What is the Standard Vanity Mirror Height

what is standard vanity mirror height

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The choice of placing a mirror as a decoration for your environment is always the correct one, they are objects that bring unique styles, with a lot of versatility, and they can also bring a sense that your space is bigger and lighter than it usually is. Whether for combing, or applying makeup, a vanity mirror will help you see your appearance more clearly and make it look better. 

Its functionality goes beyond what we expect, with different models and sizes, and no matter where you are, you will surely find the best vanity mirrors for what you want.

So, let’s see the best types of vanity mirrors for you to choose from, be it for your bathroom, bedroom, or even for your closet.

Lighted Vanity Mirror

The central idea of ​​this type of mirror is to offer you the best possible lighting, especially because they use LED lights, which are the best to be able to illuminate even the darkest centers of our home. 

Here, you will not have as much work with the lighting, or a bad lamp positioned, everything will end up falling into place. They can be medium in size, or even larger than the vanity itself (but not that much).

Extending Mirror

There are people who, due to the ease in their daily work, are more inclined to the portable model, and the extending mirrors are exactly what they are looking for! It can be fixed on the wall or on your vanity – it will always depend on your needs – and when set on his short position, it doesn’t occupy that much space.

Round Design Mirrors

This model can be completely portable, you can put it in any type of vanity, in addition to using it in your bed, and is generally better optimized for makeup production. It can focus on the details instead of the surroundings, making things a lot more personal.

Double Mirror

Now onto the details, do you want to have a big mirror, but also want it to be a little more individual? If so, double mirrors are the perfect type for you. Here, you can choose to split the mirror in half and still have two spaces, with or without a frame, mixing your desire to increase the ambiance, but with the benefit of a more personal mirror.

Okay, But Which Height is The Most Appropriate for a Vanity Mirror?

That’s the big catch of the whole business, it doesn’t have a correct and ideal height, the perfect size will follow according to your needs and available space.

A mirror goes from an ultra-small size, that you can place in your pocket, to a huge one, going from floor to ceiling. It is clear that for vanities, the sizes of their mirrors are already more coordinated, even so, it does not change the fact that there is a wide variety of sizes. However, what many experts consider a standard height mirror, is something not more than 40” above the finishing floor.

Not to mention that they still go so far as to claim that the best place for the mirror to stand above the sink would be 5-10 inches away. For some, the mirror should also not be larger than the vanity, and according to them, a very large size can cause a disproportionate environment, and they do not end up looking right and beautiful in the overall decoration.

Remember, You Make the Final Choice!

Always ask for help from an expert on the subject, an interior designer, or even an architect, but a mirror is an object that certainly cannot be missing in your residence due to its functionality in your routine. As it was already said, the completely correct size will vary with your desire, your decorator’s planning, your budget, and even the space available. 

So, at the end of the day, you are the one who decides on the best size, so make the best choice that follows your taste and needs, and throw yourself into this world of decoration!

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