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Buying The Perfect Mirror – A Quickstart Guide

Makeup Mirrors and Vanity Mirrors

Firstly, let’s talk about the main difference between the two. Makeup mirrors are what we call the small to medium-sized mirrors that you use on your everyday life and they usually come in a portable “stand” form (as in, they use a stand to sit in place) but you can also get wall-mounted makeup mirrors which can be extremely useful and beautiful if you have enough space for them. Then we have the famous vanity mirrors (also called Hollywood mirrors), these are the ones that you often see in the backstage of shows. They are usually big, greatly lit and square-shaped and are almost always wall-mounted and have an entire table dedicated to them although you can get some portable ones that either use a stand or are foldable.

In both cases there are an enormous variety of sizes, shapes and features. Some are simple mirrors and others can be magnified, lit and even change the tone of the light to adjust to your surroundings and ensure you apply your makeup flawlessly.

It’s easy to get lost in this sea of mirrors, and that’s where mirrorank comes in! I have personally tested and reviewed dozens upon dozens of makeup and vanity mirrors and will present you a selection of the very best mirrors for each category – complete with in-depth reviews and quick comparisons between them. Plus, I’ll answer any questions you have and even personally recommend you a mirror depending on your needs and surroundings – you just need to send me an email!

No matter your preference in the type of mirror you get, they are an indispensable tool to anyone that applies makeup daily.

Let’s start with one of the most popular topics – what is the:

Best Lighting for Makeup

The best lighting for makeup is essential for anyone that applies makeup and wants to achieve excellent results. Everyone wants to have it but it can be difficult to figure out exactly how to get it. The best light for makeup depends heavily on the time of the day and of your surroundings, for example, will you be going out at night or will you be walking down the street in a sunny afternoon? Will you be out in the open or inside a building? These are questions that you need to answer in order to figure out what the best light will be (dim or bright, warm or cold etc…). If you don’t have good natural lighting you will be forced to use your room light and it really isn’t the best option. So what’s the solution? Lighted makeup mirrors. Some only have a simple light, others have the option to either dim or brighten it up as you wish and others have changing color tones so you can adapt them to be exactly like the place where you’ll be going to! Getting a lighted makeup mirror is without a doubt the best way to get the best makeup lighting.

Best Brands of Makeup Mirrors

This is something that I get asked about a lot, and with good reason. Due to the huge variety of mirror brands out there it can be very hard to identify which ones are worth it. I’ve used and reviewed a great variety of mirrors made by dozens of different brands so I can spare you the trouble of doing the research yourself. The following brands are my favorite and I can assure you that they only put out high-quality, reliable and fairly-priced items. These are the best brands I had the pleasure of using over the years:

  • Simplehuman – Famous for a reason. Their mirrors are manufactured with care, the build-quality is one of the best and they have a passion for innovation. I’ve enjoyed every Simplehuman mirror so far, especially their new “sensor mirror”.
  • Jerdon – This highly popular brand of mirrors has a legacy of over 40 years and a history of truly great products. Over all these years, it’s a name that I can trust. Whenever I find a Jerdon mirror, I know it’s going to be good.
  • ReignCharm – The name in ultra-modern vanity mirrors. The newest mirrors include super innovative features such as informative LED screens, colour-changing bulbs and even bluetooth speakers.
  • Zadro – A brand that manages to combine high-quality with affordable prices, Zadro has a selection of beautiful makeup mirrors, both wall-mounted and with stand.
  • Frasco Mirrors – Luxury, class and elegance. Hand-made since 1920, Frasco mirrors offer stunning attention to detail and marvelous build-quality. The highest tier of mirror quality, they are pricey but will last a lifetime.
  • Gurun – A fantastic brand and one of my personal favorites. They make solidly built makeup mirrors that not only look amazing but work extremely well too.
  • Conair – Globally renowned as a trusted brand, Conair makes great mirrors that have all the latest features and incredible build quality as well.
  • Ovente – Great mirrors at surprising prices, Ovente finds a great balance between price and quality.

What Makes a Good Makeup Mirror?

While the answer to this question might differ from person to person due to preference in materials, features and more, there are 3 golden rules that every good makeup mirror (or vanity mirror) has to follow. First of all, they need to be made of high-quality, durable material.This is essential to ensure that they last a lifetime and will never break. Secondly, they need to have well-implemented features (if they have any), such as impeccable and tidy wiring and even adequate power output for lights. Lastly they need to be accompanied by a fantastic price-tag. If a mirror is capable of achieving all of this, it will certainly be a great buy!

In the next section I’m going to answer the most frequent questions asked about this subject.

Where Can I Buy a Vanity Mirror With Lights?

Vanity mirrors can be either be bought online (Amazon), where you have a great selection coupled with reviews and other bonuses or at a local store (although you’ll be limited to the supply and the choices won’t be many). When it comes to the lights, nearly every vanity mirror has built-in lighting so you won’t have any trouble finding them.

Even then, while most people want to buy a vanity mirror with lights, if you’re looking for one without them (or just so happened to fall in love with one that doesn’t have them) it’s possible to do so. You can always buy a set of mirror lights separately and apply them to your mirror later!

Where to Buy Makeup Mirrors With Lights?

