Are All Mirrors Suitable for Bathrooms?

are all mirrors suitable for bathrooms

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Whenever we think about decorating rooms and essential items in a bathroom, we think about them: Mirrors! They are more than just a way to check our outfits, they are also decoration objects and have become extremely important in our day-to-day lives. Great allies when it comes to bringing harmony to the room.

However, did you know that not all mirror types are appropriated to be installed in a bathroom? Exactly, some mirrors are a better fit for this room. They are made especially for the humid environment of your bathroom, which has those common temperature changes.

This article is a guideline for you to choose the perfect bathroom mirror. Here, you will find what works and what doesn’t, to avoid regrets and even future problems.

What Doesn’t Work

Let’s start by knowing what’s not a good choice for the bathroom environment, so our options can be clearer and we can open our minds to learn which is the best one.

Thin Mirrors 

These are extremely fragile, which brings a lot of danger if they fall since the mirror glasses cannot be tempered, so when broken these glasses can be very dangerous. We should avoid accidents!

Floor or Table Mirrors

When not installed directly on the wall, mirrors are easy targets for big falls. I bet you don’t want to break your mirror during the morning rush.

The Perfect One

At this point you know what are the wrong types of mirrors for your bathroom, so let me introduce you to the best options when it comes to safety and style in this category.

What defines if the mirror is suitable for your bathroom is the quality of the glass from which it was made. The perfect glass won’t leave marks, or air bubbles, and needs a perfect finish to handle temperature changes.

6mm Mirrors

As we already talked about, mirror glasses cannot be tempered, so the best option when it comes to safety is to choose mirrors with thickness between 4 and 6 millimeters. Thinner mirrors can come with distortion of the reflected image, and they can be more fragile and susceptible to accidents.

Anti-Fog Mirrors 

The anti-fog mirrors are made with special protection to their glasses, which prevents the electric attraction that usually happens with the water and glass molecules. That being said, you know that nothing can ruin that skincare moment of yours.

Wall Mirrors

When it comes to installation, the wall mirrors are perfect for the bathroom environment! They can stand still on the wall, so accidents rarely happen with these guys. It’s a better choice than the table or floor ones.

That type of mirror can also make your bathroom look considerably larger than it actually is, especially if you choose the “wall-to-wall” mirrors, that cover the entire wall. A good mirror reflects 90% of the lights that go through it, so it also helps with the lighting.

Design and Installation 

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect type of mirror, I’m sure you have the time to check its aesthetic measurements.

The ideal shape and size, the position, if there is going to be a frame or not, it all depends on the design of your bathroom, but here are some tips:

  • Rectangular mirrors are ideal to be positioned right above the countertop;
  • Round and oval shapes bring suavity to the environment;
  • “Wall-to-wall” mirrors are great for that outfit check.


About this process, some companies offer the installation service so you don’t need to worry about it, but if you are a DIY enthusiast, we can give you some tips on that topic:

  • For framed mirrors, you want to leave a gap between the mirror and the wall. Something about 3mm is fine (this gap is important so the air has room to pass);
  • However, don’t leave gaps between the frame and the glass, so the water doesn’t get into the mirror;
  • Place the mirror where you have easy access.

Some Reflection

Now, with all the necessary tips and information, I am sure that you’ll do a great job in choosing your ideal mirror, which will bring style and practicality to your environment.

Remember, your mirror will be with you every day, so take your time and good hunt!

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