Why Are Vanity Mirrors So Expensive?

why are vanity mirrors so expensive

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Every woman who is interested in makeup thinks about having a good mirror to help her in the process, whether she is a person who works with it or someone who only does it for pleasure. 

Vanity mirrors are very different from the most common ones that we already know – every detail of them is carefully put together for the realization of the beauty processes, which will have unique characteristics that will please their audience very well.

In this article, we are going to immerse you in this extraordinary world of makeup, and show you the benefits of owning a vanity mirror.

What are Vanity Mirrors?

This type of mirror is basically structured for makeup production, it can have led lights around it, and it can be a transportable product, since a lot of people do their makeup “on the go”. 

This is an item that has gained more space within the cosmetics and beauty market – it can be round or square, and for the most part, it can be transported, depending on the size. 

The Benefits of Having This Type of Mirror

Your makeup will not always be excellent just because of your technique or the quality of the products you end up using, in many cases it will also depend a lot on good ambient lighting and a very well structured mirror. That is why a vanity mirror is so useful and full of functionality for those who like to explore this world of cosmetics.

The vanity mirror will bring together in one item all the characteristics necessary for the makeup process. The product can be well installed in your home or studio, even coming in smaller versions for those people who do not have as much space in their homes, and therefore are also easy to transport.

The mirror usually has led lights, which despite requiring the use of energy to function, it is ideal for a well-done makeup since it brightens a lot and allows you to see even the smallest errors. All in all, it gives you the necessary security to do a good job on yourself or your client.

Is This Kind of Mirror Expensive?

Most of the time it is not such an expensive product, especially the smaller ones that cost an average price, but if you stop to see the larger models, and especially the custom-made ones, that’s another story, as these are more expensive. The use of LED, the type of support, the size – all of this will involve the value of the product, even the place where you will request the product to be installed.

All the Purchase Criteria You Should Take into Account

Every product you are considering buying should be analyzed very carefully, be it a bench to be able to sit in front of the mirror, a makeup product more suitable for your skin, or even something for cleaning afterward – any criteria must be noted and seen if such a product has what you want and need.

With a vanity mirror, it is no different! One must take into account the material, the power source for the LED, the magnification, the size of the product, and so on. Before buying, remember the durability, that is, think about the material which makes this structure, and give preference to firm and very resistant options.

Since vanity mirrors have LED lights, they will need a power source. Some mirrors work with batteries, others are rechargeable and are also accompanied by a USB case, needing to be plugged into an outlet.

Remember that the advantage of these mirrors is precisely that it can magnify the reflection, so find a happy medium, without having to turn your mirror into a large magnifying glass. The size can already be pre-defined or made to measure, as this will depend on the space you have, or what has the best functionality for you.

Choose The One That Best Fits You, and Make the Best Makeup Possible

When applying makeup products, it can be stressful, but certainly quite pleasurable when looking at the final result in the perfect mirror. 


Choose the mirror model that will present the best benefits for you, the one that will help you train your technique, and see which makeup product has the best quality for your skin type!

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