Although makeup mirrors are easier to find locally than vanity mirrors, you will still find the best selection and prices in online stores and as such, they really are the best places to buy makeup mirrors with lights or without.
The answers above apply to people who want to know where to buy magnifying mirrors as well.

All in all, the best place to buy a makeup mirror (or to buy a vanity mirror) is online and with my help you will certainly find the perfect one for you!

What Magnifying Multiplication is Better in a Makeup Mirror?

While there are mirrors that offer various multiplications in one (x2, x5, x10 for example), some only offer one or two variants so I understand the need for this question. The truth is that the “best” magnifying multiplication completely depends on what you’ll use the mirror for and personal preference. For very detailed and precise makeup artists (or people with subpar vision), a higher one such as x10 or even x15 will be best. But if you’re a casual user you’ll be fine with a x3, x5 or x7 for example. In the end it comes down to what you prefer but if you’re unsure you can always get a makeup mirror that offers 2 or more variations to ensure your satisfaction.

Can I Buy a Set of Mirror Lights to Apply to Any Mirror I Want?

Yes you can! Nowadays there are great little light sets made specifically for mirrors. This allows you to turn any simple mirror into a lit one quickly, easily and best of all – very inexpensively. Check out my tried and tested selection of the very best ones here.

What Are Your Recommended Tips on How to Maintain a Makeup Mirror?

Maintaining a makeup mirror is fairly simple, all you need is:

  • A glass/mirror cleaning cloth – to perfectly clean the mirror without leaving scratches or other damage
  • A screwdriver – to tighten any loose bolts you might find as time passes (especially if your mirror has moving joints)

And, if your mirror has light, you will also need:

  • A set of spare light bulbs to replace the old ones whenever necessary
  • A couple of batteries (if your lighted makeup mirror is cordless and uses them instead)

What’s the Best Choice for a Makeup Mirror’s Base Material?

While they tend to be a bit more expensive than others, solid metal is always the way to go. It can be iron, brass or even steel – all of them will last a lifetime and endure anything that happens to them. Plus, they are stunningly beautiful. I’ve had my fair share or plastic-y mirrors and while they serve their purpose they break very easily, feel a lot less secure and lack that luxurious look that the others have.

How Will You Help Me Choose the Perfect Mirror?

I do the hard work of getting and testing dozens and dozens of different makeup mirrors and vanities and present to you a fine selection of the very best I could find. You can simply select which type of mirror you’re looking for (makeup mirror, vanity, travel-sized, etc…) and you’ll find my expertly written article about it. I include an in-depth analysis of each mirror reviewed and, to make it an enjoyable experience for you, I also create fantastic (if I do say so myself!) comparison tables. Here you will be able to see the mirrors’ pictures, prices, features, size, guarantee and much more in a super simple and effective way. This comparison allows you to easily pick which one’s the best for you, and I always include a highlight on my personal favorite pick, much like an “editor’s choice”!

I personally guarantee the quality of all the mirrors I recommend, I have a high-standard of quality and truly only select the best.

Furthermore, as I’ve mentioned above, if you have any doubts or want personalized help you can either leave a comment or send me an email and I’ll answer quickly. I’ll be waiting!

Are Battery-Powered Makeup Mirrors Worse Than AC-Powered Ones?

This heavily depends on how each mirror is built, specifically how many lights it has and how powerful they are. Battery-powered makeup mirrors are usually smaller and have fewer and dimmer lights but being wireless is of course a useful, versatile feature.

Makeup mirrors that use batteries are usually fine-tuned to serve their duty with their limited power though so you’ll never notice a lack of performance, they simply won’t offer the option to turn the lights brighter and so on. If you’re a daily user of the mirror it might get tiring to change the batteries often (although some use rechargeable ones which is much better), in this case AC-powered makeup mirrors clearly win.

In the end, they aren’t better or worse – they’re different. It all comes down to personal preference, the usage of the mirror and the specific mirror model itself. I’ve found some great battery powered ones along the way and I’ll be sure to show them to you in my selections!

Should I Get a Makeup Mirror or a Vanity Mirror?

Both, if you can. They are used for nearly the same purpose but have very different functionality. For example, makeup mirrors are portable and very versatile due to their smaller size and low weight (although they have less mirror area due to it). You can move them around easily and place them wherever you want. So in a gist, makeup mirrors are:

  • Versatile – can easily adapt to your surroundings
  • Portable – you are able to effortlessly move them around
  • Generally inexpensive – you can get some great makeup mirrors at great price points

Vanity mirrors on the other hand are usually large and quite heavy, making it impossible to quickly and easily move them (except for the travel-sized ones), but they offer a much larger mirror, unmatched lighting, superb durability and can actually be used as a beautiful decorative piece. Vanity mirrors’ strong points are:

  • Decorative pieces – they are usually big, beautiful and offer a luxurious tone to your room
  • Unbeatable quality – intricately built and very durable, a good vanity will last a lifetime
  • Unmatched features – enormous mirrors are extremely useful and the amount and quality of the lighting can’t be found anywhere else

Finishing Words

I hope you’ve enjoyed my mirror buying guide and the little Q&A section. I’m sure that with my help, you’ll find the perfect mirror! I love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to send me an email or simply leave a comment in any of the pages. Thank you for reading and have fun!