who cannot give up perfection when producing, mirrors with LEDs are a good option, so when taking a photo, you will guarantee a higher quality in the production made. Of course, these mirrors can be a little more expensive, so today there is the ring light to make it easier.

Are the Best Makeup Mirrors Concave or Convex?

After all, which of these spherical mirrors are the best to use in the appliance of your makeup? It is not that complicated to find out what it would be, but before that, we will try to understand a little better what these spherical mirrors can do for you.

A spherical mirror is any reflecting surface that is spherical, dividing into concave and convex, which will depend on the face where this mirrored surface will be found. That is, if the mirrored part is internal, the mirror will be concave; but if the part that is reflecting is the external part, then the mirror will be convex.

So, why are makeup mirrors concave? Well, as the concave mirrors are spherical mirrors that end up curving inwards, similar to a spoon, they will focus the light and will have the effect of enlarging the details or objects in front of it – that’s practical, as details are the biggest attraction at the moment of applying your makeup. 

With the use of the concave mirror, while putting your makeup on, you will be able to explore more minimal details, zooming in on them, being able to create a finer outline, a more defined eyebrow, a pencil on the lips with a better contour, among other details more in depth..

Convex mirrors are the other way around and are generally used more as security systems, as they can show more than what you should be seeing with a flattering mirror. These models will mirror and project outward, making objects or people appear smaller instead of being enlarged as usual.

Be Mindful to Every Detail in the Makeup Process, and Have Fun!

Do not forget that, like any other object that we want to use for a long time, it is important to be careful with the mirror, as many of them are very fragile. So, when carrying it somewhere, be sure to store it carefully, and try not to make the mirrors fog up too often.

If you’re still not 100% sure that concave mirrors are the best for applying your makeup, remember this next word – magnification. By increasing the details of your face, they will allow you to see your eyes, lips, and skin better, and your face will have more clarity, as well as obtain a more precise and uniform application.

Now, just turn your mirror over to see the beautiful makeup done, use it without any moderation and have fun along the way!

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