Top Makeup Mirrors for Poor Eyesight

makeup mirror for poor eyesight

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Makeup is a way of expressing our style and mood, and thankfully today, we can play with it as much as we want, trying different techniques and styles. 

To be able to apply your makeup more practically and comfortably, it is highly advisable to purchase the perfect mirror. Only then will you be able to achieve greater levels of accuracy when creating the most creative and appealing looks. 

However, if you have a lack of vision, fear nothing! There are mirrors prepared to respond to any need and visual ability. If you want to find out which are the best makeup mirrors for bad eyesight, long-sighted, and visually impaired in general, read on until the end.

Let’s see what features can help you when purchasing this item!

Magnification Mirrors: Why You Should Have Them

Magnifying mirrors, better known as makeup mirrors, serve to expand the vision we have of our face, as a way of seeing certain points of it as clearly as possible. Even without glasses, it is possible to see clearly with this type of mirror. 

With that being said, this type of mirror becomes, without a doubt, the best makeup mirror for bad eyesight. They allow you to free your glasses and contact lenses and apply your makeup freely, just looking in the mirror.

Besides, there are different levels of magnification, ranging from 2x to over 10x, and today, some mirrors even allow you to change the magnification level to suit your needs when applying the different makeup steps (for example, you can use the mirror part with a higher level of magnification to correct the eyebrows, but move the vision a little bit away to apply the foundation, having a more global view of the look). 

This feature is essential for those who have any kind of visual impairment and need to adjust accordingly. 

The 3 Characteristics You Have to Consider

Level of Magnification

If you need a makeup mirror for the visually impaired, the magnification level 2x will be too weak in its intensity and approach to the face. It is recommended to purchase a mirror with a magnification of 5x upwards since 5x is the most common and purchased by consumers. 

Although they already allow a highly accurate vision, an overview of the face is still possible. However, if it is not enough to make you comfortable, you can choose mirrors with maximum magnification, with levels higher than 7x (they go up to 10x), which will allow you to make the best eyeliners and details, without compromising your visual ability. 

You can also use this type of mirror to put your contact lenses on if necessary!


In addition to the magnification levels, you can also purchase magnifying mirrors with light sets (from led to incandescent), enabling a totally professional application of makeup!

Light settings allow you to see how the makeup looks in different environments, and most importantly, if you require a makeup mirror for bad eyesight, the lights will be perfect for you.

The correct choice of color and light intensity will allow your eyes to have a better perception of the look and a better overview of your face. More light logically allows for a better view, and several options can suit your particular needs. From lights all around the mirror frame as in dressing room mirrors to small strategic points of light, everything is available online.

We also leave the hint that the incandescent light creates an environment similar to daylight, so it becomes softer and avoids increased vision problems. The more natural the better!


When it comes to choosing a makeup mirror for bad eye sighted, one of the most important features is being adjustable. 

Our eyes have different needs depending on the tiredness, the daylight, or the eye health, and it is important to invest in something that accompanies these same needs! The eyes can change, but if you have a mirror with the ability to follow them, everything will be easier. 

Allow the mirror to respect you and grow with you! To do this, look for mirrors that contain different levels of magnification in one! Either on two rotating faces or on the same face of the mirror. These will help you apply the different makeup steps, flawlessly!

Poor Eyesight? Not a problem!

With the tips described above, you can purchase a makeup mirror that will make you forget your glasses. Rock the looks and be happy with this acquisition!

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